Man and Life

Enlightened life: Life is a balanced of + and -, the yin and yang. The + and - of your life can be your good vs. bad, happy vs. worry, success vs. failure ... To average + and - of you life and time, everyone has a similar average: the scale is a balance.

Suppose you are rich, you have to balance it with charity. If you don't volunteer, God will do that for you. You may be stolen:) Be enlightened and don't complain when God does so.

Life is a practice: Life is to experience. Failure does not deny the value of trying. Failure is just an experience of the life and shall not be denounced or devalued. Education shall not overstress being successful and vanity. Life without challenge is a pitied life.

World is a university In the college, our job is to learn and practice, not to achieve or win. No one changes the world, but learn herself by challenging.

Our body is just like a car. Either Mercerizes or BMW, when one bye-bye the world, the car still stay, but the driver goes away. What we have carried with our soul is just the karma. What is karma? To simply put, karma is what you have owed and what others owed you.  Be sure to build more good karma before you go. ->More

Open and accept is the blessing attitude: Either good or bad, rich or poor, life is just a different teach. Experience and learn, this is life. More challenges and rich experience enables more realization and bring us close to the grade A.


Our original self:
the real healing is not to repare the wound, but to uncover the original simple perfection.