Our Life has 7 colors

Life is a river. We have life b4 and after.

We r here to learn ... Why live?

The world is a university. In the school, our job is to learn, not to achieve. Live not to achieve·Life to experience. We don't change the world; the world is classroom for us to practice our life, to enlighten ourselves and to appreciate life.

Survive->bread->Life We human live for bread at first, then we eat to live. Life is not physical comfort only, but also the inner bliss. Inner fulfillment is more filling than the vanities. We cannot live just by bread; we need to enrich the bread. Life:spiritual awareness

Man is an "amphibian" creature which consists of both body and soul. A wholesome man = Physical + Mental + Spiritual.

Be Veggie is the Best Green green your life

Being veggie is not an "ism" or religion. Be veg is an consciousness, an awareness, a healthy living attitude. Being veggie is a green charity.  More VIP become veggies   Benefits of being veggie

Food not only affects our health, but also our mental and spirit. The way we obtain the meat and milk contains too much slavery sufferings of animals and these poor energy feedback us the long-term depressiveness foodfacts Correct veggie diet suffice our the nutrition and energy and stay away from poor health and bad luck.  Why veggie How to veggie

Human and Time

Life is an eternal river

Death is a turn-off, and on again later

World is a university

Cause and effect, Karma, Reincarnation

What is the soul? Car and driver relationship


What you see after death?

Steven Jobs: death brings appreciation of life.

Human and Space

I mySelf:Who am I, the meaning of life, health, Self, ego, life and death, illness, liberation ...

I and people:Civilization, man and woman, education, war and peace, forgiveness, politics, rich and poor...

I and natural:Science, earth, eco, universe, energy, money, vegan, food... 

I and time:Pass life and futural life, evolution, spiritual journey.

I and ET:ET, Mars, how to talk to ET

I and GodGod, Buddha, religions, heaven, karma, spiritual, wisdom and love...

I and happiness:Inner bliss,  contentment, Zen, peacefulness, money and rich, sickness, balanced, forgiveness ...

The world is a school. In the school, our job is to learn, not to achieve. ♣ http://km2000.us/en/ ♣ We don't change the world; the world is classroom for us to practice our life, to enlighten ourselves and to appreciate life. ♥ Be veg is an consciousness, an awareness, a healthy living attitude. Being veggie is a green charity.


Life the universe

21st century is the right to respect for the heart ^ ^ love ^ ^ love, the love of lovers, divine love ^ ^ love and marriage are sometimes one, sometimes not a ^ ^ Bethune, Lei Feng humanity meaning ^ ^ to be loved and to love others that taste good? ^ ^ have been the perfect ^ ^ Bill Gates: money wealth successful children view ^ ^ Bock is a heart to heart exchanges ^ ^ scientific invention should not happen ^ ^ interview with God - Chinese translation ^ ^ often thought that the quality of life of the twelve decision not eight or nine but twelve ^ ^ success: the qualities of an actor is the most successful role ^ ^ success defined ^ ^ successful life, yin and yang balance the success of three key points ^ ^ eat what to say miles? Order to eat ^ ^ birth has not really begun, the dead is not really the end ^ ^ monks the nuns talk about how to deal with the Gender Desire " ^ ^ When the car accident ... ^ ^ contemporary Bethune ^ ^ rich people are not has the most, but need at least ^ ^ rich - money, wealth, success, children view ^ ^ ordinary life of Warren Buffett and their children about love, love and be loved ^ ^ about the copyright on Baidu, on the Google ^ ^ Thanksgiving, about selfless, has ^ ^ on Tui Bei Tu Tui Bei Tu new solution, Tui Bei Tu in the 21st century ^ ^ happy ^ ^ ocean of Na to generate electricity, this energy is sustainable energy ^ ^ peace is not only reflected in the war, is embodied in natural disasters ^ ^ Hui ^ ^ Hui and Jing Hui Ming: understand that life is nice ^ ^ love and marriage is different fruits, they are just different sweet ^ ^ flowers inside the cow dung, cow dung flowers. ^ ^ marriage is a balanced scale ^ ^ marriage does not equal love, like apples and oranges ^ ^ education is not an apple to the orange ^ ^ education is the heart ^ ^ happy to open the heart ^ ^ the subjective aspects of science ^ ^ Science and Technology to talk about the interest of humanity. ^ ^ Science and Technology is a purely objective you? ^ ^ Science and Religion ^ ^ music ^ ^ Music, love, happiness ^ ^ music has always been his own ^ ^ music where? ^ ^ inspirational practice ^ ^ green nature, harmonious interpersonal ^ ^ dream - the first points to the success of democracy: the Trinity system in the United States, or China's demise system ^ ^ you love or do not love me love out there ^ ^ you are to make an outcome or to make a self? ^ ^ money wealth success ^ ^ contingent: plain, pure, clean ^ ^ the person's past, present, and future ^ ^ people's space: I and everyone of the people, and a natural person and the time people with aliens and deities ^ ^ reflection of human science and invention ^ ^ life is a drama, play casual to "return" ^ ^ Life is a practice ^ ^ life is a Travel ^ ^ life the universe ^ ^ people is what ^ ^ people and deities, the beginning of the relationship of God ^ ^ people of the good (The Joy of Serving) ^ ^ + = light, though there is wisdom ^ ^ how leading to the success of the success of the definition of ^ ^ three films. On the education of the heart ^ ^ body and soul healthy happy life ^ ^ si is a renewable - Benjamin. Franklin's letter, ^ ^ What is true education? ^ ^ poem reads: large and small heart ^ ^ experiment ^ ^ prime profession peace - the vegetarian world, world peace ^ ^ water can understand people's thoughts ^ ^ four wives: the Buddha of life : water can understand describe the three points of the ^ ^ Land of Peach Blossoms ^ ^ solar energy: the sun's light, there is treasure ^ ^ leading to the success of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett ^ ^ Figure: a good relationship is the life of a beautiful ^ ^ complete Man = Body + emotional world + spirit and spiritual ^ ^ why the emphasis on education? ^ ^ materialism vs. idealism ^ ^ Earth's green energy industry in future ^ ^ hearts and minds of the future, social harmony ^ ^ my dream. ~ Heart to reach the place, not far ~ ^ ^ like, but does not necessarily have ^ ^ laughing ^ ^ heart ^ ^ heart, spirituality, practice, creed, religion ^ ^ heart to reach the place, not far ^ ^ The heart is what ^ ^ Happiness is not someone else ^ ^ practice is a game ^ ^ self-cultivation, regulating the family, ruling the state and the world "education begins in the mind Tseng Kuo-fan education tips ^ ^ to explode for a few things ^ ^ to experience the lessons of life, to do the lessons of life ^ ^ a correctly on the success of the concept of the book ^ ^ mood, subjective and objective. ^ ^ Italy, and the territory of materialism vs. idealism ^ ^ cited light: light lead to light: bright With the light, no darkness, ^ ^ two movies, talk about marriage in this course Yue Mun ^ ^ Foolish Old Man Mountain who is removed? ^ ^ true happiness: the inner yin and yang two forces combine ^ ^ knowledge = / = wisdom. Clever = / = Hui ^ ^ wisdom and heart to see to appreciate ^ ^ wisdom is not equal to knowledge ^ ^ wisdom is not the process of learning ^ ^ : heart the right form of government, democracy ^ ^ Zhuge Liang: indifferent to Ming Calm Heart . ^ ^ subjective and objective, conception beliefs, materialism and idealism ^ ^ charge of like what kind of employees ^ ^ go further away, had to return to the inner world of man's wisdom