How to eat veggie

Comparatively, be veggie is safer than meat diet, considering the meat industry fact in the 21st. (video)

The trick of the mind is that don't treat 'be veggie' as an "ism", it is an attitude, "I care my health, and my family". Don't be scared of be veggie as a precept that you must follow, but tell your mind, I just eat veggie today. You'll continue naturally when your feeling is better and better. Many veggies have this soft start, like Bill Clinton.

Being veggie is not just eating vegetable. You must follow the nutrition pyramid on the right. Protein, minerals, fats are the essential things you must have.  The chart on the right has them all. Deep greens offer enough Calcium.


Eating in Casa de Luz

Casa de Luz is a best example of energetic eatery - vegan, organic and original (unprocessed food) - wholesome w/ descent energy.


There is no menu printed. Everyday is a surprise within the pattern of vegan organic macrobiotics principle. Following are my iPhone shoots of my lunch of my volunteer timeline, my honor.


beautiful food and beautiful people.


Eating - nutrition and social

Man eat for energy but also for social, that is why restaurants are always busy. Yet, be veggie is an attitude to choose what is on your plate. 21st century, it is not weird any more if you prefer veggie entrees in a social party.

you can fabricate a simple, presentable and save-money potluck in your social gathering

Picture of delicious vegan dishes