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About us

A group of elite build this website. We share a same dream, for a better heart and a better world. Road is long, but the goal and direction are definitive and firm. We r just walkers, may or not be able to see the Dream, the journey be happy mixed by pain.

About this website

To Life. Human life has two: eat and live - physical and soul. 【eat】we should be vegan, because our intake shall not be based on other people (including animals) sufferings. 【think】we have to live our life with spirit and soul. Man is spiritual animal.  The world is for us to perfect our soul. We have to take care our soul, follow our heart for the best happiness index.

  • Trademark sun + moon = enlightenment
  • Empty light: when we are nothing we are everything
  • Light sucker: Light is the God, a sucker of the God, a sucker of God becomes one with God
  • Spiritually drunk (◠‿◠) too much nectar, then blissful
  • Flow with It,follow the pattern of wave and enjoy the up and down。

be fond of but no need to own we enjoy the sky, we enjoy the fresh greens, but we dont have to buy them, because they are free. Our heart is open when it sees free, our heart is enclosed when it is selfish. Happiness is an attitude, not a thing. You dont own them, but you enjoy the bliss.

Our heart is like the Sky, Sky is our dream; our life is like the Earth, the Earth is our root. Our heart flies with dream, yet we shouldn't be away from our life.


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