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=========================================================== ===== The website was registered in 2000 and is now in 2018. We are having a dream (a dream): a better human heart and a better earth world. Road is long, yet goal and direction are definite and firm. See or may not be able to see the ending, we are simply just walking, generation By generations, this is just the meaning of the life. Pain mixed with happy, we just open arms & hug. Previous Weibo and articles: from 2002 to 2012

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US embassy interview Q and A : Listen, then follow, back. 1.: This website can read the entire English; 2.   This is Xunfei, only 800 words at a time

▷   Confucius piano story central word is "I do not change", audio and video , inquiring, intensive reading can into a fine, enough repetition, can be found inside track .

▷   1. What is good? Good and good, good is "reasonable"; 2. Why the people of the country will lose in the 21st century, because they will not cope with "not necessarily" and will not be contingent. Will not fish in troubled waters; 3. What is the difference between opportunistic and random strain? It is the heart. . 4. "Book of Changes" and "The Analects of Confucius", Confucius is "appropriate" and "moderate", change, the mean is the truth, not the knowledge, theorem . What is the proper word?

Ω children follow = positive energy language = spiritual cultivation   children practice classical, classic, is it good or bad?

Marriage and love are two different things in life :   Marriage and love are not necessarily related, ta are like apples and oranges, just different sweetness; many people can't separate them The difference has caused a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Why do you feel that life? Why is there lack of passion in life? Why do you have nothing to eat?  Http:// (The origin of the problem ʘᴗʘ The problem lies in how to solve the problem ʘᴗʘ The joy after the problem is solved ʘᴗʘ Practice makes life become beautiful)

Persistence - Keep the method of persistence:   to adhere to the positive energy, articles and video links adhere to the ideal ~ Do not forget the initial heart ~ keep adhering to the method

About Jiaoda ~ Since 2013

▷   About the communication   The subtle difference between the atmosphere of flattering and flattering ▷   2019 Father's Day exam paper. Answerer: Jiaotong people answer time: a lifetime:

▷   Chinese: I am reasonable, my mouth is on the scene,   are several typical races in the world Chinese American Japanese Korean South American Video: Zeng Shiqiang Chinese: I am reasonable, Speaking on the mouth. There is a scale in my heart, and only the words on the mouth are properly spoken.    Cultural differences between China and the United States, the story of McDonald's waiters receiving customers.

Why the Mid-Autumn Festival is going to be the moon of August 15    • In ancient times, there were no timely communication tools, such as WeChat, video, but you can rely on the bright moon. As a mirror, reflect the distant lovesickness and love. •ᴗ• This is a way for ancient Chinese to express romance. It is related to China's national and cultural history. In this homeland of the earth, this scene cannot be copied. •ᴗ• So Chinese talents have Mid-Autumn Festival, and the moon is used to reunite the festival, which is chosen in the Mid-Autumn Festival, because the moon is most likely to appear, and the area is the largest. 

There is a kind of standard in Tsinghua’s I-shaped hall: the ambition of Tsinghua, the country and the people. Http:// , why not call rich countries and strong people? This is related to the historical environment. At that time, China was very weak. We needed to make the country strong and stand up in the world. In the 21st century, our country is rich, and the ambition of Tsinghua should be changed to rich countries and strong people. It means that for a country, we must be rich and peaceful; for the people, we must be stronger. Be self-reliant

2017-05-09 Yan Ning, 39, will be a lifelong professor at Princeton University... , but at the same time, she is afraid that she will stay in an environment for a long time, maybe I am self-proclaimed and not self-aware; changing the environment is to give myself some new pressure and stimulate myself to get inspiration, Shi Yigong_mentors and students

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▷   A song dedicated to the walking meat: A piece of walking fat, a song for the walking dead

▷   automobile Head of Department Professor Li Keqiang

 ( '▿ ' ) Charles and Liao Zhi and his wife, because of the same belief, because they are convinced of love, can honestly speak honestly with love. Http://   "He saw that I knew the same faith at first sight. He felt that my eyes were very bright. At first glance, I was able to communicate with the heart. At that time Not willing to separate." June 01, 2014

Ω Tang Yan and Yu Di soundtrack, engineering photo gallery: ;

.◕‿◕. Random Music

 ́◡`Panda is very fat, although it looks fat, but it does not mean unhealthy.   Panda also eats a lot, but he is a vegetarian and only eats bamboo. The obesity nowadays represents an unhealthy situation. Because there are many toxins in the body, the body has accumulated a lot of unwanted wastes. These poisons and wastes cause physical burdens and hidden dangers in the future. Obese people are very tired and tired. People who feel heavy and obese have increased in various countries in recent decades. This is related to contemporary diets. Contemporary meat and dairy products are not decades old.

One Belt One Road, refreshing

ʘᴗʘ  fobe fond of but no need to own✦ we enjoy the sky, we enjoy the fresh greens, but we dont have to buy them, because they are free.   Our heart Is like the Sky, Sky is our dream; our life is like the Earth, the Earth is our root. Our heart flies with dream, yet we shouldn't be away from our life.

▷   Three lotus flowers, 1l , 2l , 3l   have surprises here, there are 10 surprises here. 

AIAA paper stack aircraft

培养   The training of English listening, inspired by the video of the Count of Monte Cristo, speed of mind, , to train a kind of ability, that is, to slow down the speed of listening to English, change In slow motion

Ω broadcast gymnastics and Tai Chi Chuan seven minutes. mp3, ▷   video demonstration twenty-four style Taijiquan,   Taijiquan is a realm, what is a trick is suitable for personal " Subjective, the most appropriate "objective". The trick is not a trick, one is not a dead trick, the live Taijiquan is a full move: Take Dantian as the center, move all the way, manual, foot movement, hip movement, knee movement, swaying, a pass through the gas will follow The feeling that you walked to you is that the heat flow will feel the heat flow. The light spirit will not move when you don’t have the strength. The feeling and action that Tai Chi Chuan sends out through the heart makes it a kind of beauty. Tai Chi is not accepting your strength and not bearing your strength; digesting the strength of the other party, this is called martial arts, the so-called four-two-pounds of Tai Chi Chuan must first have a thousand pounds and this 4 two is just the purpose of changing the direction of the "thousands of pounds" Etc. Qiu Huifang Twenty-four styles simplify Taijiquan, password, Qiu Huifang elaborates Taiji basic skills Taijiquan secrets

2018 second half ~ 2019 first half photo collection,   back to Changchun back to Shanghai study notes, etc., good book good WeChat summary, the significance of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh , the beach to eliminate music, Zeng Shiqiang does not speak directly, this sour, can't believe, the Spring Festival home to Changchun trip, video who said candy candied sweet? FAW's Spring Festival Gala, the old 82 buildings, take-off and landing, Jiaoda Night Scene, Sunglass Lan, Tsinghua, FAW 2019 Spring Festival, Taizhou Tour, Enzyme Barrel Tour, Enzyme Science Experiment Cup Production Requirements, Enzyme and Nanocatalysis Principle Nano Catalytic industrialization ideas, strain 121, enzyme mother, enzyme, enzyme barrel, fermentation, 2018-2019 reading notes, integrated circuit courses, a small type of bookshelf, the university's study into a tree, happy life, Phoenix flying , the poem of Qiu Jin, 

The story of the time angle, the story of the stitching, the story of the knowledge, is meticulous, there is always a chance:


Word tree, human relationship tree: 

Most-recent publication (Shanghai Jiaotong University, 2013-2019),

Dreaming in a new era, walking with New China. Duan Lixing, . This topic is an essay proposition itself. I regard this article as my college entrance examination essay. It was not ideal for the year and I wanted to write it again. The topic itself is an outline, mainly speaking about four points: the first is the new era, the second is the dream; the third is the new China, the fourth is the line,

About the knowledge of the object and the combination of knowledge and action: , the knowledge of the object is Zhu Xi, the combination of knowledge and behavior is Wang Yangming. Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming, one is science and the other is psychology. It is two aspects of the mean. They constitute a pair of moderate relations and form two sides of yin and yang: one is the rational level to explain Chinese philosophy, and the other is the level of intention. To explain Chinese philosophy and the theory of ancient sages.

CMOS Tree, Silicon Valley Tree, University Tree, Good IC Technology Job Highlights

Engineering Personnel Guidance Catalogue

The text of copying that can be prepared by the student


Zhai Kejun, the president of Zhejiang University, once quoted the British writers as saying that universities should not only learn how to get bread, but also learn to make bread better. The former refers to fish, the latter refers to fishing, the current university education, the fish is more than enough Insufficient fishing, this is not acceptable. The teacher should be fish and fish, and the scholars should double the fish and fish. This is also the way.
Tree: Its roots, based on internal strength. The former is like primary and secondary schools; the latter is like love, like the sun is full of heart, if you don't forget your heart. Its branch, for EQ and IQ, IQ is to read and write meeting officers, EQ is a glimpse of a good character and a na


Don't forget the initial story collection Do n't forget the heart - the clothes of the shepherd, the winter of faith, the winter of practice, what is the faith - the parable of the seeds of the Jesus Christ farmer, dim What to do when you do - Pushkin's poem, dim time - there are two ways to encourage yourself - 10000 hours rule


Ω is "the way of the university, in the Ming and Ming"... The effect of reading the classics on wisdom   package download,the role of classical and classic for "wisdom", successful Examples

Speed of Hand, Speed of Mind:   high martial arts people can quickly look at the degree of "slow" people

intensive reading into a fine /wisdom3.html 

10000 hours rule   What is the concept of 10000 hours? Simply tell you that it is 3612842, 3612 stands for 3 years, 6 years and 12 years, and 842 stands for 8 hours and 4 hours. 2 hours, that is, if you practice eight hours a day, it will take three years, and so on.

 How to study graduate? What do graduate tutors do?  ☮  how to read,    how to write science and technology / engineering articles  ☮  z



General: Perseverance + culture feeling ( video ); combination of fine and coarse;

Listening  English Listening   and Fine: Fine Listening ( 1.mp3 ) and Listening ( Englishoneweeklisteninglist.xlsx )

Reading power (Chinese we all talk about "one eye and ten lines", English is also OK. Observe why Chinese you??

Remember word word tree frequency Lenovo root pyramid method

Grammar: Middle School Grammar,

University tree, the relationship between fishing and fish, How·What knowledge and ability   fish and fish double harvest and fish and fish

How to write: Learn how to write a thesis how to use origin+excel to map doctoral students vs master's students vs undergraduate thesis, about submission, abstract intro conclusion, research writing is the most common The problem is that there is no logic. There is no difference between the Chinese and the Americans. There is no difference between the Chinese and the Americans. If you look at it for a few weeks, you will definitely see something you can’t understand. Chairman Mao said how to express it. How do graduate students do how to do research

Book, why and how to read? Why read? How to study? Http://   How to enter a new field

Collected goodarticles, old, Wang Yongqing's health practice drinking lemon juice to improve osteoporosis Kangxi to see a green sleeve, I am happy to give my mother a letter How To Handle Tough Interviews office "more than enough" six laws of health organizations (WHO) announced the world's top ten junk food public opinion anchor Hu Yuling jokes

In December 2018, he returned to Changchun FAW, Middle East Colorful City, postcard,   : Colorful City Children's Car

Jiaotong University Time Lapse Photography

钟书阁读书的截图,拍照 共产主义书 店 ( 随便勾画,不用买书)


Broadcasting gymnastics for primary and secondary school students can be combined with the combination of the two,   is also 135 regular broadcast gymnastics, 246 hopping dance, this dance action is fast and powerful, with The same dance music has tension, the scene is dynamic and dynamic, suitable for young people, can stimulate students' interest, need to be highly concentrated when dancing, can greatly shift their attention and form the effect of class break.

Going out of the dormitory   Every day at 4:30 in the afternoon, the Tsinghua people will be called up by the big speakers. "Get out of the dormitory, walk out of the classroom, go to the physical exercise, and work for the health of the motherland for 50 years." "

The national anthem of the three big nations in the world   Three countries are all played out 3country.pptx international songs

F16 aircraft engine test, homemade jet engine Jet Engine Homemade


My "communist Utopia" (can be sketched in the book, do not have to buy a book) shop concept   now two existing: 1. Dali ancient city · nerd bookstore; Shanghai Jiaotong University·曦潮书店; 3. Zhong Shuge (“美” in the decorative form and “live” in the business content, where is it living, and in the innovation of its concept, where is the innovation?)

English listening practice two video content download   1. Listen once a day, listen to the time must concentrate, to continue for a week 2. After a week, listen to the contents of the listening , can remember how much to write, can understand how much to write 3. Send me the written message to me

Q: I don't know who is not guilty, but? A; ignorance is sin, enlightenment is merit

Being a man is to write a glimpse of a person's character, a complete person = body + emotional world + spirit and spirituality,   Maslow Maslow "needs hierarchy theory" One life two, two three, three three things, one two three four. I, II, III, IV

Method for making plain salad dressing

How to use origin to draw a scientific curve that meets the publishing standards? Teaching video   download Excel and Origin Combine drawing learning to use template template download

The Bund of Tiananmen Square, October 1st, 2018, a student from Beihang University; the Bund of the National Day, red and yellow as the keynote   : There are two "I Love China's song, a more formal one is more romantic


Presenting by contrast is a skill, a way of class, the main building of Tsinghua University is yellow,   Changchun traditional tram front window photo, Shanghai Jiaotong University delay Photography, Shanghai World Industry Fair, leave garden time-lapse photography, Xujiahui time-lapse photography. Pigs arched forward, chickens scratched, goldfish in Nanhu, windmills, butterflies and flowers, thunder outside the window, color Mao Zedong photos and videos provided by the Soviet Union Speaking to the West to steal things, thirty-six stealing mobile phones, Schrödinger's cat, Mr. Mao, after the death, become a fish, you come to eat me, San Francisco airport, track tram, front window, full shooting, the plane takes off in the snow, the plane landed San Francisco, Shanghai Jiaotong University January 25, 2018 heavy snow, 4:00 in the middle of the night, driving in Silicon Valley, 280 highways in Silicon Valley, innovation, the park's chessboard is like this, the chess pieces will not be lost, fixed chessboard, The plane landed in Las Vegas, scientific experiments, LEDs and motors, made with batteries and magnets, GE, schematic diagram of aero engine, Dunhuang desert, the whole process of walking down the desert hills, Dunhuang desert driving fast, speed Fast, dungeon, very thrilling, early North Korea, when picking apples, what is the attitude of the master, how to educate the children,

Back word: frequency + association + root + pyramid method   (according to this back (associative memory, classification memory) Mywritings/danci_short.pdf   copy it first, then copy it again, then copy it again...) (This is its study book (associative memory, classification memory)) Use danci_study.pdf this book to find Don't remember the words, and learn and read danci_short.pdf The end of the book has a list of a to z words, use it as a test, draw a period before the words that don't, focus on the last time you didn't remember Words, see how many effects

In the summer of 2018, I returned to Changchun FAW   Nanhu Photo Photography, the cover of Zhongshuge Book, Yunnan University students began to learn, diary, do not forget the initial heart


2018.8.4-8 Dunhuang Yellow River Tour   River Yellow, Sunrise, ▷ Desert on the sand Express video   , Crescent Spring Yadan, night view, Buddha, Mogao Grottoes, Camelback, Dunhuang Middle School

China's high-speed rail and high-voltage transmission projects are two Chinese prides. Http://   said that they are China's pride because they are two huge projects that serve China's national conditions and serve the Chinese nation. This is a contribution to Chinese nationals. For the world, these two projects are the world's leading, first-class projects. This first is not the first in general, he is much more than the second. For example, the operating miles of high-speed rail (60% of the total mileage in the world) and the geographical difficulty of crossing are much higher than the second (Europe).


2018.7 WeChat screenshot highlights children's head

2018.7 Mile Country Tour, Silicon Valley 280 Drive, AIAA Populsion Forrum, Tesla Car, Las Vegas Casino, Luxury Car, Luxury Gemstone, Aluminum Lightweight Chair, if standing on the air, the pig will fly , dinosaur fossils from 10,000 to 200,000 years ago

2017.11 Tsinghua Golden Autumn, 9th floor radio system RF display of Tsinghua University main building, radio history, antenna, RF, RF basic screenshot, FBAR and SAW and Tsinghua University main building party committee



Passion can come from nature or from the day after tomorrow. Http://   Passion can be proficient, your proficiency in your professional skills, proficiency is the result of constant focus, effort and continuous practice. If Passion is shaped by the day after tomorrow, then we are free. On the afternoon of June 2, 2018, Peking University teacher representative Shi Wei

Ω  children to read ; transportation school training. mp3 Haoran gas. mp3 Tsinghua school song. mp3 sensationality of the sea. mp3 first in the Wenzhong Shifang National University of the universe rich. Mp3 心经.mp3 I am full of energy. mp3 will be down to the heart and self-cultivation 

Children's practice word copybook.pdf

  China's territory changes Han Wudi China began to name "Han", from that time "Silk Road" began. The Tang Dynasty people were surnamed "Tang", the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Song Dynasty had Renzong, the Yuan Dynasty had the largest territory, the Ming Dynasty's Emperor Zhu Xi, the Forbidden City, the 13th Mausoleum, and China's leading shipbuilding industry in the world, Zheng He's voyages to the West, shipbuilding technology than Columbus It has been a few hundred years earlier. The Qing Dynasty, the scientificization of Chinese culture: the four famous classics, the Siku Quanshu, the Kangxi Dictionary, the contribution of the Qing Dynasty to the Han culture, also highlights the vitality of the Han culture. There is a beauty in the Han culture, which cannot be extinguished. Engaged in or is assimilated:)
Kangxihas been doingmore than 100 years. The Qing Dynasty has the largest territory map, naturalized the whole of Mongolia, Xinjiang and Tibet, and the Qing Dynasty contributed to the expansion of the Chinese territory. At that time, Outer Mongolia was still in China.
In the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China, China began to be a surname. At this time, the actual meaning of "middle" is "China", which is the appearance of beauty, "Chinese surname", referring to the Chinese people's thoughts, and the thought of the mean. . The world is globalized, there is no such thing as a central city, and no country is in the center. The Japanese Manchuria, originally wanted to rule together, but the Japanese were too greedy, they wanted to occupy the whole of China, and finally failed. At that time, the Chinese warlords were in civil strife, and the Kuomintang could not manage it. Even the outer Mongolias were split, and Chiang regretted it. Red China has become bigger and bigger, Red China has grown rapidly, and the People’s Republic of China has been established. China cannot be divided and must be reunified. China’s “North and South Dynasty” is endless, and China’s Taiwan issue illustrates this point. Play and be used by the outside world.
Then the Chinese surname is in the middle of the red. The power of the Chinese is the power of the wild, that is, the power of red and yellow, the power of red and yellow, the red is red China, and the yellow is the color of Chinese skin.

The five lines and the eight characters form a certain correspondence, which is helpful for the adjustment of our life attributes and the external environment after birth. Http:// For   example, someone named Chen Hao, that is, the five elements lack water, use the name to make up. The following text is about the operation of the five elements, which has guiding significance for our life process.


How to raise a child is the healthiest? The four principles of life: nourishment (0-3) Yang Zheng (5-12) Yang Zhi (13-adult) Yangde (after adulthood), e-book download. Http:// 

Children 0-8 years old holographic acceptance of information Strong understanding weak is not necessarily understood but will be stored in the subconscious save 0-13 right brain absorption does not need to understand brain activity principle. Why promote children's reading. English beautiful reciting poems The role of classical and classic for "wisdom" 


1. The principle and correct method of buying fruit   some fruits that look abnormal. . . But some very large mangoes are really the same as syrup. 2. About the vital diet, about the coldness of food. 3. Regarding the eight characters, what is missing about the five elements? 4. About the moderate in food

The most common problem with scientific writing is that there is no logic. It has nothing to do with language. There is no difference between Chinese and Americans. You can watch it after a few weeks. There must be something you can't understand /howtowritesciencepaper.docx     PhD student graduation thesis master's thesis undergraduate graduation thesis writing graduate handbook reasonable knowledge structure independent research methods and skills to learn to write a thesis


10000 hours law: 10000 hours = 3612842:   ▪ 3 years every day, 8 hours, 6 years, 4 hours a day, 12 hours, 12 hours a day, 2 hours, Tsinghua University President Chen Jining, 2015 graduation speech, "Outlier" : Malcolm Gladwell,


IC technology (2000 pages, ppt) , IC Technology - Hongxiao.pdf

  High mountain water, this is a couple couplet: The mountain represents a man, the water is a woman. The mountains are dry, the sky is wide, the high is far; the water is Kun, it is soft, it is far away. The mountain stream is a companion, a story of the singer and the child. A good couple is also a good spiritual companion.

 ▷  Mobike, Hu Wei Mobike development ideas and processes   Mobike cross-example: = Internet + big data + GPS + sunset industry + technology upgrade; application-oriented social value: = new four inventions + Lee people. Mobike's car lock = parking anywhere, one of the key technical bottlenecks, like the iPhone's touch screen technology. Entrepreneurial mode = Passion + From a small ambition to be ambitious, to be grand + axis + entrepreneurship and by the way + entrepreneurial model like Jobs + interdisciplinary role + engineering specific, attention to detail + from the actual social needs to position + moderate. Video:
–Buick a seat (Humanity + Technology + Daydream) Hu Wei Mobike development ideas and processes, - Mobike is a cross-example of the Internet big data GPS industry new four major inventions people. mp4, – Mobike car lock key technology bottleneck One like the touch screen technology of the iPhone.mp4.


2018.1.25 Jiaoda snow   Shanghai Jiaotong University January 25, 2018 heavy snow, come out at 4 o'clock in the middle of the night

▷  Video: video, Xi Jinping’s “easy moment”, an approachable moment

Scientific research, being a man, Jiacheng, Buffett, Yan Ning, Shi Yigong, etc.   In fact, a right person, as long as he is right, what work is right, I also love the job. Once I love it, I feel more right, and then it is the positive cycle of positive energy. This is the right life.

▷  Xi Jinping and Huang Xuhua  Xi Jinping is remembering Huang Xuhua, this is a kind of glory of the Jiaotong people. This action represents the respect for the 90-year-old and its contribution to the nation and the country throughout his life. From the personal level, this is a respect for the elderly and filial piety and admiration, representing a kind of gratitude from the national level. .

Graduate = can graduate + find a job + internal strength


中学生·高考·内功, 研究生·大学生:

Ω  R eciting the English verse:   by following the mp3: English beautiful reciting poems (mp3 and text) David Young English poem

About moral education: moral and intellectual development, morality is the first, but how should this "moral education" be taught? Is it a political class? Mr. Shi Soohua from Shanghai Jiaotong University and Chen Guo from Fudan University on the news network today , the content of moral education is very good. Which are the good teachers of moral education, Shi Sohua, Chen Guo, Liu Xila, Yu Dan. Http:// education.html


▷  weight loss machine   Can this lose weight? I have experimented, very embarrassed, fat meat is extravagant. Its characteristics are: you don't have to move at all, but your bones are better. You have to personally experience the fat inside, like a microwave oven.

Yan Changjin  : 1. How to do research without funds? To   apply for a research project, you must first prepare the foundation, and then wait for the opportunity to come; ; 2. Error can not be avoided, but the error can be avoided, the individual can fail,   but no longer responsible Failed.


How to use origin+excel to map   Why: The brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text content, so a good map can make it easier for readers to understand what you want to express. Content; use Excel for data processing, use origin to draw; scientific paper chart production principles are mainly standardized, simple, beautiful and professional; in short, first find a good model, then follow


2G lotus photo   microelectronics training 110 people·teacher's day student's gift · Jiaotong University Mid-Autumn Festival six moon · Liu Xila, 2017 summer, military training course · greatly Screenshots of the ambitions and WeChat · For the Father's Day · The Lotus of Jiaotong University, the nonsense of childhood, the tea cup of Taishan, the friends of Beijing give gifts from June to August. Video: The lotus flower flying in the wind, how to teach class

My micro-nano my aero engine   MIT textbook Stanford textbook Chinese Academy of Sciences my research my IC my science


Yang Yuanning's 7 children's book Yang Yuanning's personal website and her younger brother David Young's poems   "But those words seem to have life, they will run out at different times to produce new meaning." Yang Yuanning 7 Children's Book Land Doctor (Chinese and English upside down books) Live in the silence: praise the earth (Chinese and English upside down remember happy (Chinese and English upside down books) One point of work: one point of harvest (Chinese and English upside down books) Auguries of Innocence-innocence Prophecy The Road Not Taken - the road that has no choice

Lotus moves in the rain, dynamic lotus highlights more than a dozen lotus animation:   lotus highlights, lotus Daquan, lotus days, lotus world multi-map: /mywritings/lotus/lotus.htmlShanghai   Jiaotong University Lotus Collection 2017

The beauty of Tibet has both internal and external   although this "beauty" is divided into internal and external, but in fact the depth of Tibet's sky and the vastness of Tibet's land, the lakeside Quiet, also has a spiritual level of meaning, has a sublimation effect on the mind.

20170914 Photo of the original photo of Yangmeiduo Tibet

My micro-nano Chinese Academy of Sciences my research my IC my scientific IC the WWW →

Silicon Valley Spirit, Silicon Valley Story, Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley Slogan, Silicon Valley Story,

♥The ideal marriage example  1. Jet Li: Aibi is loved and comfortable 3. Yamaguchi Baihui and Sanpuyouhe (25th Anniversary) Picture + Video: 3. Haihua Hall's Haitang The flower opened the Ying Chao and Enlai 4. The first family

♥  First family The   flower garden of the West Flower Hall has opened again, Ying Chao and Enlai:    Huai'an Week The well of the house, a bottle of water


旅行's travel tools ☮ bus

Steve Jobs often quoted by many as the innovative pioneer of our generation, weighs in on the perspective of that passion is so needed for success. 

Dream seeking /mywritings/yourdreamjob.html   "When Harvard are waving Her hand to you, your being is already ready for it." ...... Besides, do a descent and responsible job on your current temporary work. Job is a responsibility, a promise, an Attitude. Always avoid doing a job in a very negative energy; though not a dream job, do it then do it well.

IC WWW IC guru Stanford IC class MIT semiconductor lecture notes

What is dedication? Why did I do so much, the boss, still seems to dislike me? What kind of staff does the boss like? Http://

Shanghai Jiao Tong University military training example August 30, 2017 Sanying Shipbuilding Institute Steel Ship Qi + August 30, 2016 7 company, green silhouette

How did the devil lie to us?   There is a woman who once committed a crime and was sentenced to 30 slabs by the county magistrate, so she found a lover (Note: Woman = The rich, the lover = the poor) for the 50 big board of yi挨, the price is yi pay this lover 50 pieces of ocean, this lover after smashing 10 boards, really can't stand it, it hurts, he put these 50 Silver gave the county magistrate, begged him to say, say you don't want to fight, I will give you 50. After the fight was over, then he went back to thank the woman, he said, thank you, without your 50 oceans, I will be killed.
This story is very similar to an English short film called "Interview with God." This short film has mentioned the inversion of our human beings caused by abnormal operation. We sacrificed our health to make a lot of money, and then took these money to buy health again; we invented the washing machine, invented the TV, our life became more and more convenient, but we became more and more The more you have no time to enjoy life and enjoy these conveniences; the mobile phone brings us the convenience of life, but it has lost the affection between people.

▷  Video: CCTV news broadcast headlines, changes in Liangjiahe after 30 years, after 90 students went to the place where Xi Dawei cut the team to visit and help, Liang Jiahe changed

Energy text (every day, you will get the positive energy of the universe).   Usage: At the beginning of the daily diary, copy a paragraph you like and read it again. Then QQ took the words written and passed them on to each other. Remember: you can't just watch, read, and you're done.

Four principles: nourishment (0-3) Yangzheng (5-12) Yangzhi (13-adult) Yangde (after adulthood), e-book download 

[Scientific map and ideas of   positive energy ] Positive energy = the intangible contribution and value of people in this world. The best way for people to progress is to get close to those who are full of positive energy; and the better thing is to become such a person full of positive energy, to change to attract more people who need this power.

▷  Super clear video, life is a play, the director of this play is God, God is testing our limits, when we reach the limit... Html?spm=a2hzp.8244740.0.0   The meaning of this film is very profound: life is a play, the director of this play is God, God is testing our limits, when we reach the limit, he let us see When he came to see the whole director process of the play, the result was a kind of beauty.

▷  Video, Jiaotong Lotus Photo Album, with songs, willing to be a lotus,  http://id.tudou .com/i/id_595171029The plane flies over the moon and the plane to watch the sunrise, the weather and the people, the takeoff of the plane, the small plane and the big plane Spm=a2hzp.8244740.0.0

Writing: 1. When the teacher likes the exam, the word that takes the high score   can be written beautifully; be sure to see clearly . The negative textbooks put the fonts of the teacher's eyes on the face, and put them on the negative textbook to remind everyone to avoid making these mistakes. 2. How to practice words? Use the diary to   keep a diary and write, do not write for good looks, for the cultivation of the quality of life, so say "words like people", 3. Copybook Mycalligraphy/zitie.pdf

Ω  school   wind and school motto and school song school wind ≠ school motto, outside the wind, training master. Outside the wind: Execution, performance. Training is thought: refers to the "product" of the school, which is internal. For example, Jiaotong University: drinking water source, Siyuan Zhiyuan - school motto, patriotic school, gratitude and responsibility - school spirit Gratitude and responsibility Tsinghua: self-improvement, moral morality school training is better than words - school spirit

Franklin Franklin practice, self-improvement, self-cultivation tips: School education and other education systems are often taught according to incorrect principles, but your approach is simple and the goal is correct. [Operation] The names of these virtues and their meanings are specific. The operability is done every day to concentrate on one of the incentives in a period of time. If there is spirit in the heavens (everything in the universe and in the universe is yelling to prove the existence of God), God will be pleased with the good virtues; and the ones who are pleased by God will be fortunate.


Omega children practice classical and classic, is it good or bad? Http://'s   classical, classic, listening and reading education is not in memory, but in a kind of spiritual cultivation. We all have an impression that some books are grown up with us. We call this book a good book and a classic. So are these books for memory? Is it for showing off? No, they are for the cultivation of the soul, and the purpose of children's listening and reading for the classics is here.


China pride two main achievements: high-speed rail. High voltage transmission. China-US high-speed rail, China's high-speed rail is about to enter the sea harmony vacuum super high-speed rail,

China's current strategic strategy = always go forward, do not look at both sides China now does not care how many years the military is behind the United States, now it is said that the most in 30 years, also say 50 years And 20 years, but this is really not important. China has been suffocating its hair for many years and has achieved its goal.

2017 6.3-6.12 denver houston USA trip,   arriving denver at night, denver downtown 16th st, weekend night, many street people, sheraton hotel where AIAA Forrum resides, red And AIAA Blue, AIAA exhibition, Boeing 737, thermal sensor, white hosue + congress + monument, three in one , denver congress Jefferson , CityOCity vegan cheese cake jam , denver to houston, my car, havenot drive for 3 years, govinda Indian Saint place

2017.1-2017.6,   Take the high-speed rail home in the Spring Festival of 2017, snow, ice and snow; 2017 Central South University trip, Yuelu Academy; Wuzhen trip, crystal diamond; Master student reply , two groups; engineering introduction class ite2017; IC2017 IC technology class; Fudan; jiaoda201701-06; Jiaotong University's spring and summer, zawen miscellaneous. WeChat collection, etc.,  2017chunjie/  - 2017hunan/  -  2017wuzhen/  - IC2017/  - fudan2017/  - ite2017/  -  jiaoda201701-06/  - students/  - zawen/ .

Publications updates Baidu literature bbs How to find Chinese core journals? Impact factor and Q value tools, IC article Selected Human Resources Equipment Division Assets Personnel Information Course prp Graduation Design


▷  Uploaded video of Potato 56 Sohu QQ tudou56qqvideos.pdf

Http://   , the meaning of serving the people, "village official" Qin Yufei - the hope of the future official of China,


▷  Three teaching videos: How to tie the laces correctly?   to use the Origin Excel science curve: use excel to ctrl+D , overlap curves.flv How to use excel to do data, curve superposition , use origin to plot scientific paper curves.flv Origin curve fit demo.flv Use origin to do the curve of the scientific paper standard, and how the curve fit does

not forget the original heart - Story: Shepherd's clothes Mywritings/whatissuccess12.html   We are the same, ... and then life is more comfortable, or promoted, or business is better, or suddenly met a beautiful woman, or that good-looking man, then we think We are terrific, we are all tempted by the situation, encouraged by the situation, and make us fascinated by the material success, forget our initial heart!

Drinking water source rice

NASA's three flying ideals steam engine, generator, aero engine, three engine changes and its video working principle, engine principle animation diagram


Svchost memory usage is too high? Accelerate Win7 speed,

Tsinghua University Tucao? In the 1980s, Tsinghua Campus Chengdu (Tsinghua Edition) - Professor Li Keqiang, Director of the Department of Automotive Systems, Tsinghua University's 2016 Graduation Ceremony   Shanghai Jiaotong University Student Tucao http:/ / The   alma mater is, you can vomit it a hundred sentences, but don't want others to vomit it even if it is a sentence. Http://   Jiaotong University will soon merge to form a new university   Mid-Autumn Festival Tucao, famous school emblem collection China five traffic University celebrates 120th anniversary, their respective school badges and logos,...

two Chinese celebrities semiconductor industry, Chang, Hu Zhengming,   advantage of the integrated circuit on the best visual materials, TSMC foundries, preserving trade secrets, Stanford Engineering Hero Lecture Morris Chang in conversation with President John Semiconductor company's communication method, scene office meeting, etc., TSMC is a revolution, that is, an innovation, is to invent a business opportunity, is also Zhang Zhongmou back to Taiwan, a last resort In one way, Zhang Zhongmou did not mean to create TSMC at the beginning, but it was a coincidence.


Video 1) Long reader, Liu Chuanzhi gave his son a letter to Dong Qing,   tells such things in a very romantic way, first, I love you, second I hope you become a kind of person, third, thank my parents and grandparents, fourth, I hope to have a grandson. . . 2) 濮 昕 昕 about gratitude, help others beauty, Dong Qing, Lang reader, Zong Yue master, Rong Guowei doctor, Lao She   . . . 3) Miss World, Zhang Yulin, Dong Qing, Lang reader, beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful: not so much as mother wants you to be such a person, it is better to say that mother hopes that you can encourage each other and help each other become such a person. .   Liu Yu wish you good luck, if not, may you learn compassion in misfortune. May you be loved by many people. If not, may you learn tolerance in loneliness. . . . . 4) Dong Qinglang reader 96-year-old Xu Yuanchong young positive energy   Xu Yuanchong Now this age, 70 years old is not unusual, in fact very young, the old man is 96 years old, you Look, like a child, you can cry when you read a poem.

Mao Zedong [Heart Power] The   universe is my heart, my heart is the universe. The power of heaven is greater than that of the sun. The power of the earth is greater than electricity. Living between heaven and earth, the metamorphosis is the flesh and blood, and the metaphysical is true. The flesh-and-blood material is made of the heart, and the heart is born of the earth. Therefore, there is a theory of materialism and idealism. Therefore, what is the heart of the individual, that is, the appearance of the life, the heart of the group is the appearance of its career, the state of the heart is the appearance of its civilization, the sentimentality of all beings is the appearance of its karma. The heart is the foundation of Wanli, so the responsibility of the young people in the world is a long way to go. If you can make this great heart and gather love, then the light of this fluorescing light will shine brightly.

CCTV [video] the most beautiful "village official" Qin Yufei - the hope of the future official of China, the Yale students who will return to zero - return to zero - people who can touch the sky at the same time Html

Science monk Tsinghua University Peking University North Airlines · High-tech monk · Longquan Temple = the strongest scientific strength temple   Longquan Temple IT meditation camp "It is like a university dormitory, we are several people I live in a room, I like this lifestyle very much. If you don’t pay, you don’t need money, you can get the supplies you need to get it in the warehouse, 'As needed.' We drink the spring water from the mountain, eat it Organic vegetables grown by yourself. In addition, the monks in the temple are not required to do business, do not use the mobile phone without using a computer and do not access the Internet; if there is a public official, they can apply and use the above equipment within a certain period of time. At present, the entire group of 100 people in Longquan Temple is approved. use of mobile phones does not exceed 10 people. Chen Kun and meditation-meditation interpretation of strong heart, Chen Sicheng and Northern Ireland · · retreat retreat awareness and enlightenment relations masterpiece of   to meditate as a In fact, meditation is the best job in life.   talk about how to treat "sexual desires" Nun.htm 


Video Sunrise East Road Daguang; Jiaoda University, Qi Qimang. The sails swelled in the rivers and seas, and the gas covered the greens; Jiaotong University School Song (2) Zhou Yu Wang Yu Shen version. Http://
Dujianchuansu - I am also an adult, the cosmic son is also N_59Ao0WFdo/ 


20161217 Drinking water source, Jiangsu Huai'an, the former residence of Enlai, , Haoran Zhengqi, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, the world for the public, birthday, confidence is a gift, the Bund, the Monument to the People's Heroes, III Singing methods: cans, birds, Shanghai Jiaotong University student choir, human Buddhism, Shanghai Jade Buddha Zen College sponsored college students to start a business, go to Zhejiang Hangzhou buffet, Baidi, Bund Shanghai Building, 600 meters, Shanghai Tianzifang, Subway Line 9 Dapu Bridge, Sun Yat-sen's Hawthorn Tree, the world is the public, fraternity, the Three People's Principles, the apple has become colored three pig buns, why can Siyuan be far away? A way of writing the heart, students' evaluation of the class, it is worthy of reference, Huawei dream video, dreams come after the feelings afterwards, lovely wayward, cool


2016.10 Beidaihe Blue Sky and Waves   , Green City, buses are electric three-in-one tableware in Yuntian Bay, Huihai Vegetarian Restaurant Beidaihe's characteristic buildings, bookboat vegetarian cake Fang, Fudan's positive energy practice reminds Zhonghao market that nano-laundry technology enzyme is a new technology that can be promoted. Jiaotong University's cats and dogs are handed over to the big blue Jiaotong University, and the three classes of Sunshine Sunshine Technology graduate students are united.

Jiaotong brother's photography submission,


Video Shanghai Jiaotong University's first aerial video...       Shanghai Jiaotong University promotional film old     today Shanghai Jiaotong University_2015

我的老公教我做酵素  酵素同义词,包括啤酒和葡萄酒,而不是化学实验室里生产出来的酒精,它们是有生命,有活力一种饮料,发酵是一种生命的激发的过程,它会产生酶,发酵的过程,就像葡萄酒,啤酒,把一种食物自然地变成另外一种饮料,其实酒这种东西如果没有发酵过度的话,没有发展成酒精的话,是一种非常不错的健康饮料,美国的健康食品店就有很多,我们国家现在还没有,我们的同类产品叫酵素,发酵桶的内壁面上有纳米结构,可以帮助催化,比表面积大,催化力强!发酵桶上贴上正能量,发出的酵素美醇如茅台,

2016 军训图片录像网站,诗:巾帼也方刚 如何摆pose?莲花的细节、细致之处 视频:雨打莲叶闵行0号湾的美美和好好, 心经发散体 水的实验书中文章,交大校庆版,上海交通大学出版社, 面向未来120项科技一件,120周年校庆 为什么要记日记?怎样记日记?英语周计划学习课程表,自我 监督表, 神和愛 酵素酵素,我爱你!发酵素的方法, 闵行交大开学季 上海交通大学2016开学典礼,开学典礼当场用pad做的笔记,,开学典礼的日程,上海交通大学 月饼, 今年中秋来台风,月亮被刮跑了? 今年的中秋 节正好是9月15,8月15对九月15, 杨振宁94 如何摆pose?上面谁的最好看? how to make pose? man how to make pose? woman 清华大学校长和女排pk身高, 像你这样的教学方式,学生不离开你才怪, 中秋节吐槽,像素像素我爱你! 初中高中我都是另类不合群啊,咋整 物理学家们的,照片和签名, the Silhouette of the sunset cloud 名校校徽集锦 中国五所交通大学共度120周年校庆,各自的校徽和标志

【人在这个世界无形的贡献和价值】 。人进步的最好方法,就是去接近那些充满正能量的人; 。而更好的事情,是成为这样一个充满正能量的人,去改变去吸引更多需要这种力量的人。

Video English video: Pro-teacher, believe in the Tao, is also the highest realm of the teacher, is also the so-called only pro-teacher, will be more important, English video: the importance of establishing relationships with students for education, the teacher is Ask for a student. . Http:// Western understanding of the meaning of "education" (education) is: in China, + education = teaching education, "teaching" that teacher, "education" that student. In the West, education represents education, and the term is also very good. It is composed of two roots e and dec. Education=e+duc,e=out duc=lead,education is to guide the good things in everyone. The original intention of education is not to teach students the external knowledge, but to explore their inner potential and let them identify themselves. Know the world.

Ω is worthy of back and repeated listening and writing in English:   Road Not Taken, Big is small, big and small are one, Dream vs. road, Deal with The Adversities My statement as a graduate student advisor, Tomorrow lyrics, Consulting on Semiconductor Business and Industry, Benjamin Franklin 's letter about life after, helen keller three days to see, we r here to learn. Never criticize. Always encourage.mp4 To See a world Lara.Croft.Tomb.Raider.2001.mp4


Video China Aviation Engine Group established CCTV headline news, August 28, 2016 Video ; CCTV1 20160828: tudou   Video: Chinese and English
1.Never criticize. Always encourage. + 2 To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower ... From "The london has fallen", and The Tomb raider.

Video Lindane and badminton, video highlights, for badminton enthusiasts,

2016 07-08 Chongqing Chengdu Jilin Changchun Business Travel, Auto Show·International Functional Materials Conference·Electronics Device Conference·Shenyang Yuxin High School Map, Full Load Chongqing Chengdu Changchun Chongqing Chengdu's Katofu's app, English speech recognition vegetarian Western food coating high temperature insulation Chongqing's best vegetarian restaurant Zen room flowers and trees deep gold lotus and net bottle grain reincarnation Citai Purdue napkins and rhyme a sand one world, one flower and one heaven My class entrance examination results Changchun optometry institute Wang Jiang class director handwritten red flag L5 ¥ 10 million, the bad guys do not sell Changchun car show don't touch my private order, the future car market opportunity to break the car pouches Volkswagen Yaoyao car analysis Yuan Shenyang early church, Like Xu Jiahui, Xin Xin wrong title collection: function and triangle, function image representation, increment and decrement textbook specialization of these two, these few items, soft point = college entrance examination points, 80% of the time for this 20% error The title, the 28-gauge college entrance examination application. Good textbooks, knowledge tree structure map Beijing Wang Bi's SAW simulation paper Guanyin headphones Shanghai high temperature affectionate vegetarian - mental journey


Things: climb Mausoleum, supra Prime Minister, 3 and a half minutes; serve the people: Premier Zhou Huai'an visit them, Zhou Well, put a bottle pour Enlai bed born /myphotos/2012China/20160717/   The bed of two people·Nan Gaobei is low and the head is high and low, and the marriage is married: Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao, the spiritual door to the university, the library, the Thangka · Yan Yan 2016.7.15 Subway No. 2, 2KM, walk, sweaty green wild scent, fruit vinegar + grass coral = characteristic and Zhou Shuren Zhou Dunyi uncle's family tree relationship imitation of the Central South Sea West Flower Hall Attached: West Flower Hall's sea otter opened a boat-type hotel, in the water, can open Go, Huai'an lily in the valley tongxin Into the big Jiaotong University Xia Lian, accompanied by: Lotus Next Time, willing to be a lotus to come to life willing to be a lotus and you will continue to come to your life not too late or come to you Never miss again, no longer rubbing your shoulders, you will be willing to be a lotus or in front of the Buddha or in your heart, the wind will be clear, the wind will not be entangled, and you will not be entangled in the wind, and you will be able to make a lotus bitter, sweet and sour, joy, joy, joy, joy, etc. The heart is no longer messy and quiet, and Zhiyuan is flat. Moscow, Field, sounding good and bad to go FBAR

Casual radish aunt rushing radish   fun vegetarian: dynamic vegetables

The appearance of the 2016 Admission Notice of the Jiaotong University 5. The appearance of the 2016 Admission Notice ; 6. The F12er graduation season of Jiaotong University (occurrence of many nodes)   Jiaotong University F12er graduation season ( Many nodes happen)

Yan Ning   School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University graduation ceremony 20,160,705 impromptu speech no matter what you say to others and, in fact, the way forward is difficult to predict, after all, is to go on your own, Go experience. The choice itself may not be that important, but more importantly, how do you go after making a choice. When you step out of the campus, you will face a variety of challenges that you can't think of in the garden. You will face all sorts of temptations you have never experienced before, and even various traps. Then are you ready at this time? So who is this success defined? Everyone in our Tsinghua graduates is undoubtedly excellent, but must we do the good one in the eyes of others? Have we become accustomed to the flow of people and people? In this micro era, I hope that everyone will remain courageous and brave to be a unique one! Don't be afraid of failure. Failure is not terrible, and giving up is terrible. Finally, I will give you a few words, I hope that everyone can harvest love, enjoy friendship, and cherish family. Speaking of family, maybe the more independent we are, the stronger we will gradually forget our parents' kindness to us, so I hope that you will not take it for granted at any time, and cherish your affection. Video 2014 Tsinghua University undergraduate graduation ceremony speech, Yan Ning appreciates the beauty of science Yan Ning enjoys the beauty of science Tsinghua University of Science and Technology Dean Wang Hongwei: There is no standard procedure in life, Shi Yigong

20160707 Vibration test summer lotus Fudan lawn graduation season    Jiaoda University Guide Course Exhibition (new body) Jiaoda Graffiti Slipper Door (Medical School Painting) National Defense Student Graffiti Jiaoda University Double Rainbow Tsinghua Graduation The General Assembly of the Lotus Lake in July, these Jinlian photos are more satisfied with the different angles of Geyou hoof, different eyes, the same world, the same thing.


One of the most important things to   read is to choose a good tutor. The ability to read is not related to the ability to make money. When you see your undergraduate masters earn big money, don't be too envious, remember that it's just a few people, and most of your classmates are just like you. If you are not good at making money, you can't earn that much if you don't read a doctor. On the other hand, if you have the ability to make money, a Ph.D. will help you. Shi Yigong’s words to the students, Shi Yigong: mentor and students,

Beijing Changling Zhuyu Great Wall bean sprouts process of the process of taking a group photo of the Jiaotong University Agricultural Center Transgenic Station Jiaoda Jiaojiao Jiaoda University map   Ming Tombs and Mr. Mao Photographing with the elephants Shinto Mausoleum Changling Zhu Xi's Mausoleum Great Wall China University of Geosciences · Suhu Hailuo hot pot bean sprouts for ten days (5.8 to 5.20) grow up, genetically modified experiments (also sprouted) 2016 engineering guide, we wrote a In this book, we have written a book, Jiaoda Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Jiaoda, three peace doves and eagle lotus lake spring English word rehearsal plan (Zhao Chunyu, Yan Ping) 佟欣错题婴儿婴儿计划85年 cousin's postcard North Bridge Apartment room


The way he reads is very strange: read 6 or more books at the same time, because it helps to stimulate memory, brain waves (δ, θ, α, β)

The US dollar 100 is an image of Franklin, and the rich and wealthy have a set of operations for wealth. His view of life and God is:   There is a master of creation in heaven and earth. God uses heaven to rule the world. People should worship God with worship, prayer, and gratitude. But God's most joyful service is to do good to others. The soul is not destroyed. Whether in this world or in the afterlife, God will reward and punish evil.

Benjamin-Franklin and Electric. Autobiography (Chinese). I am determined to implement vegetable food. Your autobiography not only teaches self-study, but also teaches people how to be a wise man. Http://   If there is a spirit in the heavens (everything in the universe and in the universe is shouting to prove the existence of God), God must be pleased with the good virtues; and the people who are pleased with God must be lucky. . Later, I finally concluded that light is abstractly believed that perfect morality is beneficial to us, and it is not enough to prevent the occurrence of negligence. In order to achieve this goal, I have come up with one of the following methods.

Dream road, I hope that the future urban roads in China will be named after this positive energy and romantic words

The so-called emotional sustenance   You and I, two independent and common souls, march together on the road of the heart to cherish and practice, there is no other demand. . Otherwise, what is the emotional sustenance? Lust, future, home? Share happiness or common trouble, have a partner? The material world progress together, help? Not as good as the spiritual door!

Good emperors of Chinese dynasties Hanwu Emperor Tang Wang Song Renzong Ming Yongle Emperor Qing Kangyong   Good emperor often accompanied by good ministers and magi, the most prominent example is Renzong, the same age There are Fan Zhongyan, Bao Gong, Ouyang Xiu, Su Dongpo, the so-called good guys who have a game. Hanwu Emperor = Western Han Dynasty Silk Road Tang Wang Li Shimin = People can recuperate, Guotai Min'an, Song Renzong = Renren, stop in Ren Fan Zhongyan, Baogong, Ouyang Xiu, Su Dongpo, Ming Yongle Emperor = Diplomatic Qingkang Qianshengshi = China's feudal society Under the framework of China's feudal society, it has reached its utmost.


Ω English Listening Training: Cultivate a feeling   English listening and Chinese listening learning are similar, that is, to cultivate a feeling. Everyone knows that the same sentence, no matter who you are, you can understand, so language is the establishment of a feeling. The establishment of feelings, the secret is very simple (it is also difficult to do, no wonder there are few successful people), that is, repeat and persist!   training: Repeat the feeling! You can listen to fast English as slow, similar to martial arts: martial arts people can look at the "slow" people with a quick look, see the video of Count Monte Cristo: /view/WN7MivZvGJE/

[Excellent talent story] Shanghai Jiaotong University Electric Power Institute   This road has come, there are successes and failures, there are laughter and sadness, and most importantly, I persisted and I grew up.

What is the bad taste? Everyone has a deficiency, but using a magnifying glass to find someone else's fault, this profession is shameful! Inferiority and the next three abuses! The   so-called "magnifying glass" refers to 1. People have a deeper psychological habit of being negative; 2. Putting the bad things together will make people forget The benefits. Both of these will "magnify" the shortcomings, in fact he is not so bad!

Active rest = divert attention   doctor = less patient

Many times, teachers often ask: "Do you understand this question? Do you have any questions? Thank you for thinking, the question of the question did not consider the subtle psychology of the students? do students answer? Everyone knows this psychology. Asking questions may expose their weaknesses and be shy. Answering questions is the same. Educational psychology: the psychological logic of multiple-choice questions: 1. Can't think of the answer, fear that the result is too "flower", teachers are not good at judging questions; 4. Multiple-choice questions may affect creativity; easy to investigate, otherwise it is not easy to produce results;

Siyuan door is a three-dimensional "human" character, simple, three-dimensional, National Chiao Tung University three school (Siyuan door Qinghua door · North Gate) MEMS integration of National Chiao Tung University in situ badge   tech The significance is that the aero-engine high-temperature turbine blade thermal resistance sensor whipped fast cattle, early delivery is a loss? Do you have high scores when others don't pay? It’s a blessing to get something for nothing, I’m always suffering, Yu Minhong’s speech at Peking University, cleaning every day.

Tianshidi people and, is 5w1h

Shanghai Jiaotong University Liu Xila Chen Chen Liu Xila and Tao Ge   "Complicated expression must be something lost." Therefore, I think that the concise expression of a complex problem is a high level, and vice versa. “Conciseness is the art of engineering”. I think "conciseness" is not simple, it requires more profound thinking. The expression of important scientific research achievements in the engineering field should be concise.

2016 4 8 Shanghai Jiaotong University 120-year-old cross-III celebration   · The past blue and Jiaotong University's current red · slippers door night · 120 future technology foresee book opening ceremony school kite Meeting, daytime, evening, the night light and shadow fountain of Fufeng Pavilion Temple Gate, Siyuan Lake, for the Arc de Triomphe

New educational philosophy: Du Langkou's "10+35" time pattern , each class teacher should not teach more than 10 minutes, student activities should not be less than 35 minutes. Shanxi Xinyi Middle School allows students to change from bystanders to participants. Don't think that the teacher is talking. The students will be there. Only when the students make it independently, the students will be considered.

New educational philosophy: Internet + educational model O2O education mode (Online to Offiline), Khan Academy Salman Khan

Back word: frequency + association + root   pyramid method, specialization can not remember, the vocabulary is getting thinner; [put fast as slow = kungfu = win] video Count of Monte Cristo: enough repetition to form the so-called "feel", feeling right, intuition came out, speed flew out

The principle of brain operation 
left logic right intuition left house right garden like MEMS, there are Sensor and Actuator Video: The smarter. The greater the amount of the brain, the working mode of the brain cells, the dendritic dendritic 0-13, the right brain absorption does not need to understand the principle of brain activity. The dentrill 120 school countdown 10 days, her heart is closed, we must first open this "heart", In order to put "love" and beauty into it. This is the first step in modern education, building "love", building trust, and opening "heart". The two sides of the Jiaoda University, the new micro-Nanyuan, the baby changed the head, the auspicious three treasures, you and me, Sheng Sheng

1. The main point of "Feynman's skill": You don't need to clarify the textbooks, but reconstruct a theoretical system according to your own needs. [Only by teaching others, you can learn by yourself] Specific application method: The   ultimate goal is to explain the concept in your own language, not in the language of the learning materials. 2. Holistic Learning) "tree" your knowledge. make them related to each other Note Streaming Technology: Just write down the main points of the class and then organize them. A book so thick, and a picture of it, it is all recorded.

Stanford University's Stanford Industrial Park   Valley's two slogans (values): Hug failure; we are not doing things for money. Silicon Valley Story Fred Terman, Stanford Stanford University's Industry-University Research Road Stanford Industrial Park

Jiaoda 120 pairs of partners celebrate 120 years of celebration   write to each of the Jiaotong people's love letters

During the Ching Ming period, there were many rains, and the old road was sent to the old people. I want to be all the way to fragrance.

Why is the spring snow and the lower Liba people together? Because the world is a circle. Http://   Cow dung and flowers, yang and yin, not referring to gender, but adding quality.

Tea is a luxury for people. After our problem of food and clothing is solved, we will think of tea, to love, to cultivate, to practice. Http://   Tea is two words, tea and love. As a materialistic side, tea and tea should pay attention to tea, water, tea cups and tea sets. "Tea language" is like "Poetry". Tea is used only for nourishment. Tea is not only about drinking, but also about feelings, so it is called tea.

Rich people, wealthy people, not the most money, but a lot that can be given. Http://   can give a lot of people, so-called generous people. If he claims to be a wealthy person, but can't give a penny? What can you do for you? So they, for you, they are poor, they are not rich people.

Thermal barrier coating TBC from Cao Xueqiang


The previous educational philosophy was based on "teaching": teachers must have ten barrels of water and teach students a bucket of water. But talking about "education" refers to how much students get. This is actually the hardest part. "Yu" includes time, endurance, and interaction. Http:// 

Her heart is closed, we must first open this "heart" in order to put "love" and beauty into it. Http://   This is the first step in modern education, building "love", building trust, and opening "heart".

The highest realm of the teacher The highest realm of the   so-called good teacher is that if you don’t study well, you feel guilty and you are sorry for the teacher. This kind of teacher is a good teacher and a teacher. The highest realm of the people, the so-called only the pro-teacher, will be the reason

2016 Jiaotong University eve on the eve of the celebration · painting history · Siyuanmen · Baotu winter spring   Baotumen outsourcing map and Siyuan Beijing Tianlan, the farmer's Tianlan Mercedes-Benz weight loss Zhou Zhijun Steve Jobs: cake Wear shit stapler bookbags Chen Zhaoxuan's immunology doctor=lesspatient Oriental Pearl today "killed" father education = pay for more Father's Education IC Technology Group writing G123 chapter writing outline School moto + Skeleton Jiaotong University 2016 Orchid Season Jiaotong Gold Proportion 0.618 Jiaotong U disk various design children design in the world of books roots shake hands Shi Yigong mentor and students peach flower stacked Siyuan Ying Yue Zhiqiao night scene why people like to hear gossip

▷  About the filial piety, the minor differences between American filial piety and Chinese filial piety (in English and Chinese), filial piety is the inheritance of mankind.   from "Guess who is going to have dinner", Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967) - Sidney Poitier (You Don't Own Me),

How to write? How to write a book? Copy first, then write. Dig the pit first, then fill the radish. Yang Yuanning: Instead of writing it, use a gray box. Http:// seems to be copying Xia Yan's "wild grass", Xia Yan will tell her infringement :)

Shanghai Jiaotong University's accompanying photos, Shanghai Jiaotong University with timeline from 2012 to 2016:


Abstract: positive energy tree   ; Excerpt from Ma Yunshu:   1 dream in front +2 road At the foot +3 I am on the road + the wind will break the waves

English listening experience speed: from fast to slow.   The example of Count Monte Cristo, the speed of experience, from slow to fast, from easy to difficult. Listening to the normal speed of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and then slowing down, will feel a lot easier, feel their sense of language, listen more, repeat, and will get used to the normal speed of American speech. This is a way to practice listening English. This passage contains enough positive energy! Not listening! Feeling their sense of language, listening, repeating, and getting used to the normal speed of American speech. This is a way to practice listening English. Wugong = speed training, listening enough, training enough, you can see other people's speed (listening) slow.

What is the taste? Http://   "You baked a very good cake, but there is a layer of shit on the outside. What is the taste? About the story of the product 1. Good taste, such as the United States The winter school is open to the poor students in the winter vacation. Good taste, like the spirit of the nobility, the essence of the aristocratic spirit, the story of the uncle of the British royal prince vying for the title 2. What is the bad taste? Bai Guan said, Fang Zhouzi dug Chen Zhaoxi, Tsinghua bored to dig Yang Zhenning. WeChat black: Send a New Year greeting, ... Whose name is discolored, that is, he pulled you black.

The story of Silicon Valley: The story of Cadence & Avanti Avanti.pdf , the story of SMIC , the story  of the bill gate steve job  Http:// , TSMC Zhang Zhongmou autobiography pdf , often wants one or two    Silicon Valley's two slogans (values): hug failure; we do not work for money Whatissuccess11.html failed psychological vent

Learn More, Study Less (holistic learning) How to read a book   reading guide, introduces the reading methods, techniques, reading should have the broad vision of the study theory title :Learn More, Study Less holistic learning Why your course is boring Learning goals Get knowledge Quick reading notes Stream Project-based learning Don't study High-efficiency Cheats

About the book environment: 20160221 Today , Zhong Shuge, I wanted to stay for a day, but only one hour... Closed mind, closed book (plastic protective film), closed (college) wall   ideal book The environment (home, bookstore, library) should be the desire of people to read, want to learn, and to read and turn books. The study room at home should also be arranged like this to facilitate the growth of children.

Hey,  the Harvard students are the first to read and then the teacher asks questions in the first class, instead of leaving the lectures in China to stay homework

Read a book - from xiaohu. "20 century achievements in engineering" How to skim a book

20160212 At the foot of the Oriental Pearl · Daylight rainy night · Changchun   Yinghua , 2016 Spring Festival: 2016MEMS · Silicate · Leaf TBC · WeChat Miscellaneous · Doodles · Mobile madness · Civilized Chinese·Introduction to Engineering·The money in the torn red envelope, the Honda car of the Amitabha brand, the 2016 first Jiaotong winter, the ice, the FAW 2016, the 30th flag, the flagship of the goddess of bodhisattva, the big hand 2016, the plane of the plane, the air, the rainbow, the video :2016 Arms Qingchun Festival·2016 Father and son sing the Spring Festival·disney and the Oriental Pearl photo. Jobs Bill Gates Mao Erdong spurt "沁园春•抢红包" No matter the wind and waves, it is better than walking in the air! (New China) It is a ship that stands on the coast and looks at the tip of the mast in the sea; it is standing on the top of the mountain, far away from the East has seen the radiant and radiant Asahi; it is A baby who is about to mature in the mother's womb. Positive energy: There are only 16% of the world's intelligent realms that people can achieve. They have 16 common characteristics.


▷  Video: Open talk, about patriotism,   Rao Yi: Rejecting others to call me back to China is patriotic. When I came back during the War of Resistance, I was called "patriotism". I don't have this qualification.

▷  Video: An ideal marriage (common values, relationship between love and being loved, scale average) -   1. Jet Li: Aibi is loved and comfortable 3. Yamaguchi Baihui And San Puyou and 3. Enlai and Ying Chao: The flower of the sea flower in the West Flower Hall opened again.

Geely Story of 2016: 2016 = f(x) @X=6, x=8, x=9

Scientific research map and ideas of positive energy

20160112 Atlas: Micro-Nan (Yu Zhao Photo Collection sunny, rainy, sunny, time), Yanping pig, graffiti,   Institute 20160101 Western Sunrise, Figure 2016 Geely story positive energy scientific research map and ideas Microna hospital sunshine, Wei Na hospital · my home sunshine, Shanghai Jiaotong University Li Zhengdao library, 2016.1.1, the first day of the micro-Nanyuan, the process of the emergence of sunlight (Attention to the time of the photo), the video here, the love story of the Venus and the Moon (> 2 mornings), the reflection of the grass from the autumn, the Li Zhengdao Library (video), the conversation of the rich pigs, the book of Cao’s brother, Shanghai's smog, poster screenshots, good words, William, Blake's poems, life's four parenting processes, important before the age of 3, engineering curves and research teachers, the world's largest aircraft indicator gifs to do WeChat expressions,

About the Moon: The relationship between 嫦娥 , Wu Gang, Yutu, Guishu (guigui), sweet-scented osmanthus, and laurel.   [Wu Gang] = Wu Gang is the Oriental version of [Sisifus] = [ Yugong] moved the mountain, the same works. Wu Gang is busy with cutting the laurel tree and has nothing to do with Achilles. .

Book & Bookstore & Book Excerpt: , 

The subtle difference between "slavery" and "compliance" is 
slavish, synonymous: slave, obedient, compliant, obedient, etc. Slavery and adaptation depend on the state of mind, slavishness and "the whole story is the result of the slavishness." The slavishness and the "taiji" flow down the river. "Conforming to the historical trend" are the two angles of the synonym.

Marriage to pay to lose face, to lay down "dignity"; not narrow "money", more: when the flowers meet the story of cow dung - flowers and cow dung,   qualified The husband and wife, the connotation and extension of the "money" of marriage, is not money. The Chinese people say "a hundred years of repairing the same boat, the millennium has a total of sleep," to be a pair, to spend a thousand years (multiple karma) of "money" .

To have the spirit of "Yugong", "Yugong Yishan" - the dream is only an advance fact. Http:// So be patient, wait, insist, ask... want...



Are you first "people"? Or is it the "Chinese" first? Http://   Someone asked Enlai this sentence before, "Are you Chinese first? Or is it a "person" first? This is actually a question of values. It is also a person's mind and body. , spirit and material which is the "first" problem. Similar problems are, "Are you a scientist first? Or is it a "person" first? "You are a person first?" Still a woman? "Being a man first, then being a woman", ... is the answer to this question. If there is more, someone will start to debate...

Words written on different occasions · Words that the teacher likes when taking the test, take the words with high scores. How to practice words? Http://'s   words, the so-called "words are like people", tangible and force two factors, [form] including the beauty of the structure of the word, ... [force] reflects the book's then The mentality and artistic conception... [Celebrity signature] It is mainly a kind of memory, remembering a person through words... The following is the words of Sun Hao and the interpretation of the words. The nature is cheerful, but it can be changed. Writing should be a pleasure.

How to practice words? Use the diary to   keep a diary and write, not to look good, for the cultivation of the quality of life, so it is the truth to say "words like people"

[5w1h in the photo] There must be 5w1h:what,where,when,how in a qualified photo. Here, time and occasion are very important. Many things are difficult to repeat, such as these two captures http:/ /

▷  Video 1. Funny You should be born . Singing: Mingzi, Song: Swallow, 2 pairs of left and right scorpion badminton killed 100 rounds , and finally tired, a pair of two hands, including a pair of hands and two hands, perfect match

fotos from 2012.8 to 2015.12 in China: 20,151,221 / · 20.15113 million / · 20,150,831 / · 20,150,811 / · 20,150,801 / · 20,150,622 / · 20,150,608 / · 20,150,501 / · 20,150,428 / · 20.15042 million / · 20,150,405 / · 20,150,328 / · 20.15022 million / · 20,150,203 / · 20150115/ · 20141231/ · 20141222/ · 20141115/ · 20141021/ · 20140908/ · 20140901/ · 20140818/ · 20140809/ · 20140715/ · 20140519/ · 20140427/ · 20131013/ · 20140405/ · 20140323/ · 20140201/ · 20140119/ · 20140107/ · 20131221/ · 20131014/ · 20131013/ · 20131001/ · 20130920/ · 20130901/ · 20130815 / · 20130527/ · 20130501/ · 20130422/ · 20130405/ · 20130401/ · 20130224/· 20130120/ · 20130120/ · 20121221/ · 20121207/ · 20121202/ · 20121122/ · 20121026/ · 20121010/ · 20120923/ · 20120907/ · 20120816/

Overview of Tsinghua   Tsinghua Academy Talent Training Program: Mathematics Class (Yu Chengtong), Physics Class (Zhu Bangfen), Life Science Class (Shi Yigong), Chemistry Class (Zhang Xi), Computer class (Yao Zhizhi), Qian Xuesen mechanic class (Zheng Quanshui). At the end of 2015, return to Tsinghua   (the blue sky after the fog, the top floor of the main building, the observatory, the northeast gate of the Bauhinia, 9 Well 10 well demolished, Fujio's "vine", gymnasium. Jiaotong Sun Moon Qixing, entry and exit, jade pyramid

Google web login operation method (Jiaoda)

Reading is not for good work + reading is not a non-existent thing + reading but wanting to do things + reading = curiosity to the world = concentric = not old   why the teacher It’s always difficult for students. = Japanese explanation = So the day will be reduced to the teacher. Have you been to the detention center? Is the teacher’s correct answer? A person can make mistakes but can’t remember for a lifetime.

English Listening Keywords: People who feel martial arts are able to repeat the "slow" people who are quick to see and adhere to the 10,000-hour law holographic learning positive energy + English learning

Positive energy, positive psychology interview   repaired web pages, typography has changed, I do not know if it looks more cool.

Ω,  etc. You have experienced the above Listening After honing, download this paragraph, it is slow speed MP3 http://km2000 .us/Englishmp3/slower/   and  , feel it, feel the feeling of “slowly watching slowly”, it’s cool. There are also 4 inspirational videos that can be used as similar exercises.   There is a video that was not written by the original Americans. You will also feel that it is not so difficult to understand these "informal English".


Ningbo Institute of Technology, how to go ·   Wenwu's book, intelligent manufacturing · Ningbo vegetarian, Su Manxiang, Drum Tower, ¥22·Jinshan, Shanghai, visit 2015.10· Institute of Microelectronics, China Semiconductor Enterprise · Jiaotong University Lotus · Jiaotong University Rain · Jiaotong University Green Car and Aerial Aircraft · Jiaotong University East Gate Sunset · Shanghai, Yindu Road, Shadow Bridge · Er Pig · Qing Dynasty, Library, Emperor and Eat · Miscellaneous·Micro-Nano Technology Fudge Products·My Cold Medicine·Some Characters·Brain, Back, SRAM·Shi Yigong to the Students, Liu Yiting’s Raiders on the Wrong Questions·Changsha Middle School Classroom


Positive encouragement of positive energy, including self-suggestion of positive energy encouragement, reminders will help you stay in a positive energy state, because the “negative energy” of society has a great influence and must be reminded to be lost. Http://   the positive energy of each person's heart, the words of reminder vary from person to person, you have to fix it yourself, but you can do it. The key is to start from me, from now on. Start up."

There are two main types of Silicon Valley spirit: we work not for "money" + we are not afraid of "failure." The main meaning of "not for money" is that "money" is only a tool. Excessive emphasis on "money" will limit our vision and realm, and people will become narrow. Money is a derivative of success; "not afraid of failure" It is "the line is better than words". The interesting life is practice, not the result. The failure is only a result. It is often defined by others and society. Many times because of this "fear", it limits the fun of our lives. So be "not afraid of failure." Http://

mentality is adjusted with the years, reviewing the road that has passed, and only thanking you for the time. Say thank you to the time, that is to say, what happened in the past should happen, no need to change, it is the process of life learning. Http://   Earn this day, one day, "everything". If you can't "follow", then "struggle" a bit, bitter, but will pass, when you are unhappy, just remember to believe that tomorrow will be fine. Of course, mistakes are a kind of learning, and past mistakes don't have to be regretted, but it's a bit of a waste of life.

▷  Xu Jia's speech - about vegetarianism, very clear speech, focus on clear examples = speech example   APEC Obama dialogue Ma Yun full version; How to self-improvement? Don't fall in the big direction of the trousers = the bottom line and then... step by step to improve the "bottom line"; reading and age 10 20 30

Su  Ning Zetao Shanghai Jiaotong University inspirational speech experience process is a successful experience at any time do not give up the bottom line of real life, real happiness and happiness, material will not last long, happiness will be late but will not absent girls Seems more like

English word tree:   [back word] word tree association frequency root pyramid method 

Hengshui Yizhong: College Entrance Harvester School   Editor's Note: Hengshui Yizhong's method is a method to deal with the college entrance examination, which is a choice for your life: the college entrance examination into Tsinghua (etc. ) is the first "knocking door" of your colorful life! If you and your parents agree to this and are willing to pay the price, then choose Hengshui Yizhong. “One online rate was 86.6%, and the second online rate was 99.3%. 104 people were admitted to Tsinghua University. They took the provincial liberal arts and science champions and won 15 consecutive championships in absolute terms!” “What do I do at school? What kind of person do you want to do? How am I doing today?"

Jiaoda Slots · Fudan Jiaotong University will soon be merged to form a new university · Tsinghua University, Beijing University,

Jiaotong University: Zhang Jiesheng's speech 2013 self-cultivation and self-cultivation '2014 Bowen Boya learned' 2015 self-confidence Self-excited introspection

English Tree: For middle school students: 1 Learn English 1-6 grade word system classification, (primary school) for the flaps; 2 Learn English word system classification Advanced, (secondary) to Yu Xin

College Entrance Examination   (1) Examination (2) Training to improve test scores (3) Example of college entrance examination and schoolmaster

1.4 rules during the exam 2. Psychological tactics·College   entrance examination: Postgraduate study: Prepare yourself, how is the score determined, 60 points, 80 points, 100 points, for example

importance of focusing on the wrong questions of the wrong title: 7 minutes 10 seconds at   exam: Finishing the wrong title. Wrong question = Where is the total error = Knowledge points are not raised to Tsinghua's score. The college entrance examination champion should Yilin wrong question = soft point = point points = Tsinghua point because: always wrong where to organize knowledge points

The college entrance examination champion is not mysterious. IQ is not No.1. It is a child of ordinary people   Harvard girl Liu Yiting, a successful education and study case for ordinary Chinese families; Tsinghua Science and Technology Lin video; liberal arts champion Sun Hao, not only limited to liberal arts, there is a "dao" about learning; Yang Yuanning (Wang Yongqing grandson), rich second generation Harvard talented woman, direct dialogue with the master, find ways, do not find excuses

Casa de Luz☼Home of Light☼ - beautiful food ☀ beautiful people ☀ beautiful home -  2011-2012: My iPhone shoots of my lunch (>100photos As a volunteer bonus and honor

The story, for the middle school students to lecture: AD 3000 years of fun life (group map)   miscellaneous :   Wen Jiabao's daughter Yao Ming tells the story of Ye Li's love story Deng Xiaoping's 16 words to grow and grow up Html   foreign Chinese website  [Complete comparison between female college dormitory and male college bedroom]  The six laws of the office "more than enough"  A happy monologue of a Chinese sister married to the White House /whitehouse.htm 

Omega  station browsing (using Baidu search site results + main site list of the site), automatically change every 10 seconds, view the spring color of this site: per page can see To 10 pages:

Ω [Language source] Positive energy values ​​Nutritional snacks (phrases), randomly generated, 30 seconds for one, randomly generated every day, and music companionship (all are hard to hear, do not know where it is from): http :// ;


The human brain is divided into "left and right brains", the left brain is used, and the right brain is not tired. Instead, it is "actively resting"   people's "concentrated reserves" and "back reserves" Graduate Strategy 3P Project, Paper, Presentation, "Three Gases"

Shanghai Jiao Tong University students Tucao The   alma mater is, you can vomit it a hundred sentences, but do not want others to vomit it even one sentence. You asked us why we vomited to the alma mater, only because of the deep love. On the day you leave it, these slots will become the most beautiful and profound memories...

  The so-called 10000-hour law of 10000 hours law is that everything has to be repeated to a certain amount (video: Lang Lang opened the lecture, answered the girl's question). Repeat 10,000 hours = 3612842, which is 3 years (if 8 hours a day) or 6 years (4 hours a day) or 12 years (2 hours a day).

Video: Why didn't Bill Gates donate money to the Red Cross or other so-called charities? Http://   The most effective way to spend money on charity, Mother Teresa, this video is very inspiring. Mother Teresa's emotional scene and the love of music, the divine love of the divine love

Book cat's little paradise - pension is very good here 

6 points in English learning:   1) Spirit: perseverance + feeling + plan; persistence · good habits · positive energy · sense of language; 2) words: back, grading, root, association, Classification; 3) Reading: paragraph method, chapter method, real word, first sentence, key word scan, intensive reading, fine listening; 4) holographic learning, six together: dictation, eye, ear and hand 5) Sense of language and feeling: a. Don't be too much, be "fine"; b. Then repeat it repeatedly; c. Move the pen, don't just "think" back; 6) Deal with the relationship between intensive reading and listening .

Ω English listening training: the speed of getting used to foreigners (fr the count of mount cristo, how to train your speed of reading, speed of mind, martial arts is a person who can see the "slow" speed) Here: There are two "bright spots" in this video: 1. Concentrate - because there is nothing else to do in prison, so concentrate, so success. In today's society, there are too many temptations. The first step is "less, less, less, less"; 2. Time and persistence - Earl of Monte Cristo was eager to succeed and asked how long the priest would take? This is also a lot of problems after the 90s, the priest does not answer, because there is the so-called "10000" hour law, the repetition is not enough, the priest is too lazy to answer.


Why is Apple's apple bitten? Http://    Perfect seems to be like the "No" of the Yijing. It seems that the sky is on the ground, it looks perfect, but it is equivalent to "dead" because there is no Vitality, so it is not "ji". The ancient Chinese people are still very wise. They say "No, Tailai", "Thai", the sky is on the ground, the trend is that the earth is going to fall down, the sky is going up, symbolizing fullness, so it is big." The image of Kyrgyzstan. Much like Shanghai Jiaotong University after 2006.

tudou video collection   Super clear original painting · Pyramid modeling US Silicon Valley era inventory aerial photography: Shanghai ^ San Francisco takeoff comparison. Boeing, 747 Shanghai Jiaotong University Lotus Lake Hangzhou West Lake Lake water dance, music Lake Water Beach - Bund 8:00 Eastern Red - Oriental Pearl Night View DISCO mp3 Animals, moving up and showing more pictures, fun, Indian love songs: Boss and Gandhi `Wait for a long golden boy - Yamaguchi and three Pu Friends and + (25th Anniversary) picture pulls the husband back to the process - a successful example of a psychiatrist marrying with stocks, stocks hope to give you love? Still a chance to learn to love. . .


Why do people's thinking need a certain amount of "back" reserves? Because when the human brain is thinking at the climax (high school entrance examination, negotiation, interview, etc.), it needs to quickly associate with the relevant storage volume, and then quickly reorganize and generate new ideas. If the "back" reserves are insufficient, you need to flip through the books, and with the delays attached to the book, the brain can not quickly form new ideas, thinking is not good. So, you have to "back"! In the computer, SRAM is the closest storage unit to the computing center. When thinking and innovating, the human brain needs a certain amount of memory, similar to SRAM. This is the “back” of more reserves: /mywritings/bei.html

Knowledge is a tree, not a scattered sand. From the middle school, you should plant this tree intentionally. The order of growth of the tree is: root → trunk → branches and leaves. First, we must establish a "root". Later knowledge is added to the leaves. If there is no system or irrelevance, it will be returned to the teacher or the book after the study. Knowledge Tree:


My inspirational learning essay   recommended book and abstract photos 


How do middle school students remember diary, cultivate positive energy, train "persistence", write a good word, and exercise innovation (holographic learning = training positive energy, language sense, willpower), The html    diary is a feasible and useful method for training persistence. Diary is a good habit of life. Diary is a good habit of reflection. Zeng Guofan, etc., the three provinces, etc., have a life record, and the diary is this life record. In order to review the positive energy, the diary is used to review the positive energy. The diary is written for the sense of language, the feeling is remembered, the writing is not for the sake of good looks, and for the cultivation of the quality of life, it is said that the word is like a person, and this journal will have a review and reflection. Innovative meaning of new ideas, a summary of each week, a big knot, a life, a growth of the "tree"

People and the world's point of contact    People and social

diaries for reviewing and generating new ideas and methods, make a summary every week, each to make a big summary, http: //    to write a piece of paper down, pay attention to pay attention to the number of pages and contents folders in this house (as a directory role), (can be several directories into a book, often Look at this catalogue and look at it every month. There will be innovative meanings for reviewing and generating new ideas.

Persistence is a kind of beauty persistence itself is a meaning of persistence also brings the so-called success father and daughter 35 years at the same place photo (this video is positive energy, hope to agree) Shanghai Jiaotong University


[Interview]   1. Interview seven, the basic "principle": interview equals · what do you have = what he wants 2. Interviewer: like specific specific specific specific experience, Because you can ask the flaws 3. A few short stories of "internal strength", the boss likes what kind of employee

several "internal strength" stories: 1 test, or internal strength 2 Chairman's interview after 90. 3 Observe carefully [IMPOSSIBLE] You may see [I'MPOSSIBLE] 4. The chairman and the beautiful girl interviewed during the interview. A vivid interview how to interview the right person.

Learning = back, thinking, advancing with the times. Start!

has three purposes: reading and thinking and subconscious The   human brain needs certain memory when thinking and innovating. Stock, similar to SRAM, is the “back” reserve. This reserve can speed up the operation of the brain. The enhancement of this reserve (SRAM) needs to be repeated. "Back" reserves (SRAM) are limited

The Bund Center, kissing swan, Tsinghua 2015 freshman, Wu Gongzi was admitted to Shi Yigong (Biology Department),   Railway Station Xizhimen Exit Map, Zhongguancun Buildings Tour ( Changes after 20 years), FAW-Volkswagen (Duan Xinyan and Duan Yan visited), human brain left and right map, brain SRAM map, uncle cold medicine, leaf front and back sensors


[How to read a book]   1. Reading is a review of positive energy, that is, the energy of society is biased towards negative energy. It must always be alert and pull yourself back to positive energy. Positive energy, human feelings are right, there is a play 2. Back = SRAM = innovative reserves, in the computer, SRAM is the nearest storage unit from the computing center, the human brain needs a certain memory inventory when thinking and innovating. The so-called "tree" means that the human knowledge system is a tree, structured, not scattered. For new knowledge, it must be built on the structure of the tree, and the memory will be firm.


The tree structure of knowledge tree, the knowledge of roots, trunks, and leaves is added to the leaves. If there is no system or irrelevance, it will be returned after learning. The teacher or the book has a physical chemistry reform in the middle school (the Shanghai college entrance examination can choose any physics and chemistry, because it is not related to the intelligence level, the two can be regarded as two trees). The right side is the engineering tree.

Word: The   left side is the word before the practice of Master Wang (April); the right side is the diary after the practice (August), you can see the glyph And the change in the degree of work. This is the effect of practicing words! You can too!

[How to watch the news broadcast" "] News feed record template (refer to it, yours will be better) This news broadcast is taken from the video -" You can use the weather forecast to learn to review Chinese geography /study8.html ... How to watch news feeds

How to remember diary template for middle school students #2 How to remember daily diary notes, from 13 years to 15 years, there are already 7 diaries, one page per day, the rest The place is not filled with a diary for one page every day, and the spare area is written on the words to be reviewed, the content... The diary makes a summary every week.

Jiaotong University 
walked to work, the wind and rain. In the territory of the library, "stolen" a lot of pomegranate (guava), with the reader FBAR network handed over to the center of the big micro-car 


Ω English listening and Chinese listening learning are similar, that is, to cultivate a feeling. Http://   Everyone knows that the same sentence, no matter who you are, you can understand, so language is a feeling of establishment. The establishment of feelings, the secret is very simple (it is also difficult to do, no wonder there are few successful people), that is, repeat and persist!

potatoswisdomeye video:   Ningbo Bridge bus front row mobile phone photo.. big bus front video front of the show of passing Ningbo bridge like (better than) Goldern Bridge in San Francisco , K11, rain.. english mp3 .. Beijing subway front window, like front window line.. Shanghai Jiaotong University Tsinghua Harvard Stanf.. Complete person = body + emotional world.. Ma Yun: The advantages of Tang Yi pig Ba Jie.. Middle school college entrance examination ability Can and life.. Yao Ming sports spirit.. . Harvard University campus pats.. Yao Ming failed and persisted with willpower.. Chinese leader and cabinet election reasonable.. Correct marriage and marriage - after the combination.. If you pray love You are hoping..

There is a saying in the society that "effort is actually a kind of talent". In fact, efforts include "concentration + time" plus a "stupid" word, here   actually, work hard Including "concentration + time" plus a "stupid" word, nice to call her "persistence, perseverance, willpower." To do this, there is so easy, many people do not have this "stupid" word, are too "small clever", which is also the insight and training of the early generations of the elders.

勤 Diligence is actually a kind of talent and internal strength, and the ability to concentrate.    Don’t think that hard work and hard work are a kind of excuses. He is also a kind of quality, talent, and Of course, the ability is related to the day after tomorrow, and it can be cultivated. Zen master - the ability to concentrate,

Life, life, life, road   How do enlightened people see innovation in the ordinary? How to fish in the water? Using adversity, Li Ka-shing


New student guide, from the perspective of students to understand Jiaotong University; 2. Shanghai Jiaotong University students Tucao

On this page: are rare Americans, you are the first person, then the so-called Americans, or the so-called Chinese. What kind of people are not suitable for returning to China? Some advice from people who are considering returning to China [New Student Guide] Learn about Jiaotong University from the perspective of students. Big truth: You are not happy because: You can be lazy like a pig, but you can't be too lazy to be like a pig. The story of the pants and the fart, the ugly should read more (I explained: the meaning of the soul ugly, Jane love is not beautiful, but very beautiful).

Nanhai Putuo Ningbo Station   see her FAW Gate Red Flag H7 Left: Wang Zhonglin's tree, Bottom: My ITE tree Meng Ting's words 砸 I hold the micro-rain and rain Shanghai Vision Asia-Africa poetry wireless transmission Wang Honglai's words Fox and Panda Xi Da in Jilin, and North Korea, and Changke, sitting cross-legged and sitting on Lee Kuan Yew's views on China and the world, the Changchun Yinghua Institute, the Japanese Ministry of Education, FAW Changchun West Station 150b Bathing Center Water Cube Bathing Center, 醍醐轩, 南昌路, Buying Clothes, 大众服助飞活动 Answers Tsinghua Graduate Notes Volkswagen FAW Official Service My Books Tianmao Sisters Peking University Peking University Tsinghua Poker Poker Summer Support Summer Training Game

A few short stories of "internal strength":   1 A blue vase test method for selecting managers. In the process of selecting managers, most people did not complete the task, because the address we gave was fake, we let the store manager close the door in advance, we let the 2 chairman look at the person's perspective is very unique and correct, but not ? The temperament determines the height of a person. A talented person has the capital of success. Otherwise, his future achievements will be limited. While keeping in mind that "knowledge is power", 3 carefully observe the word "impossible" [IMPOSSIBLE] You may see "I may" [I'MPOSSIBLE]

Words written on different occasions · The words that the teacher likes when taking the exam take the high scores.   . 1. Can be written beautifully; 2. Be sure to see clearly. In fact, I usually write more and have more diaries. I can write both fast and neat. When I take the exam, I will naturally be much more. How to use the diary to train "write" work? The negative textbooks put the fonts of the teacher's eyes and eyes on the negative textbooks, reminding everyone to avoid making these mistakes.

How to learn [spirit] Perseverance + feeling how middle school students remember diary · template · persistence · good habits · positive energy · sense of language [repeated] [how to read] key words scan, four fast , Sun Hao [multiple writing effects] multi-moving pen, holographic learning

About "Reading"   [How to "read" (speed reading)] example1: keyword, example 2 The first sentence, very important, [intensive reading, feeling] Sun Wei, Back, sense of language [how to read a book] book, read the catalog first, read a good book and talk directly to the master [holographic learning multi-action pen] write, write, eye and mouth, diary, template, persistence, good habits, positive Energy and sense of language 

How to take the college entrance examination:   Harvard girl Liu Yiting, a successful Chinese family's successful education and study case Tsinghua Science and Technology Yinglin video, liberal arts champion Sun Hao, not only limited to liberal arts, there are The "Tao" of learning Yang Yuanning (Wang Yongqing's grandson), the rich second generation Harvard talented woman, directly talking to the masters, finding ways, not looking for excuses to learn to master and learn from the experience of learning to learn how to learn to do the masters? Diary · Template · Persistence · Good Habits · Positive Energy · Language Sense

Learn about the experience of learning and learning God. How do you learn how to make notes? Http://·Templates·Persistence·Good   habits·Positive energy·Speech language Senses couples with the famous American schools... The implementation of the time management method of Xueba is actually the most important, When I went to college, I didn't have time to talk about my girlfriend. He managed the time: The failure of a moment is a friend now...

Find a method, do not find an excuse,   : "No matter how difficult it is, once you set a goal, you must do your best." Ask Yang Yuanning: "The biggest difficulty in your life." What is it?” She thought about it seriously and replied: “No, I will try my best to finish it.”     

Theta brain waves in meditation are said to help open the "third eye" said to be the channel through which practitioners gain illumination wisdom. In practical terms, theta brainwaves in meditation also invoke a deep sense of relaxation and also encourage creativity and make problem solving and memorization easier. The work of ancient sages? ... He thinks that this is to let the children talk directly to the master. He also asks the adults who lead the recitation to not explain the meaning of the words. He believes that the children have enough wisdom to understand, and these positive energies are not distorted by the interpretation of the adults. Most people have also experienced a theta state, God-drive-you-way state, ex, 1) drivers driving tasks so automatically (God drive you way)that they don't remember making the drive home from their office, 2) when They do any task that is automatic (God drive you way) or nearly so, such as folding clothes, washing hair, etc.



In fact, there is a basic "dao" in what subjects to study. Sun Hao’s article,,   actually talks about this "dao" and touches this "dao". Method and quality. Other disciplines can be inferior, touch the analogy, believe in your understanding, you will. This article is suitable for intensive reading! Read it a few times: First, review, and second, sentiment (in order to make a difference, touch the analogy), review the meaning of reading more famous works, and here, "Tao" should be reviewed frequently!

 Http://   [English] 1 Listening 2 about "reading" 2 words good book [high school students, college entrance examination, internal strength] 1 How to test 2 how to learn middle school students' diary (holographic learning = training positive energy · sense of language · Willpower) About "reading" 3 learning, champion, good method, tomt 4 reading to the doctor what is the use? Why read? A feeling. Why study at university? 5 I recommend good books

About "Reading"   page: [How to "read" (speed reading)] example1: keyword, example 2 first sentence, very important, [intensive reading, feeling] Sun Hao, back, sense of language [how to read a book] book, read the catalog first, read a good book and talk directly to the master [holographic learning multi-action pen] write, write, eye and mouth hand, diary, template, persistence Good habits, positive energy, sense of language

The names of Tibetans are very strange. The names are not related to their parents. They are monks and masters of the monasteries. Because they are all "Buddha" children, parents are only "carriers."

Airline charging treasure specifications According to the conversion formula between Wh and mAh (Wh÷U×1000=mAh) and the daily charging treasure 5V voltage, passengers can carry a charging treasure of less than 20000mAh to board the aircraft. Http://

[How to Train Listening] power of holographic learning: listening, writing, speaking + listening, eyes and ears and using the speed of accustomed foreigners to speak, language sense English + inspirational video The following MP3s and videos have both the inspirational and English-speaking functions. If you don't feel the repetition, you will also increase your positive energy.

 College entrance examination   test strategy - how to test the test strategy - psychological tactics [how to determine the score] [exam: 60 points 80 points and 100 points?

 English word grading,   Know 1000 words, the reading rate of reading articles is 50% + 3000 The learning rate is 80% + 8000 The understanding rate is 95%. This is the last word. Therefore, from the junior high school in middle school, you should gradually develop your own vocabulary, and it will not be so hard to read later. Ii. Associative memory, categorized memory, root memory, a note is a string, more effective than hard back. These two books are not necessarily read for purpose, and are worth reading repeatedly, like reading novels.

[Word zhi back] can form a realm of knowing and not thinking, , the reading speed will increase rapidly, this is the secret. I remember that reading Chinese is faster than reading English. Why? This is the truth: don't think about it!

Good class, what kind of class is "good class" Good class standard

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After a few videos, I will see the positive energy:

How to do research   Hu Lide: Scientific music. "Be short, be astonished, let as many people as possible see." Most scientists are still like that, they don't understand! They don't know that you can't tell everything in the story. Science doesn't just do everything better than others, but at the same time you have to laugh and love what you do.

Practice   The excessive materialization of the world has brought us peace of mind, but it also brings a feeling of emptyness, or an inexplicable melancholy energy, this background, It also brought curiosity about "cultivation." Practice is actually a hobby, a game, like playing chess, playing cards, watching a game. She is your hobby, hobby.

Li Keqiang's grounding history



How do middle school students remember diaries, templates, persistence, good habits, positive energy, and sense of language

Why do you want to read Bo? What is the use of reading a doctor? Http://   Why read? A feeling. In fact, there can be many reasons, such as what you want to use... What is Dr. Ph.D. Ph.D Ph.D. Thesis - Virtual Education, Internal Education, Education and General Education (General Secretary and Prime Minister) It is the last baton of education, teaching and educating people, to teach something practical. Chen Jining, the education of the university is the place to cast the soul.” The university is not at all “big”, but at “learning”,

The introduction to engineering begins with the end of the poster (notes, the words for the college entrance examination, the 6768 in 2015, the teacher students are not cats and mice, how to watch the news network, my book collection bicycles retired from the lotus, June, before the rain, in the rain After the rain, Shangfa Yunli Wuli Father's Day

Water Crystallization Study 3 people: William Tiller (Stanford), Jiang Bensheng (Japan, passaway2013), Kenneth Lebbrecht (Caltech) is the environment where water (H2O) is below minus 25 degrees Celsius (how low? -5 ~ -25 °C) Fine particles after solidification. Http://   A single crystal of water under certain harsh conditions can be observed by a high power microscope (how high?) ​​(electron microscopy). Water research, crystal photography.

What are we working for in the workplace? What are the good and bad jobs? What is bad work? Negative money, Money is not happy, interview: What do you have = what he wants [how to treat harsh bosses] If your heart doesn't like what you are doing, don't I look forward to a good return, no matter what you do, how to watch the movie after 8090, work for the best boss, and prepare the worst boss. You must love what you are doing. If not, either find another work, or continue but prepare not being treated "fairly" or with success or respect. [If you don't like to do it?

[If you don't like your work]   :1. If you don't like your work, if you keep working... a lot of the reason is that you have not used it well. "Life"; 2. We work for what; 3. Work is a natural movement; 4. The essence of work is not money; 5. What is bad work

A few short stories of "internal strength":   1 Later, the consultant company gave us a blue vase test to select managers. In the process of selecting managers, most people did not complete the task because the address we gave was false. . . 2 The chairman’s perspective on people is very unique and correct, isn’t it? The temperament determines the height of a person. A talented person has the capital of success. Otherwise, his future achievements will be limited. '' 3 Carefully observe the word "impossible" [IMPOSSIBLE] You may see "I may" [I'MPOSSIBLE]

Wonderful video: $ The tension of life is getting bigger and wider. Mr. Yang, 8228 + 9339 is wonderful, Weng Fan has become more beautiful.

Micro-nano, a summary of the major research projects of "Nano Science and Technology Basic Research" nano_ Several questions of nanoelectronics

Good English, and inspirational  Facebook Sheryl Sandberg's speech at the graduation ceremony of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management June 27, 2015 China, Beijing The perfect combination of passion and dedication is a luxury. Once reached, happiness is coming. Try until you find something that stirs your passion, a job that matters to you and matters to others. It's a luxury to combine passion and contribution. It's also a clear path to happiness. How surprised. To be honest, at the time I thought the professor was wrong. In fact, the professor is right. I rely on my sales team, not the other way around. AliBaba CEO Jack Ma, “one of the secret sauces for Alibaba's success is that we have a lot of women... without women, there would be no Alibaba.” A happy day, a day to celebrate your achievements, a few hard work The moment of coming. Today is a day of celebration, A day to celebrate your accomplishments, the hard work that brought you to this moment. This is a day of gratitude. I am honored to be here today to address Dean Yingyi Qian ,

On this page   scientific formulas in history❤◠‿◠❤Physical theory and axioms, a few words in science, common sense in mathematics, several in mathematics Sister

Video: 3 examples of ideal marriage - 1. Jet Li: Aibi is loved and comfortable 3. Yamaguchi Baihui and Sanpuyou and 3. West Flower Hall's jellyfish blossomed

References to 20150614 My good books

Of Study "On Reading" Francis Bacon Mr. Wang Zuoliang, reading makes people enrich, discussion makes people wit, notes make people accurate. Http:// , Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man. if a man write little, he had need have a great memory; Must have a strong memory,

20150608 my first meditation (Author: Yang Yuanning, written at the age of 9.)

Beijing Normal University·Qi Gong’s words have been written in a place, learning to be a teacher, and the world’s word “walking” is shining. University of Geosciences·Geological Caixia Mantian· Li Siguang Geological Light · Jiaotong University Rainbow Run · Old Diary Book · Baihe Temple Jiaotong University Baihe Lotus Hubei Normal University Party Central Centennial School Geological Light Rain Shoes Jiaotong University 120 years, a great photo Jiaotong University Masters Book Wang Zhonglin's tree Lotus Leaf Effect, Big Rainbow, Running Baihe, 捭阖, Jiaotong University Baihe Lotus Lake Old Diary


Three minutes (one minute) self-introduction method.   Assign content like this: First: Thank you for your kind words, short. The first 1/3 mainly introduces his own name, age, education, professional expertise, practical experience, etc.; the second (<1/3) application position, the industry, the company's requirements and understanding of the third 1/3 mainly introduces individuals Performance, attention to relevance, outcomes of school activities and social practices; specific concrete... illustrations. (See example below) Reality (integrity): Lying is the most difficult, because there are too many perjuries to be fabricated. Once it leaks out, other good points are written off. Tail: The table is determined, talk about the intersection, try to be real, what can be brought to the company. (see example below)

Father and son video: Benz vs BMW Father vs Son = Love BMW and Mercedes-Benz burned money , I can see that my father and son are not really hitting each other. It is not the disabling part of the car (right side, back side), which can be used as a warm memory of the father and son. The motive of crime, we can understand, which father and son are not noisy. As for the price of the car, many people care, in fact, that is a fart, big run and BMW, can see that the family is not bad, hit a million, just one million.


East China Normal University Jiaoda Temple Gate·Tsinghua Class·People can't photo like Jiaoda's plum pile graffiti underpass Chinese teacher college apartment, like a home, feel at home, May Day Temple Gate Huadong Normal University students like Xiaosong Huadong Normal University Meihua East Normal University Giants are lonely university, green, silly, but, somehow feels good, May Day, 2015,

 Learning to do, learning God, champion, good methods, good words, good books, how do the schoolmasters take notes? First, the key symbol marking method 2, leaving the right blank to write annotations to focus on the three points, you can use a page to record notes, the next page of records to correspond to the outline of the notes or the main points of the four days to write a page of spare space every day do not write to stay Empty   English words, good books, my good books

佟 的 SKYPE classroom: college entrance examination sample Sun Hao classmates   婧妍 full composition mobile phone theory 1 l Xueba couples with the American elite school... 1 l What kind of font reading What is the teacher most like?

 The two famous universities in the capital, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, will soon be merged,    a new university. The preparatory committee for the merger of the two universities has been established. The relevant preparatory work is in full swing. . The relevant departments also considered two other options: Tongji and Fudan merged into Jidan (egg) university, Jiaotong University and Tongji merged with the business (communication) university, but they were not rejected in line with the strategic development plan of Da Modu. Shanghai Jiaotong University = Shanghai Southwest Some School = Minhang Institute of Technology, MIT = Dongchuan Road Men's Vocational and Technical College. "Looking at the temple is a distant view. It is a mother's school in the near future. Five or six thousand nuns, three or four thousand old roads."

University in China = Tsinghua · Jiaotong · Zhejiang University · Fudan · Tongji · great work · East China Normal University · Northern · Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications · North · Huangpu · Kyrgyzstan · University of Texas at UT Austin · Stanford University, Stanford · Harvard University, Harvard · Yunnan University, Southwest General Assembly · Dali University


Tsinghua 104 Zero Word Class Celebration Bauhinia Student Area·Tsinghua Library·Tsinghua Night Scene·Zero Class Old Photo·Jiaoda Book Festival Bibliography·Sun Hao and Instrument珏 word


Zhejiang University·Jiaoda University 119th Anniversary·Hangzhou Daba High-speed Railway Station   竺可桢·求是·Zheda's ancient · teaching building and department are old · Hangzhou four kinds of bus (electric ·Electric hybrid · Natural gas · Ordinary car · Hangzhou High Speed ​​Railway Station (good-looking) · Hangzhou Dali City (Qingzhiwu) · Cao Kefan said · Jiaotong University Electric Badminton · Zhiyuan College · Jiaotong University Passport, Jiaotongren Festival, pinch the source Door, Jiaotong University Visa, Jiaotong University Botanical Garden, Introduction to Engineering, DOE, Exam, Watch, Mao 2 East's Poem, Yuanmeng Road, 1980-2010 College Entrance Examination Rate, Silicon Valley University, Photo, Bombing, Elimination, 39

思源公益·Tsinghua teaching video fr Cai Jinsong

(⊙o⊙) Well, you are "people" first? Or is it the "Chinese" first? Http://

"People": Upper 1 and 2, "People": mutual support, the three ways of writing "human", the relationship between left and right http://km2000 .us/mywritings/ren.html

So Tsinghua’s school spirit and style are self-improvement and kindness. Self-improvement refers to the cultivation of character, and the kindness is the principle and principle of treating the world and treating others. More: self-improvement, virtue and load 

乔 Jobs and Bill Gates video conversation at the D5 summit English text:


Siyuan Public Welfare·Support   Dear life is just like seeing classmates at first, "One of the meanings of life is just like seeing" is "Curious and passionate" over "Today", It means very deep. This is also a heart of the child! There are two general categories of content I sent last time: one is the method of dealing with the environment, and it belongs to the "surgery" category, such as the college entrance examination class, the interview class. "Surgery" can give you fame and fortune, but not the most important one; the other is "Tao", which is the value, which is the most important

University in China = University in China = Tsinghua University Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Tongji University, Beihang University, Beijing University, Peking University, Beijing University, Beijing University, Beijing University, Beijing University Austin Stanford University (Stanford Harvard University (Harvard·Yunnan University, Southwestern Associated University, Dali University)

Colorful Yunnan   University·Southwest Associated University Dali University Dali Middle School, Bohai, Dali Ancient City, Dali Kunming Railway Station Airport, Dali Xizhou, Yunnan Nujiang,

The two famous universities of Modu are Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, which will be merged into Dantong University.   The following is a famous university in Shanghai Southwest of Baidu Encyclopedia (Shanghai Jiaotong University) ) Introduction. Tongji and Fudan merged into Jidan (egg) University, Jiaotong University and Tongji merged with the University of Finance (Communication), but they were not rejected in line with the strategic development plan of the Great Magic. The third reason for the merger of the two schools was to solve the East. The situation of male and female students in Chuanlu Men’s Vocational and Technical College is seriously out of balance.

 The words of Sun Wei and the spirit of Jiaotong University: Responsibility and responsibility are in front, the road is at the foot, I am on the road   wind and the waves will have a good time · Jiaotong University Engineering Introduction Course 5w1h·Xi Da on the beach news network Yunnan South Road · Jiaoda Spring · Water · Bridge · Youth Apartment · Flower · Taiwan · Building · Jiaoyuanyuan   College Sun Hao classmates: only to see your weibo: yaksa384   your "Language and me" is very enlightening and has a great inspiration to the peers. Made some notes here:   This is for my niece. Look at it? I was a Tsinghua alumnus in 1980 and I went back to the school.

▷ Do you know why I hire you? from movie: Prada. You must love what you are doing. If not, either find another work, or continue but prepare not being treated "fairly" or with success or respect. In many cases, we try to complain about what we are doing. Instead, we may try to love it and enjoy it. Try it! Change your attitude. Then you'll find you have actually Changed! This is the key; the job is just a vehicle to cultivate yourself. Just watch the movie after 8090, fight for the best boss, get ready for the worst boss. Video1(ENG) | Video2 (CH)



Shanghai Jiaotong University Central Committee and State Council·Spring·Fudan (School, Shuangfenglou (Guanghua Building), grassland and people, spring flowers) · Tongji (Library's “empty” design, Li Guohao, teaching classroom)· http:// wall·panaroma·panorum·dream road·fruit explosion cool·text (free goddess in English, remote, ordinary world, dream road, two sessions, engineering, Huang Kun read The letter of the research, Jiang Shuhui 0-3 years old life development map, the problem of the uncle and the family of the leading cadres, the "meng" word of the university learning god,)

▷ [Tsinghua] School song: Xishan Cang, Donghai 茫茫, 莘莘学子 come to the far side. Datong 爰跻 (yuan2ji1 is Gaosheng), the motherland is (two-way giving) light, and the line of life must be self-   improving The   first sentence of /myshoots/qinghua.mp4 is about China Geography. It is about classmates and young people's rewards, and gathers the essence of the motherland in Beijing. The second sentence is about the common Datongzhi, for the motherland and for China. At the same time, China also gave the glory of the students, and then, Tian Xingjian Junzi is self-improving. Http://


2015 Year of the Dragon, Spring Festival, Changchun, the second day of the Jiaotong University, the micro-Nanyuan rainy season, various certificates and notes, old photos   With Family above from friend online above: family big together


Suzhou, Liu Feng, 2015, Hanshan Temple, Suzhou High-Tech Park, Beijing, Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Winter, Winter Plum, Tranquility, Zhijuhui, , Distance Education Promotion meeting, O2O, Beijing subway front window, 俺 2015 Year of the Sheep Gate (Chinese Bank of China)


2015 Taipei, Academia Sinica, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, 101 Building,   Shanghai Xia Gong, Qian Xuesen, Liu Daxiang Books, Thermal Barrier Coating Books

Search engines in China other than Google and Baidu (very limited search on both in China)

Everyone knows that the taste of owing people is uncomfortable. Don't complain about where your illness is coming from, and don't complain about bad luck. Http:// is better to eat such food than to owe human feelings. We will not feel good, and our consciousness energy will become very low. Eating meat can't avoid the feeling of pain. Even if we try to ignore it, it will still harm us in some form, like illness, trouble, mental exhaustion or mental health.


People's Daily 2014-10-16 Recommend a minimalist lifestyle again! Http:// is   minimalist. It is not affected by external trends and does not follow suit. Material Minimalist Sends, sells or donates items that are not used for more than one year at home to define their own desires and needs, not to buy unwanted items. Streamline bank cards, leaving only one debit card and one credit card. Minimal information reduces the use of social networks, regularly away from the Internet, away from mobile phones, and expresses minimalist nouns and verbs. Work is minimal. Focus on one thing at a time, and don't do Multi-task as much as possible. Life is minimalist exercise. It’s simple and not fancy. There are many ways and angles to practice minimalism. The key is to act.


At the end of 2014, Tsinghua University, Beijing, Changchun, Li Zhengdao Jiaotong University Library, notes   Zhengdao Library was completed, like the Qian Xuesen Library, more like a museum, disappointing students, Li Laohe and Qian Lao are not satisfied. The library is the place to study, not the memorial.

Jiaotong University: Xiao Li, your library is quickly covered, I am exhausted, and (the Jiaotong Li Didao Library is completed at the end of the year, there are places to read 哩) /   Jiaotong University Xujiahui East Gate Night Scene MacroNanoLetters editorial department story Jiaotong University swimming pool, Yifu Building Xi big inscription to the university god speech contest night Xujiahui Catholic Church, Jing Xuan Xuefeng Central Asia big grapefruit big Shanghai lake light corner Nujiang middle school uniform and Yi folk The costumes are smashed to the big Peking University basketball game Xi Da and Jiao Yulu December 2014 vegetarian eating and drinking 俺 俺 苜蓿 苜蓿 苜蓿 上海 上海 上海 上海 上海 上海 上海 上海 上海 上海

Shanghai Jiaotong University students Tucao   Jiaotong University, engineering school, more men and women, more than 7,000 nuns, more than 30,000 Luohan. How do you want to be a Lohan :). This is an admission letter.

Looking at a temple from afar, it is a alma mater. More than 7,000 nuns, more than 30,000 old. Jiaoda barcode


"Large Aircraft" interviewed Liu Daxiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering The development of civil large bypass ratio turbofan engine models is blank, all rely on imports, and the pre-research on the unique key technologies of civil engines has just begun. . The low development of research and use in advance, has made many experimental research work incomplete. Taking the United States as an example, the United States has long promoted technology, strategic computers, VLSIs, advanced fighter aircraft and aerospace technology as the country's five key technology plans, giving priority to planning and arrangement. ..

Future Science and Technology Development Research: page: Future Earth Technology: UFO, UFO, Field Theory - Method of Controlling Gravity and Repulsive Forces Crop Circle - Alien Notes Nikola Tesla Wireless energy transmission “anti-gravity” “space transmission system” “gravitational door system” renewable energy·green technology  “two thousand miles under the sea”: using the Na in the ocean to generate electricity in the sun There are nutrients and energy in Baoguang Sunshine, and there is still no micro-structure C, H, O life system developed by air electromagnetic energy water.

Deal with the Adversities   few videos, I will read the positive energy search network video keyword "Open talk" Suffering is a kind of wealth Ma Yun: Do not complain about today's Ma Yun "Let's talk about Liao Zhi: If you don't resist, you can hold up the talk." 20130104 Yu Minhong: Believe in the power of struggle "Interview with Yang Lan" 20141123 Park Geun-hye is firmly committed because of faith

Complete person = body ⊕ emotional world ⊕ spirit and spirituality [body] health, material world, clothing, food and shelter. [Emotional World] Love, family, collective, team, friends. [Mental and spiritual] Faith, outlook on life, life is a journey, life is a practice.

The interviewer likes to be specific, specific, and specific. This article includes (interviews): : 1. Seven, the basic "principle": interview equals what you have = what he wants; 2. ideal boss · employee What kind of employees the relationship boss likes; 3. The interviewer likes the specific experience

 [Schoolmaster's Time Management Law] Three semester acquisitions of double degrees His main methods of time management include: Target clarity is the key. The flexibility to arrange a one-time failure is a friend now! Ruthlessly give up defending your time, fully devote yourself to try to maintain a passionate diet and exercise.

►►► Increase the positive energy in your mind ►►► to avoid the negative energy in food

补充 Supplement positive energy video:   people: Inspirational film: Life, success, happiness, be your own video

Man and God Buddha, God's relationship, practice and soul: and God Buddha God 1: Pray for relationship: "Seeking God to worship Buddha." Before the college entrance examination, many parents asked God makes a wish... Relationship between man and God God 2: Worship, look up relationship: _/\_ Religion, Christianity, Buddhism, relationship between man and god Buddha 3: spiritual practice relationship: how the beauty of practice makes bread better eat

 The mystery of the universe civilization and interstellar alliance The meaning of life The purpose of life The truth of reincarnation goes out of life

Shanghai Symphony Hall, and Xuefeng Yangchun Baixue have so many 90 students from the East China Normal University Orchestra! The violin team is especially good, symphonic, on the wave, the pig will also float up /myphotos/2012China/20141115/   Zhao Xiaolan Zhao Xicheng Zhao Anji in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jiaotong University Lotus Lake Autumn and finishing, 3D thinking method of life appliances updated

Regarding the objective evaluation of that era, those people, Yan Dafu Zhang Tiesheng Huang Shuai this evening   page: The life and wisdom of Zhai Dafu and the wrong interview 蒯 Dafu Zhang Tiesheng's life marriage Zhang Tiesheng wrote in Xin Fan, a letter on the white volume, interviewed Huang Shuai on Zhang Tiesheng’s "Guardian"

Xi Da calligraphy: Xi Jinping (with Jiao Yulu) calligraphy


Learn English [English] 1. Quality 2. Exam   [English learning 5 points] Middle school and postgraduate English MP3 flv [Buy pants size] [Mathematical knowledge And graphical] Pythagorean law π ellipse drawing arc drawing parabola

[Graduation Love Letter] A gift from the school when I graduated. Http://   [Love Songs of Jiaotong University] Write a love letter to every Jiaotong. Pictures, from the admission notice, every experience of the campus, when you come, the train station, into the slippers door. . . [Tsinghua Love Song] A Tsinghua male student who has been in life for four years [Related Video] Tsinghua University, Thangford University [Harvard Love Song]

2014 Golden Autumn in October, Normal University High School, No. 4, Beijing, 34 years later, 21+4 people, Tiananmen and Xiangshan Hongye, Beifan and Kara Xintiandi, Wangfujing Street's “gold-plated” effect, Shanghai Jiaotong Rainy Season, Nujiang ( Fr. Ji Lin), Aimin to Jiaotong University, dinner, Himalayan Center, Boyuan Club, Xiaofan and Shanghai Dafeng, and students group photo, T-shaped desk, Tai Chi Tang, Peng Liyuan young, Nujiang middle school uniform and Jiaotong University

The application of the doctrine of the mean: add an intermediate state between the turbine spray and the duct (the bypass ratio),   adaptive variable cycle engine in the double-ducted variable cycle engine Based on the addition of a third duct, which can change the flow and pressure ratio of the fan or core machine

The relationship between love and sex: Love is true, sex is just a representation. If you take off "sex", the essence will stay, love. For homosexuality, we don't have to understand and believe, but we should open our hearts, we should accept the feelings of comrades,   : Ellen (American Lu Yu, Li Jing) and Anne (6 days and 7 nights). The beginning of homosexuality is not because of the surname, but because of love.


▷ Video: China's presidential election | China's ideological system leads the way of China in the future: 1. China's reunification: Mr. Mao, Mr. Jiang 2. China Fuqiang: Mr. Deng Jiang + Hu Jintao Wen Jiabao + Xi Jinping Peng Liyuan 3. Chinese Dream: http:/ /

The Chinese people thank Deng Xiaoping! Because he improved and established a political system suitable for China, it is also a central "imperial system". However, the scope of the selection of the prince and the cabinet is all over China, not just the son of the general secretary! And, it starts from the very bottom of China. The change of leadership has no "dumping water", and the entire cabinet has been changed! There is no old and young, there is no "passing the band", these are all started from Deng Xiaoping. Http://   tenth anniversary of China’s president is changed every two times. Although there is no such thing as a four-year election in the United States and a re-election for eight years, now that China is lucky, there are good successors to take over, and the United States is worse.

▷ The spiritual door is right, about Plato Ai Qing. Http://   spiritual door (mp3) is the most ideal.

confidence? Http:// , mp3:Jesus's parable , insist? Http://   Maybe God is always making our jokes, testing our "persistence", the biggest enemy is not the stone, but our self, and we can't persist.

faith? Http:// , the question of faith answers the following question: Where do I come from? What is the purpose of life? Why am I here? Where will I go after my si? (Good book guide: "Take me home"). It can be seen that if you understand these things, the psychological problems will cease to exist and you will have a good night's sleep. There is a difference between faith and belief, because faith has the meaning of “irrationality”. However, there must be two parts of life in existence, rationality and sensibility (so science cannot replace religion, see later), and at the same time, it is life. A "moderate" and balanced.

English and Chinese vocabulary A Bottle Of Nectar Water With A Willow Branch In It Yang Liuzhi Water Purifier Garden Of Eden

☮5W1H Thinking Method ☮ 5W1H is the reason (WHY), object (WHAT), location (WHERE), time (WHEN), personnel (WHO), method (HOW) The first letter of English. In retrospect, any point in your life, one thing, a problem, an item, and, write 5W1H, for example, your car: Why buy it? What car? That 4S? When did you buy it? Who is going to be in the car? What is the car driving? When you describe anything, you can talk about it according to this principle, very clear! People like it too!

"Falling Your Heart" ~ Inner Sound Stream ~ Buddha No. ~ Meditate

Concentrate...Chopping wood, carrying water, cooking   scattered heart·six...


Jiaotong University: Zhang Jie 2013 school season Zhang Jie 2014 graduation season Zhang Jie 2014 school season   ╭★╯修修,修心,修学╭★╯——Speech at the 2013 New Students Opening Ceremony ╭★╯人╯之光亮未来╭★╯——Speech at the 2014 Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony╭★╯博闻博雅博学╭★╯——Speech at the 2014 Freshman Opening Ceremony 


Search within the station: Google does not pass (in China)? Try: Baidu or sohu Search results:

▷ Video: Xi Jinping’s mental journey, Yan’an’s career in the countryside, why is China’s leadership the best in the world so far? Http://

Aeroengine How does China break the monopoly of US technology? The core machine road - talk about the fourth generation of large thrust military turbofan engine development aviation gas turbine engine GTE civil aviation engine manufacturer and some product introduction GE RR PW AVIC Group's enterprises and research institutions the world's largest gas turbine, if aviation Engine super large gas turbine. Pure power PW1000G Pratt & Whitney GTF new generation gear drive turbofan engine

How to be a teacher, professor, teacher how to take the first class   teachers must know the 65 classroom details Tsinghua recommended 24 excellent reading materials how long the micro-course video can best Attractive... Professor Zheng Qiang’s speech video

2014 Friends of Tibet pictures cloud, sky, sea, Xia Wei   Bangong Lake (Tibetan called "wrong", Nam Co...) Potala Palace Tibet West The rare Tibetan mural paintings of Ali (100 years, not cooked) on the ground. Freehand Lotus celestial body flow (80 minutes of filming) Jiaoda military training and micro-nature courtyard rainy season Jiaoda cobweb and water droplets Jiaotong "red carpet" Jiaoda stone road sub-poetry poem Datun Road, India masala, 6 years Green rice healthy living house

"Love is on the left, sympathy is on the right, Love is its own quality, and sympathy is the quality of others. The source of love comes from the heart, so "love" There is a "heart". Compassion, we must look at the problem from the perspective of others, so love walks on the left and sympathizes on the right to drive our lives; although there is pain, but there are joys and companions.

I often hear "My children "My students." Actually children, students, not your property. They are themselves. This is the American, Tibetan, and faithful people. For example, Tibetans, children are named in monasteries. The name is usually four words, not the surname of the surname's parents, but a legal name. (Cangyang Gyatso: Mother who has not given birth to me -" ) Americans are raising children for God. This is not without filial piety. It is a concept that children are not grateful and rewarded for their parents, but they have to do it themselves!


"I have never given birth to my mother." In fact, Tsangyang Gyatso refers to "God", and everyone who is spoken to Westerners is a descendant of God's children. This "fertility" refers to the mother's childbirth process, and the concept that man is the son of God is spiritual, so although God is our mother, the process of childbirth belongs to the mother of our human beings. 

Tsangyang Gyatso, the Dalai Lama of the Sixth World, wrote many love poems, but it was considered by most people not to be a normal act of the Lama. In fact, the lover here refers to the supreme God and the highest Buddha in Tibet. For example, he wrote:   this can't be seen, can't touch, but always follow us, is "love", is God, He also If he doesn't come, he is quiet, she is happy.

2014 August Dali (Old City·Bohai University/Secondary School), Xizhou, Nujiang Middle School Southwestern University·Yunnan University   leaders of Jiaotong University once stayed here in Dali Ancient City The original appearance of the Xizhou Bai nationality is the Lishui No.1 Middle School. This is the former site of the National Middle School Sanjiang Concurrent Southwestern University. It is now Yunnan University, Yunnan University, and the ancient city of Dali Railway Station Kunming Yunnan Airport. 


Mao Zedong's poetry selection   "Guanyuanchun·Changsha" "Seven Laws and Two Heads, Sending God" "Water Melody Head and Swimming" "Guanyuan Spring Snow"

▷ Video English dictation
If somebody prays for patience, do you thing God will give them the patience, or gives them the opportunity to be patient; if praying for courage then just give them The courage, or provide them a chance to be courageous. If somebody prays for a family be closer, do you thing God will grant them the warm fuzzy feelings, or provide them the opportunity to love each other. If you pray for love, you are I hope God gives you love? Still pray that God will give you a chance to learn how to love? The former result is obviously not enough! Because only sweetness. Is love a taste? It is sweet, sweet and bitter and together. The latter one is more interesting! Video: God gives life not the result, but a process. In the bitterness, be grateful!

Ω  mp3: Yao Ming, speaking, sportsmanship, sports training of willpower, persistence, and perseverance. Http://  Sports not only makes the body strong and healthy, but sports also promotes the body to spirit, quality, willpower and internal strength. . . Nelson Mandela and sportsmanship. In the 20-year prison career, Mandela spoke of the feeling of being released from prison: "When I stepped out of the cell and walked through the prison gate to freedom, I knew that if I could not leave my grief and resentment behind me, Then I am still in prison." "As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison." )

2014 Jiaotong University Yunnan Sichuan Meiduo Education Promotion Activity   2014 Jiaotong University Meidu Shanghai Western Education Promotion Project Opening Book Donation Flute in Shanghai, Book Fair, 2014 Some later Consider the book rain to hand over the big and green onions 

Thinking about comprehensive ability + college entrance examination ability l About persisting in ideal l Perfect life thought: Zhongyong

Mobile phone guide battery was stolen without electricity water charge parasite  iphone guide

Science:   .✦Scientific methods. What does Dr. mean? .Ph.D Thesis of Doctoral Dissertation · Discovery and Invention...The Thinking Orientation of Scientists, Artists, and Engineers.·5W1H ·.IMPOSSIBLE=IamPOSSIBLE.Yan Ning:Looking at the Beauty of Science·.Video: Yang Zhenning: Physics and Beauty·The Spirit of Science · Ten scientific formulas in history ✦ Future science: . The energy of the sun: the treasure of the sun is bright · The future of the earth science and technology energy green industry · Video: The next generation of laptops · The crop circle · Alien notes · UFO, future flight, water crystallization experiment · subjective world influence on experimental results Science can't answer human: science and religion · science and belief · subjective level of science · science and morality

Exam, college entrance examination, postgraduate study   about comprehensive ability + college entrance examination ability

 Some methods of finding dreams: learning, reading, time, life, understanding various choices, producing a variety of inspirations: dream observation: the thinking orientation of scientists, artists, engineers: .html

Human and material world...human and nature   nature, environmental protection, smog | Future technology


[Omega  learn English MP3, video, text dictation in English, with English letters Video:   1. Steve.Jobs..Bill.Gates talk about the conditions of success: "You need a lot of passion for what you're doing because it's so hard. Without passion, any rational person would give up." 2. Movie clip: The ultimate gift, also translated "The ultimate gift", the last gift. Learning life: work, money, friendship, learning, dilemma, family, laughing, dreams, giving, gratitude, and love. Do you truly know how to learn? Jason, any process worth going through will get tougher before it gets easier. . .

About learning and education: entrance examination, postgraduate study╭╯╯╯╭╭╯╯╯╭╯╯╯╭╭╭╯

People around: Self-health learning work love money

About the story of a friend - the relationship between Lu Yao and Ma Li Good relationship is a beautiful principle of life. Six basic principles of business relationship

People and Society   Friends Lovers Society and Future Topics: Civilization. men and women. marriage. education. political. War and Peace. forgive. test. disaster. Discipline. Spiritual and wealthy. The way husbands and wives get along.

The story will be four wives 1 hell and heaven's advertisement 2 Kangxi medical treatment and Tong Ren Tang 5 nun nun husband, big aunt grandfather 10 happy eight rabbit 11 almost Mr. Chu • Hu Shi • weeds of 12: 15 Xia Yan Zen story: = enlightenment experience in thing 17

[Astrology] Learning and Personality Orientation and Life Choice Learning [Destiny] Life and luck are two words, life is the cause of the past, luck is the future. You borrow me today. 100, I will return 100 tomorrow. Borrowing is "cause" or "fruit." People's past life, the world is a university

In the summer of 2014, I returned to Changchun Jiaotong University after the rain, and it was a long time!   first half of Shanghai has not seen it. After heavy rain in the afternoon, I only caught up after riding out. After the whole body was soaked, the Science and Technology Department finished the work. Then I came out and saw the washed blue sky. It lasted for a short time. Really, the United States is very short-term summer vacation aid program: the old students use the summer to help new students and promote the students of Tibet Jiaotong University, I signed up to Tibet, but did not buy tickets in the Xuanxuan vegetarian shop Changchun high-speed rail from Shanghai to Changchun Tsinghua University There is a bastard:) Xinzhai is the king, the old and new libraries are eight, and the auditorium is the thing that the egg and the FAW are ugly: the trousers of the trousers forget one, and they come home to see the photos. . . Therefore, the photos have been cut off the amateur seat of Changchun Bus. This kind of amateur seat is still very common in Changchun's bus. Shanghai has disappeared from Xu Jinglei. The ideal marriage is of course difficult. It is not necessary to force the Jiaotong Lake.


[Yang Yuanning (Wang Yongqing's granddaughter)] Practice and Harvard talented woman At the   age of 16, Yang Yuanning published 7 children's books, "Dadi Doctor", "No More Fear", "live in silence" In: "Like the Earth", "The Whole Therapy", "Remember Happy", "Laughtering the Old Man", "Industry: One Point, One Point, Harvest", etc. She (16 years old) even talked about "our soul or spirit, no matter what we call it. It is the same. Even if we throw away this flesh, our soul will last forever. The truth is, we are originally beautiful souls. Living in this skinny bag. The inside is infinite light, shining forever."


About the failure:   Valley's two slogans (values): Embrace failure; we are not doing things for money. David Kaplan’s "The Light of Silicon Valley" mentions the two principles of Silicon Valley, "We don't make money" and "We tolerate mistakes", where we allow dreams, encourage innovation, tolerate failure, and inspire entrepreneurship, so It is said that this book presents the past of Silicon Valley, rather than the temperament of Silicon Valley.

From Liu Zhuoyan, 7/17/2014. Topics: find 1. the right magazine, 2. correct Chinese references, 3. paper submission, 4. Impact factor and Q value

 Jiaotong University, July 2014,   University graduation season, Siyuan Gate, Jiaoda Yuhe, Xi Princess, 2014.7.15 Good text, /2012China/20140715/text/   Park Geun-hye, Nebula, 竺可桢 , simple and Zen, Thai electric drive and business use
student gift from Luo Lanxin 2014.6: http://www


First lady: first be a man, then a woman:   Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, "self-reliance and self-improvement" is always necessary. 1. [Invest in yourself] 2. [Be an independent woman] 3. [Charge yourself] 4. [Do a pleasing woman] 5. [Learn tolerance] 6. [Real charm] 7. Learn to balance , flattering] 8. [Wisdom]

Park Geun-hye Slim President   The road I have traveled is different. In college, I dreamed of becoming the main force in the field of electronic science. . . To survive such a painful time and to restore calm is a process of constantly engaging in dialogue with oneself and fighting with oneself. Reading the classical books of the East and West, doing meditation, writing a diary every day, and reviewing yourself, this slowly strengthened the heart. . . . Mr. Feng Youlan's "History of Chinese Philosophy" contains the truth of being a man and the wisdom of overcoming the hardships of life. It has made me realize how to live by myself and how to be kind and upright.

China's military and political reforms have made great progress, and Xi Da has made great efforts.   Grassroots plot Xi Jinping Peng Liyuan Earthing Qi Xi Jinping Chinese Dream: 1 Establishing Faith 2 Grassroots-based Strategy for the People Serving the Essence = Three major problems

Good book recommendation: [China Health Survey Report] (PDF) - Relationship between disease and diet   "Food Company" video: Food Fact Inc Mywritings/foodfacts.html (such as obesity, coronary heart disease, tumors, osteoporosis, etc.) and estrogen comes from the meat, milk, eggs, and fish we consume. In China 20 years ago, these four things seem to be something that rich people often eat. Now they are on the table of the people. Cheap because they are raised in the farm. In the process of growth, in order to make these animals grow very fast, they are beaten with a lot of hormones. ..

2014.6.7 (6, 7, 8, admission to the college entrance examination day)

College entrance examination and postgraduate study. 1 Learning: Preparing yourself] A test of the usual learning and life outcomes during the exam is also the original intention of the examiner and the college to take the exam. So, be prepared first. . . 2 How is the score determined? The normal teacher will give you a passing score of 60 points, as long as you go to class and do homework. . . 3 test guides a) First look at all the questions, use a few 10 seconds. Make a note of a few questions that are difficult to see at first glance. . . 4 exam: psychological tactics] due to psychological factors, low scores, a bit embarrassing, should be avoided. Psychological college entrance examination students = study, exam, life, teacher = education more

▷  Yao Ming, "the lecture." Http://   [1 team] We are together. Responsibility. [2 trust] teamwork, teammates. Trust, ability to stack. [3 Persistence] But what we can choose, the attitude towards the result... Although it will not change your results... but... what will happen in the future... How to face setbacks. This is what we will advocate in our willpower.

About cults. Cults refer to extremist teachings, using unruly things in the name of common religions, such as the violent terror in Xinjiang, the 9/11 incident in the United States, and the collective suicide of 39 people in the United States. These terrorist incidents often come at the expense of the lives of civilians. The perpetrators often endorse the title of "heroing righteousness" and dedication to the Lord. Http://


I am happy with the green sleeves. Green sleeves are ethereal, I am crazy. The green sleeves are far away, my heart is flowing. Green sleeves forever, not my bride.

movie "Bedazzled" is about what most people should dream is? It should be understood that all "get" is to have "house" to accompany, so it is called "willing". Being willing is the balance of yin and yang in life and the "moderate", the wisdom and cleverness of the Chinese. Http://

I walked up and walked forward, In the early 1950s, "The Rural Female Teacher" touched a generation of Chinese youth. At that time, I knew the most noble of the world. The profession is a teacher.

Ω  [Tsinghua] [Peking University] [Fudan] [Jiaotong University] School Song School Motto  Xishan Cang, Donghai Temple, 莘莘学子 come to the distant Datong Temple (yuan2ji1 is Gaosheng), the motherland (Two-way giving) Light, and you must be self-reliant. The first sentence is about China Geography. It is about classmates and young people's rewards, and gathers the essence of the motherland in Beijing. The second sentence is about the common Datongzhi, the motherland, and the service for the Chinese. China also gave the glory of the students, and then, the Heavenly Guardian is effective and self-improvement.

A Tsinghua boy’s four-year life-long filming, half an hour long, time-lapse photography for four years, major landscapes and major life segments in Tsinghua Park, and a letter that was unpacked after he graduated from school. .    [Related Videos] Tsinghua University, USA Stanford University  Tsinghua Video : ▷ In 2013, Tsinghua Library (Yifu Hall) and the old building (walking) were continuously shot. For 20 years, the changes are not too big, and the library is still beautiful. followed the woman to go bike lens ring and beat the main entrance of the main building of Tsinghua FEMALE you Fing at The beautifuls the Follow.    Tsinghua marked buildings: a circle around the auditorium and Tsinghua School shooting, Hebei pupils to visit a group photo along for the ride. Yan Ning Shi Yigong Biological Chemistry Building Museum

my Sohu video pen name "wanted" by the "this" to "think" means, what "this" is the mile, is the 'Road'! Http:// My 56 video pen name is Ranfu , but it is natural, natural, and the meaning of the man is http://i.56. Com/u/km2000us/ My potato video pen name is wisdom eye, wisdoneye, wisdom eye is not the two that grow under the eyebrows, but in the middle of the brain, behind the eyebrows, in front of the brain spoon, is the wisdom of man The door:


2014 May, Orchid, The Bund, AsiaInfo. Seeing so many categories and colors of Clivia, an eye-opener. The orchid has 5 petals, Jiaoda East Gate·Drinking water source. The road drunken gold fans on the Nanjing Road. The night view of the Bund - both sides - late. The Huangpu River last night's drunken fans, the Bund's achievements today is also a contribution to the world civilization world. AsiaInfo will be in Shanghai at 5.20, and the Oriental Pearl Tower will also become fatter, and the light will be more. The color of the Oriental Pearl changes the night view of the Bund + Oriental Pearl TV Jingjing Hall staged "Tibet Sky", recommended! Tibet, the pure land closest to the sky, Qibao Ancient Town. Crystallization of water. Book.

Shanghai Vegetarian Map:


Celebrity's partner and happy family of CCTV beauty anchors  "It looks like this, beauty is good, ugly is good, after all, one sentence, what do I look like? Are you ass?” Yamaguchi Hiroshi and Sanpuyouhe are rare golden boys and girls in the world. Many of the business people have confidantes, Ma Yun and Peng Lei.


2014.4.5 Shanghai Nanhui Tulip Garden·Peking University, Tsinghua Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of Forestry

2014.3.23 Shanghai Jiaotong University Spring 2014 · Two chopsticks holding a moon · Siyuan· and · Tsinghua University and Tibet, and loving   master's graduation dress, blue ecliptic, Ph.D., black red Road, bachelor, black bow ecliptic Yao Ming Chiao Tung University Xuhui campus, old Library Qian Lao, Jiaoda University, and Qing Qing students gathered in Shanghai, because Xu Wei came to Jiaotong University in the spring, orchids open love to come to Shanghai, in the wake of the copper people raining days to fight in Tibet, practice, Cangyang Gyatso, yogananda Fudan Middle School Tibet class, China is in hope Li · Macro World and Micro World. Ppt You love, or don't love me, love is there, no increase or decrease


Zheng Qiang's speech video:   Professor Zheng Qiang of Zhejiang University gave a speech at China University of Petroleum Zheng Qiang of Zhejiang University talked about education “collection” Professor Zheng Qiang gave a lecture on Chinese workers (Learning together) China's strong real hope - Professor Zheng Zheng of Zhejiang University gave a speech to Zheng Daqiang, president of Guizhou University, and went to CCTV to talk about it. Professor Zheng Qiang - Graduate Positioning and Future Development Zheng Qiang Fudan University Speech


▷ 儿 大 大 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍! Http://   Only a senior, graduate soon, on the Spring Festival Evening of the 2014 Year of the Horse, look at the performance on the spot. A person can sing a few times and record several times, but the intention is in harmony with the situation. It is hard to find, but it can be met. This performance in this video is definitely a product, not easy to repeat. Lyrics solution: Engraving the heart of each eyebrow - "The heart can be added in front of the word" in the word, easy to understand, but after adding, the beauty is greatly reduced. The handsome man is not handsome, largely depends on the British spirit between the eyebrows. The heroine's man is obviously handsome in her heart, so it is necessary to "engraving" to express and emphasize. Think through the paintings - this is a very difficult sentence, but wonderful! While painting, I thought about the beauty of their previous life together. I was stained with ink, and thousands of texts were all yellowed - "淌" used well! Good is not good in language. The paintings drawn by the thoughts of Acacia make the paper of history turn yellow, and the description of the thoughts is that time becomes very long, very expressive and indirect beauty.

▷ Xi Da and President Ma celebrate the Year of the Horse, the common realization of the Chinese Dream and the American Dream, the wonderful dubbing and video PS. The speech is from full energy.

Video list in my collections and my shoots:

 Aero Engine


Ω,  do not Kangqiao Xu Zhimo (Northeastern comic version) MP3 fun very much I got the gossip beckoning, grinding the clouds of the West. I stupidly left, as I screamed; I had to sew the sleeves and not take a cloud.

▷  Video funny: Tang Yan in the 21st century, the Buddhist scriptures in the U disk

Ma Yun likes the team with the Eight Precepts, and there is a video to prove: Ma Yun: Take the Eight Precepts also Ba Jie is being teased, there are stories to prove: http://

Almost Mr. passed  · Hu Shi ·   Do you know who is famous in China? Everyone knows this person, he is poor, and he has few names. He is a member of each county and county. ... because he is the representative of the Chinese people.

When the wind hits the waves, there will be time when the clouds sail to the sea. You have fulfilled the promise of life to you. Build a civil servant: Buddha and the devil, who died in order to practice, died for ignorance

1.9-1.16 Shenyang and their sisters and children are together, on the eve of the Spring Festival, and Xiao Xiaoxiaofu in Fushun:


The rich's view of money:   Bill. How does Gates's god, Buffett, spend money? ♋♋ Simple life is not a poor life, but a fashionable ⇨ ♋♋ Video: “The rich do not have the most, but need the least.” ⇨ ♋♋ Li Ka-shing: use one hundred yuan Buy 1 cent

20140104 went to Nantong (Syngenta), interesting words, Jiaoda wall painting, Dali, making people smaller, Huang Kun University gave Yang Zhenning's Qingxin letters, Kong Ming knows the way of the empty way Kong Ming: simple and active poverty http:/ /

Shanghai Jiaotong University 2013-2014 borrowing book: "The Autobiography of a Yoga Walker", "Reading China", "The University's First-Class Road", "Metal Functional Materials", "Invisible Avenue", "Huang Kun's Anthology", "Chinese Five Thousand Years", "Twilight Set", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", "Qi Gong Oral History", "My Father Deng Xiaoping", "Chinese Academician", "Greek Mythology", "Twenty-five Historical Stories", "Famous Masters", "Greek and Roman Mythology", "Don't Make It, NASA", "The Condor Heroes", "The Car of the Gods?", Einstein talks about life, "Foundations of MEMS/", "MEMS and microsystems:", "Physical Heaven", "Qi Gong Tan Yi Lu", "Einstein Biography", "The Realm of Zhuangzi", "Franklin Autobiography", " The Formula of the Universe, "The Day is Heavy in the World", "The Legend of Tian Changlin", "Franklin Biography", "The Future of Oriental Culture and Human Development", "Microsensor", "Yahoo Chieftain - Yang Zhiyuan", "Extraordinary", Liu Yiting Learning and training details, "" Autobiography of Martin Luther King, "" Steve Jobs Biography "...


2013&2014: The end of "News Network" on January 1, 2014 concludes: "2013 loves you forever, 2014 loves you for the first time (harmonic), news network with you, inherits the love and positive energy of a lifetime! More and more Popularity, more "grounded", more affinity and vitality! is


[College entrance examination] At the time of the postgraduate entrance examination, three things in the college entrance examination (postgraduate entrance examination): 1. Try hard to test; 2. The result is heaven, not yours; 3 The college entrance examination is not a good job, and the college entrance examination is not a successful career and life. College Entrance Examination, Life, Choice, Reality, Video: 8090 Post-College Entrance Examination Success Example

#李亚鹏 was exposed violation # Hope QQ to take this headline down! Don't encourage negative energy! I hate this kind of person most, and pass this negative everywhere! Everyone has a deficiency, but using a magnifying glass to find someone else's fault, this profession is shameful! Inferiority and the next three abuses! It is not easy to do charity! Don't report this kind of ignorance! Not saying there is it! It is about the purpose and result of your work! Is positive energy or negative energy! Li Yapeng and Faye Wong, Jet Li, will not do this kind of thing! Can check, but the consequences of this news is just the confidence that people lose good things! There are few people! You said that this is the reason?

Dae Jang Geum and Jackie Chan, who have the same kind of education that the masters use, repeatedly do a seemingly boring movement, understand each other, and let the students realize their own Zen. Video: Jackie Chan trains Kung Fu kid's "attitude". Http:// Attitude is a habit, and a good work attitude is the wealth and benefits of a lifetime. This kind of training may seem stupid, not very clever, but it is a basic wisdom.

Jiaojie President Zhang Jie 2013: Self-cultivation, cultivation, and study: [At this moment, you may very much expect me to tell you what to do at the university to be successful. But I want to tell you that success is actually the most difficult concept to define in the world. Its connotation and extension vary from person to person. And,... 】 

Harvard girl Liu Yiting: After Harvard graduated, he is still looking for direction. What is the success of Liu Yiting? Is it Harvard?

Eighteen children are sixteen and a half years old. My wife told me that my son likes a female classmate. "Son, come over." "Oh, Dad, is there something?" "Recently, I am jealous of you, like a worries, a look of uncertainty, something to worry about?" "??" bowed, frank, blushing. "Hah, this is a good thing, indicating that my son is interested in people, the orientation is normal, and Dad is relieved." "Dad,??"        More:

Clinton and Hillary’s approach to educating children. Children who do housework from an early age do not need them, but are good to them. The children will eventually be children, they will always fly away like a bird, and they will always fly. Http://

Do you truly know how to learn? Jason, any process worth going through will get tougher before it gets easier. That makes learning a gift, even the pain is your teacher. Life shall be lived not avoiding problems, but welcoming them as challenges to strengthen us so that we can be victorious in the future.

几个 Several basic lessons to learn in life: work Money, friendship, learning, dilemma, family, laughing, dreams, giving, gratitude, and love. Should a person's life get something? A billionaire is a huge sum of money left to his descendants, or he has to teach her various values. It is worthwhile to get this series of gifts in life. They are more than Billion money is more important. Good movies, especially for educating children. Movie clip: The ultimate gift, also has the translation of "The ultimate gift", the last gift. Learning life: work, money, friendship, learning, dilemma, family, laughing, dreams, giving, gratitude, and love.Http://

☀ Be yourself: My childhood thoughts about success are different now. I think, when I grow up, I want to be famous, to be a star, to be a movie. When I grow up, I want to travel around the world, start a car, I have to have my own fans (groupies). But now my view of success has changed. When you grow up, you will understand that the definition of success will change. Today, for you to come, success is to drink twenty glasses of spirits. For me, the most important thing is to be true to yourself, to be a complete self, not to change yourself because of the pressure of others, and to be unable to seek for it. Be honest, sympathetic, and contribute a little. Finally, summarize my summary: follow your heart and be true to yourself. Http://


▷ Uploaded video on Potato 56 Sohu QQ (more than 100)

▷  Video series: 金字塔 Pyramid sound system, very creative, right? West Lake Water Fountain Music - Beautiful Hangzhou West Lake Night Scene, Smart Fountain, Beautiful Music West Lake Water Fountain Music - Daytime Scene, HD, January 15th, 2013, Fireworks like no money

▷  My videoshows: China water music fantacy (compete Disney, and, it is toally free to the public) , water dancing with music patterns. China water music fantacy at day time, HD shoot, water dancing with music patterns. Crazy firework like the money is free air. My creative diamond audio system. It can rotate. Fancy, isnt it?

▷  (The coolest Christmas video to a friend) #最期待的礼物礼物# Give you a (video, crazy American Christmas outside Christmas) Christmas Night New Year Mansion Dynamic Music and Light System, USA Mycollections/Xmas.html

Chinese university library (Tsinghua University of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Dalian University of Technology, North China North Post) : libraries of various places and schools. Studying in the library 'the moment' your space 'is your home' is so big 'wide' free 'free' your possession 'rich' is more rich than any luxury mansion and luxury luxury is a kind Kuan Shu's positive energy field 'You are rich in her' is the compensation for the school and the money. I remember more.


2013.12.21 Shanghai Jiaotong University Teaching and Learning Seminar, Poster of Teaching and Learning at Shanghai Pudong Shahai International Hotel, Shanghai Xujiahui Electronic Ball (photographed by car) 10 meters diameter color display Christmas 2013: http://km2000. Us/myphotos/2012China/20131221/ Dorms have pillows and large quilts and sound frames, Jiaotong North Commercial Housing : ¥34 for 21m^2, Tibet, Xiucheng, Cangyang Gyatso, yogananda, my son was caught driving, Stanford rogue , coating technology. Zhou Yu’s story of playing Huang Gai, for China.

2013# Year-end Summary #The climate is not normal, there are many natural disasters. What bad things have we done for the earth? More:

#宿舍里养宠物# Why did Lang Aunt who went to the door go? [Wolf grandmother and wolf aunt] The university's female dormitory, which is called the Panda Pavilion by the boys, is taken care of by several vulgar old ladies. They are called wolf grandmothers, young and awkward aunts. One day after school, the boy Lin asked: I heard that the wolf grandmother wolf and grandmother, what is it? "A sissy boy answered: "Why did you go when you were a child, fairy tale

# genetically modified food, do you eat? #不吃The reason and method of identification are here:


Was Wang Fei left? Where did Faye Wong go? Http:// [In order to find "love"] That true love belongs to the love of God. Divine love - perfect love tastes true love to abandon cheap love. [Mother who has not given birth to me] People who practice do know what it means. He refers to the Virgin! Our spirit and soul are his sons. The mother of the world is a tool. We must not only love her but also love Him!

The method of practice   [The ladder of practice] The first step is the amateur class, including internal repair and external repair. Internal repair is to read good classics, such as the Bible, such as the Buddhist scriptures, to get good energy and blessings. Internal repairs also include faith and religion, faith in Buddhism, Christianity, and so on. External repair is life, life perception, motivation, positive energy, optimism, generosity, and so on. The second step is to find a Shiming teacher who has the power to pass the Fa, and rely on him to practice. This is professional. 

Jiaojie President Zhang Jie 2013: Self-cultivation, cultivation, and study: [At this moment, you may very much expect me to tell you what to do at the university to be successful. But I want to tell you that success is actually the most difficult concept to define in the world. Its connotation and extension vary from person to person. Moreover, if everything you do is for the so-called success, then you will inevitably miss out on success. Therefore, on the first day of your true entry into the university, we will not talk about success, but only talk about being a person, how to be an independent, wise, indifferent to fame and fortune, noble and noble, a human with a serious critical spirit and warmth. A person with feelings. 】 

Harvard girl Liu Yiting: After Harvard graduated, he is still looking for direction. What is the success of Liu Yiting? Is it Harvard?

Negative energy food: Negative energy food will not only bring us negative health, but also bring us negative psychology. We can enjoy life, but don't build on the cruelty of other lives, because then the atmosphere will be very different.

Vegetarians don't have to influence social interaction. No need to treat #Vegetarian# as a doctrine or belief, vegetarianism is a kind of consciousness, a tendency, a fashion attitude to life, Now in the supermarket, we buy some What? You can prefer to buy more vegetables. Go out to meet friends, you can eat more vegetarian dishes; order a good table, you can choose vegetarian dishes to eat; a plate of comprehensive cooking, you can sandwich the meat side dishes. . . In short, there are attitudes and methods, all of which are chosen for the happiness index.

#当一我是大叔# Big book auntie sentiment: I understand that life is a life of practice   understand the life, life should not only have sweetness, bitterness and spicy is also necessary. Life is a study and practice; life is not to pursue the pyramid, but to find a balance.

#盘点2013# 2013 热词:霾 The three major climate highlights of 2013 are the smog of nature, a vigilance of nature to the Chinese people! In fact, the factory has been poisoning the atmosphere, because God has been blowing, and did not blow this year, so the pollution has been left. but! but! People should not poison the atmosphere! Worldwide, only China


Today is #国际志愿者日#, #志愿者# English is Volunteer. Volunteers belong to a luxury realm of life, that is, communist laborers, Lei Feng-like staff. Http:// Service and labor don't want money, because the money is enough. When your clothes, food, shelter, and transportation are met, the service becomes your own job, and it is not good to lose your job. Today's news broadcast (2013.12.5) is also very powerful. In China's current society, volunteers are increasing because many people can make a good extravagance.

2013 hot words: 霾   Three major climate highlights in 2013 The smog is a reminder of nature's gift to the Chinese people! In fact, the factory has been poisoning the atmosphere, because God has been blowing, and did not blow this year, so the pollution has been left. The world is only smog like China! Funny video: High temperature broadcast + 2013 霾, 10 meters no see

Understand the life is beautiful life is a practice   understand the life, life should not only have sweet taste, bitter and spicy is also necessary. Life is a study and practice; life is not to pursue the pyramid, but to find a balance.

Marriage and Marriage   [Why in the church? This is actually an attitude of the West towards marriage: marriage, is a promise in front of God, [Why do many intellectual women appreciate the movie "Jane Eyre"? When I was studying in Tsinghua, there were many girls who liked to read Jane Eyre and would look at it several times. [Calf and flowers]... Or if he has no weaknesses, you are ashamed every day. [Marriage is a promise and responsibility] As for two people to try and marry together, but involving abortion, involving the third party's lack of seriousness, [business marriage] marriage is not an airplane, but a train, there is a railroad [Premarital sex] Marriage and love are two different things in life, marriage and love, like apples and oranges, they are just different fruits, different sweetness 


Dealing with boring life: teach you some methods, raise a dog, be good for it, choose your favorite when picking a dog, keep a dog according to the way the pet shop teaches you, or plant some plants, read some joke books Some cartoons, or people who need help in society. If you fill your time, you won’t think about it. When you are tired and lie down every night, you will feel full. 

Dialogue between A and B: A. The lavender seeds I bought should be placed in a sachet to reveal the aroma. B. Just buy a pair of socks and separate one. Who is AB?
AB Fenfang continued: A. What about the other socks? Don't waste? B. And the last one of the washing machine is the same. "Ha ha ha."

Is life a plane or a train?

The damage is also relative, because the air is not open because the air is not open, so the air of the package is very good, because the fresh air of the trees and the lake is also here, good taste! But 霾(Haze) is not a good thing (he ran away with Gary Locke (Jokes)), Shanghai Haze Video:

The mobile phone reduces our sense of expectation, shortens our sense of subtlety, makes us a low level of happiness, and is a joke of Job's deception, because he said, stay hungry stay foolish, and his iPhone has taken people away. This hunger is thirsty. Recalling the good experience of the past, good scenes, sea, sky, sea of ​​clouds


Happy life of body and mind health = happiness of physical and emotional satisfaction: self-realization of happiness at the social level: spirituality and self-transcendence:

How to identify genetically modified foods? Http://   the supermarket to see clearly: Barcodes starting with "8" are genetically modified products! ☆ Reasons for not eating genetically modified foods ☆ The harm of genetically modified foods starts with "3" and "4" On behalf of this crop is planted by traditional methods; if it is five and starts with "9", it is an organic product; if it starts with "8", it is a genetically modified food . 8 at the beginning of the 5 digit code is not to buy genetically modified products


#学生堕胎免免# Abortion is a lifelong injury to a woman: it will have a big negative number for your future happiness index. Sex must be based on love. Http:// But for 8090, you must know that .. should be avoided. It not only brings a kind of pain to girls, it feels like you have made a feeling of betraying friends. If you don’t have a plan to get your child and get married, try to avoid pregnancy.

In China's modern history, will not speak of their contribution to the Chinese nation, Lin Biao, Deng Xiaoping, Mao and Chiang Chow, who are a lot of flavor criticize Lin It is an honour for the brothers to criticize Lin Biao and Confucius together. The so-called arrogance and self-denial and re-enactment are the teachings of Confucius, who has been obeyed by Lin Biao. When I heard the news of Lin Biao's death, Zhou Enlai, the Premier of the State Council in the Great Hall of the People, almost burst into tears in his life, and he was crying for more than 20 minutes. The Chiang Kai-shek across the strait also shed tears of tears. This is actually the plot of his comrades. Mr. Mao is also a long time old, going out of the ideological battle, everyone is a hero, can be friends.


Shanghai Jiaotong University's "traffic" meaning: heaven and earth hand over all things, is for transportation, is the "Thai" in the Yijing: the Thai, the representative of the change, Live, life, like 曰: the sea is above the big sky, the sky and the sea are connected, and the vitality is vivid.

Comparing the life of China and the United States in 2013, the return and retention of American returnees? Http:// Xiao'ao   and Gary Locke's WeChat dialogue talked about the positive and negative of the American returning people + - law, why are there more men than women? If you choose China, you must have enough motivation and positive balance. China is not perfect, but it is the fastest growing land in the world today. In many developed countries, there is no vitality. Like the "No" of Yijing, the sky is on the top, the ground is on the bottom, and it is extremely in place, but there is no change, no vitality, so it is called "no".

Song: A person who does not practice is like a piece of walking fat, Jet Li: Why do I practice Faye Wong's way of learning Buddha,

[Wolf grandmother and wolf aunt] The university's female dormitory, which is called the Panda Pavilion by the boys, is taken care of by several vulgar old ladies. They are called wolf grandmothers, young and awkward aunts. One day after school, the boy Lin asked: I heard that the wolf grandmother wolf and grandmother, what is it? "A sissy boy answered: "Why did you go when you were a child, the fairy tale has not been read?" Lin said with a low voice, a serious saying: "I went to high school. I know that there are fairy tales like this.” The students laughed and said that you are too happy to talk.

Once upon a time, fantasy took enough money to go home to support the elderly. . but. . It’s boring. . . You will think of what the Soviet foreign devils once said, "Labour is a glory, and labor makes people noble." Http://    .. China's cultural heritage is very far-reaching. The Chinese speak of work and speak more often. Labor is a part of life. From 1840 to 1978, the Chinese and foreign wars, the culture was almost gone..

Having said that, you talked to 8090 about labor not for the sake of name, not for money, it seems to be earlier. . . There is no reason not to understand young, because my door is so coming, it is ridiculous, so most middle-aged bosses are tolerant of young people. Http://

Life and death are just two commas     Life is a straight line, the known part is between two points of life and death, and the part outside these two points is still Unknowable and invisible; if a person can understand the unknowable part of life, this life is like a long sentence without a comma.

People's past lives: Before birth, there were past lives and there were lives in front. Birth is just a connection point, a continuation of your past tense. For example, if you drive a car, your life is not this car. The purpose of driving you is before the car. It will be in the past life. If you think about it, Zen and Buddhism ask who I am. It is said that the predecessor of the nebula master is the Yulin national teacher of the Qing Dynasty. The Taiwanese drama "The Love of the World" Reincarnated Love also understands the reason of love. More

The future will be linked to the UFO system. UFO is flying without sound, is it a god horse? Everyone who knows physics knows that Niu San (Newton's third law) is the basic principle of advancement. The basic method is now a rocket, very primitive and very superficial mechanical method. Einstein’s field theory played halfway, and there was no conclusion or result. What about the future scientific revolution?


The meaning of work - we work for what [The essence of work] The story of work in "Zhuangzi": [Soviet people: labor is a glory] They like to work, is In order to work on its own, although objectively speaking, [Americans] work = mechanical, efficiency, money, wealth, and enjoyment. . . Ok? [The essence of work is not money] Contemporary education, Western and Chinese contemporary, tend to focus on skills, focus on making a living, and focus on money. [Work is a kind of practice] A question that should be included in our existing education system: Work is an experience, and life is a practice.

What is a good job? Negative money because they are "negative money." There are many times when rich people are not happy because they buy "negative" happiness. Http://

What is your dream job? A persistent passion is the key for your dream job. Like Steve Jobs and Bill Gate said, " .... Why We Work?



I am  moved, a cry, a positive energy. Video: Xia Dan and Gao Yuxin: Love is really good   [Looking for the most beautiful filial piety awarding ceremony] 20131108 Yu Xin Xia Dan

#咱们结婚吧# #结婚# The real meaning is more:   Now some people are fashionable and get married in the church. This is actually a Western attitude towards marriage: marriage *, is a promise before God, it is more than we receive a marriage certificate to the sacred,

▷  why a lot of knowledge of women enjoy the movie "Jane Eyre"? Http://   "Jane Eyre" fragment. When I was studying in Tsinghua, there were many girls who liked to read Jane Eyre and would look at it several times. At that time, it was a reason to learn English, but for girls, it was not the only one.

The essence of marriage is balance, not the best No one wants to marry a saint, because he doesn't need it for you, or that he has no weakness, you are ashamed every day. Two people must be in need of each other to have a reason to be together. There is no demeaning saint and no money transaction. Here is the basic psychological requirements of human beings. Isn’t this the case?

Marriage is a serious matter, not a casual thing. Marriage is a commitment and responsibility As for two people to try marriage, take care, not involved in children, miscarriage, third party's not serious, as a prelude to marriage In the present East and West, it is all recognized and human. However, involving abortion, involving the third party’s lack of seriousness, should be prohibited.


Sunshine is full of roads, and this "full" and "road" are used well. When the sun is full, there is no time for black, has positive energy, negative energy has no position, how good. Road, representing a walking process, not an instant pleasure and happiness, happiness is a process, not a pursuit of a fruit. Ideals, dreams, goals, just define a direction, reach it, celebrate, and go forward. Happiness is a state of mind, not a substance.

Life should not only be sweet, roses are stinging Sweet is bitter, "Stay hungry, Stay foolish" has the meaning of initiative It is to actively hungry, because this state brings a good sense of well-being. For example, when you are hungry, your head is fragrant. You will be very grateful to the person who gave you the money. When you are hungry, the feeling of fragrant and grateful comes out. The good feeling comes out. This is Actively hungry Zen. The relationship between sweet and bitter is like this.

Practice represents positive energy. The process of getting meat and milk is too bitter. It is full of pain and negative psychological energy. The opposite of the energy of meat and practice, the practice adds negative energy, it is a step back, http:/ / Maybe more than one step. Now that there is more depression, this is the truth. The process of getting meat and milk is too bitter. Full of pain and negative mental energy. People eat it, and for a long time, there is no mental illness. You are not good to your loved ones, family, abuse them, your results, your mood will not be good, this is the feeling of more than 99% of people.

21st Century Westward Journey:'s Letter: A Letter from Tang Yin to Sun Wukong Bone Bone to Sun Wukong's Letter Sun Wukong's Letter to Bai Gujing's 93 Years Old Humorous Collection · 1993 - 1994 Reading materials during study abroad, Ge You three things Mao Zedong talks about how to make cats eat chili · Hu Shi · Almost Mr. Chuan · Tuya · Deer reading into the toilet


Homepage modification: Why are there more people talking about vegetarian food now? Click on the reason you care about (click to touch you most) Health | | Melancholy | Practice vegetarianism is not a doctrine, nor a monk, no need to be in one step, it is an attitude , a kind of freedom, a kind of living law that does not owe money, a timely choice. Vegetarian is like a hobby, like football. Vegetarian food can be delicious Chinese vegetarian restaurant

Ω North Country Spring Qianchangfu - mp3 Pavilion white birch leisurely blue sky slightly south of the wind magnolia blossoms on the hills of the Northland Springs North Spring has come to the city I do not know the season change I do not know the season The changed mother is still sending a parcel to send the cold clothes to the winter.

Xi Jinping 's Chinese Dream: 1 Establishing Faith 2 Grassroots-based Strategy for Governing the Country 3 Repairing for the Officials - Serving the People for the Nature = Three Major Issues

God Buddha image, map, wonderland, ancient saints avatar into Wonderland (audio simulation) Wonderland (audio simulation) Buddha's picture · Practical gorgeous gorgeous clock swf · bus Simulation · Beautiful dynamic lotus flower swf Chinese and foreign ancient and modern practice history subsets, books (free download), Jing, Chuan, say, 轶 /jing/  


The Chinese National Millennium Summary

[2012 - 2020] 18th: Wealth is equalized and ecological health is built. Scientific development, balanced progress
[2000 - 2012] 16th: Let some people get rich first, Xiaokang, first to accumulate wealth
[1978 - 2000] 11th: Xiao Ping Zemin era, ramping, paving
[1949 - 1978] China The end of liberation + class struggle
[1840 - 1949] The Chinese Civil War in which foreigners participated
[Spring and Autumn - Qing Dynasty] The cycle of civil war and reconstruction within China
[? - 尧舜] The early Chinese peach blossom communist society

▷ Cartoon Chinese leadership election process: China's current best ▷  1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, China has undergone another great transformation since 1949, The Chinese Renaissance begins

▷  CCTV [Video] The most beautiful "village official" Qin Yufei - the hope of the future official of China, the Yale students who will return to zero - return to zero - people who can touch the sky at the same time Html

Stay hungry, Stay foolish   Jobs: Stanford Speech 2005. At the end of the speech, the words "Stay hungry, Stay foolish" are given to all the listeners who are staying   here. They have the initiative to be active, stupid, active and hungry, sometimes, this It is a state that can be met and not demanded, because this state brings a good sense of well-being. For example, when you are hungry, your head is fragrant. You will be very grateful to the person who gave you the money. When you are hungry, the feeling of fragrant and grateful comes out. The good feeling comes out. This is Actively hungry Zen. Some 8090s who did not take the initiative to "hungry" did not feel fragrant and grateful because they did not understand the charm of Stay hungry. Zen is indeed subtle, but Zen does work in life.


Ma Yun: It is a chaotic world! Http:// whole; resource integration! Borrow; shipbuilding is better than crossing the river by ship. Learn; change; to change your pocket, you must change your head! Success is the first step in three steps is choice, the second step is persistence, the third step is to insist that today is cruel, tomorrow is beautiful, the day after tomorrow is better, most people die tomorrow night, can't see the sun of the day after tomorrow. The circle is right, your life is right, the person who is close to the black, the person who is successful in the near Zhu can be able to modify the method numerous times, but never give up the target. The unsuccessful person always changes the goal, that is, does not change the method.

▷  laugh laugh video thing they laugh energy can be transmitted with each other, so-called same-sex attraction to bring happiness laughing energy energy energy transmission is laughing, live dubbing creative [2013] Year - "High Temperature Networking" Spoof transliteration Vietnamese version - getting crazy, burning hand-carved heroes biography Vietnamese version video: girlfriend's hand is a mouse. He was crazy at the Silicon Valley workplace. . . Telephone thrown beer mug for the woman installed a telegraph pole tease: Australian airport security guy strip tease mainland China Unicom toilet McDull imitate Stephen Chow Library Classification Leaders Ledder Funny 

▷  good deeds children are video positive Positive energy energy can be transmitted to each other. The so-called same-sex attraction positive energy brings happiness energy. The transmission of positive energy is a responsibility, the responsibility of people living. 


The news broadcast in place of the program , the delivery of Tsinghua should be like this! News Network tonight (20131021) Some good programs, Gao Yuxin, a high school student from Heilongjiang, helped her mother to sell food for the sake of life at the end of the day. There was no delay in learning. The total test was first, and there was fear of being laughed by classmates. However, CCTV reported that losing face became a good thing and will be recommended to Tsinghua in the future. The principal will approve her. Good boy! CCTV has also done a good deed, this news report is very in place!

#转基因食品# It is said that the promoted scientists are the shareholders of the genetically modified company. Their words contain their interests, is it credible? The problem of genetic modification is not a scientific problem. ta is to use the human body to do experiments. The question in China is: Are we short of food? ... more:


In October   2013, Tsinghua revisited the place after 20 years. In 2013, the Tsinghua Library (Yifu Hall) and the old building (walking) were continuously shot. Twenty years, the change is not too big, Tsinghua University landmark buildings: the auditorium and Tsinghua Academy around a circle, Hebei pupils to take a group photo to join in the fun. The main building, the old-fashioned Tsinghua school motto No. 9 building, the university’s former residence in the eight-restaurant stadium for one or two years, is now the gymnasium Tsinghua’s several donation buildings Tsinghua East Gate, the main school gate Shuimu Tsinghua, Tsinghua’s garden Tsinghua’s Party Central Party Central The garden and the reception room were in the place where they fell in love with the Tsinghua University and the Second Tsinghua Library (Yifu Hall) and the old museum (walking). Building No. 15 is still living. The dining hall of Tsinghua, which was occupied by graduate students, is called the XX Garden XX, and it has become the place where the XX Academy was practicing in the morning (before the main building).

Beihang (BUAA), Beiyou (BUPT) Comrade Xiaoping's warm family and life, very lucky. Beihang North Post and School Training Qigong Book of Beijing Normal University's school motto is also a force? China's Google night photo Lin Shuzhen's first high school transcript Beijing vegetarian restaurant distribution (2009) Comrade Xiaoping, the warm family of the Chinese people's son


This year's eleventh, many people traveled, and they all went to places where there were few people, Changbai Mountain, Langzhong, and the International Exhibition Center. . . Very pleasant.

▷  Video: Steve.Jobs.and.Bill.Gates at D5 Talk about the conditions of success video with Chinese and English letters: Steve.Jobs.and.Bill.Gates at D5 Do you truly know how to learn? Jason, any process worth going through will get tougher before it gets easier.

▷  郭德纲·Scientist·Dream God won? The director of life is God, success, God has the final say

English dictation: Do you truly know how to learn? Jason, any process worth going through will get tougher before it gets easier. That makes learning a gift, even the pain is Our teacher shall be lived not avoiding problems, but welcoming them as challenges to strengthen us so that we can be victorious in the future.


▷  This Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 9.11-9.18, California trip, Pudong aircraft landing process, 2013 Mid-Autumn Festival return to Air China, Pudong Airport take-off and aerial photography, Boeing 747 takes off in Shanghai Pudong, Pudong Airport, 2013 visit to the United States: San Francisco Airport Monorail, USA PaloAlto California Street Morning, 2013 US Driving - Mountain View - September 18th, American Church American Bus California McDonald's , United States refueling domestic friends: the United States refueling full buffet, California street homes California famous redwood trees, longevity up, the United States highway, the United States 2013 San Francisco highway driving, road view, Mid-Autumn Festival to Mindy home guest see the moon? It started very early in San Francisco Airport 2013.9.18, aerial photography over San Francisco, blue sky and wings, aerial photography over Japan, Japan's distant mountain aerial photography Japan's Mount Fuji, Jinqiu, is very spectacular, Shanghai Jiaotong University Lotus Lake opened to welcome new students, Shanghai Jiaotong University freshmen Lotus 2013.9 Shanghai Jiaotong University Opening Ceremony Speech Shanghai Court, like the US Congress, 2013 American Driving - Mountain View - Morning IMG_4237 Machine stop - San Francisco Airport autumn 2013 Shanghai Pudong landing the whole process of returning to Mid-2013 aerial Shanghai Jiaotong Lotus Lake to open in San Francisco over the aerial welcome students 2013.9.18

▷  The summer of 2013 was extremely hot, and humans should pay attention. [Pay] Funny Video: [Creative Dubbing] 2013 - "High Temperature Broadcasting" 


The latest update on September 8, 2013: Vegetarian in Shanghai vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai, 7 Mr., 597, Yuyuan, Xujiahui, Jing'an Temple, Jade Buddha Temple. . .


In August 2013, I returned to Changchun. In the middle of the night, and Xiaowei, and the big 舅 舅 舅 舅 驴 , 它 它 它 它 它 它 它 它 它 它 它 它 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园 田园The hot gas burns the water and the graves of the grandfather and the priests. They have been very good at why the apples are so boring, because the apples without the sun are not covered with paper, there is sunshine, delicious Changchun: Changchun FAW, the Communist Youth League Garden, the home Memory of the Changchun Geological Palace and the squatting niece (that is, the roadside children:)


Liu Rumei Xiaoguangda Shanghai Tour, Shanghai Jiaotong University Botanical Garden Lotus Pool, Shangfa and Jiaotong University, Jiaotong University Bridge and Water, 2013 Jiaotong University Graduation Season (end of July), students wearing graduation gowns, Wayo sent Casa De Luz photos  


Practice makes life beautiful. Http:// With the eyes of practice, the same substance or thing, you see more than others. Just like having a microscope, the same surface has a lot of things inside. The surface has not changed, but things have increased.

There is a new film "Beijing Youth", which tells the story of re-going youth after 8090, similar to the feeling of practice. Http:// external possession has not changed, but because of your inner change, the world has changed and become beautiful. There are poems to prove: How many people live but die like...

Jobs and Bill Gates, born and retired, marked the opening and closing of the computer age. Http:// Two people are cherished, it is a rare competitive friendship. Two people have also witnessed the personal charm and soul of the so-called business. Without them at Apple and Microsoft, the two companies do not know how much work is still attractive.

▷  This Zhu Jun Peng Liyuan Art Life (2001): The endless learning + the days of ordinary people are so over push the back map to the Chinese 21st century language 日: 日月丽天群Haze suit - Hu Wen; Bai Ling to the double feathers four feet - double feathers for the habit, Bai Ling for the Yuan

▷  This CCTV1 live broadcast:

▷  This Liao Zhi: dancing in a wheelchair - a strong and strong by healthy people -" two legs amputation - "stand up and dance -" and dance in a wheelchair . Another kind of sublimation of "strong" is a strong transmission of heart. Video 2: Liao Zhi Yang Zhigang: Who helped who in the end: Unwilling to be dragged down is a habit. I feel that people with disabilities will drag their dance scores, but they don't expect to get a dance with Liao Zhi and get energy in their hearts. . .


The karma is a kind of learning   . . Often a bitter fruit, this fruit allows us to learn

Jing'an Temple vegetarian, young teacher's apartment, Xujiahui Jiaotong University, micro-nano hospital, China, Xujiahui Shanghai Jiaotong University near vegetarian sushiChina.htmlDalian Changchun Vegetarian


[] Adhere to the ideals of success in life is personally the words dream , is a target, only one direction, here with "only" has a double meaning. . . Persistence is actually made. Maybe God is always making jokes about us, maybe he is taking exams and tests. . . Sometimes I really can't stand it, what? But after the rain has cleared, it feels really good tama ! Celebrity celebrity who insists on ideals: Ma Yun, Liao Zhi, Xia Dan, Steven Jobs . . .

▷  This video expresses what I want to say. I don’t know how to talk about it. I waited until I watched this video. Liao Zhi, the girl of this video, she told me how it feels: grateful! She spoke very well. Compared with her, my strength is much worse. I don't really get much pain, but I feel unlimited patronage and grace. Sending this video is also a thank you. Http://


▷  Liu Yang Liu Yang real, real people, ordinary and well-known distance, and have lost the strengthening of interaction, how to get Thanksgiving. Http:// 

Yan Ning Science is a small harbor with a chaotic life, doing things seriously, being free to be a person 

▷  Li Na’s emotions are true and kind. True temperament: I am a wife of a family 

▷  Ouyang Xia Dan is responsible for your choice, negative emotions are allowed, but still have to walk actively, Xia Dan interview highlights 

▷  Video: Ma Yun’s 48-year-old retired speech, people are alive for work, work is life 

▷  Success - Be Yourself - Video: Public figures who achieve self and transcend themselves 

▷  Be yourself - be loyal to our hearts === inspirational movie: Life · success · happy


2013.4.25 - 2013.5.1 You Pudong, Xujiahui, Xujiahui Catholic Church, wedding car, BMW and Hummer, Jiaoda University, Sanqi Tea (METRO at the intersection of Hongmei Road and Humin Road), near Pudong Shanghai Science and Technology Park http:/ /


2013.4.22 China National Travel Service ¥120 Hangzhou Tour, 2013 Last Rain Tea 

▷ New name: Mingxin, my new , potato video [HD HD] Huangpu River Night Boat + Oriental Pearl + Hangzhou West Lake Lake dance, music lake, taken in 2013 Ching Ming Festival + HD original 13-minute continuous fireworks (fierce, long, high-rise shooting, 2013 fifteen) [Potato video] Firework glorious in China, Changchun, Jilin Province + Hangzhou-Shanghai high-speed rail, overtaking, 300km/h + Shanghai on the Bund Point Oriental Red - Oriental Pearl Night View + Water Dance of Hsihu Lake in China,


In 2013, Qingming went to Hangzhou West Lake Lingyin


2013 April Fool's Day in Shanghai Bund, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Yuyuan, Bund's day and night contrast, Yuyuan's vegetarian diet


Ω children's song: quiet summer + small dimples   + MissA Ningxia + Qinglan 00 after the beautiful piano + children's sound standard sing + MissA show wisdom singing quiet summer Li Tingru


315 big bargains:   atomic bomb-like popcorn fireworks (13th night of 2013)   1200x720 HD pyrotechnic video, high-density shot, cowpea-like loud, intense, dense. It bloomed on January 15, 2013.   Lohas Video: Luxury fireworks, up to 13 minutes, costing millions, intensive, ringing


Sunshine Road ~Hug it, cactus says ~ Embrace life, just like embracing God. ~ God loves me~ Love is bitter, love is blessing, sunshine is full of heart. Where the sun shines, there is enlightenment.

▷ Ω 俺 芬 :: The years are not brilliant, the years are not vicissitudes, the years are fragrance. Xiao Song Jia, still not married, can also perform the affection "like the fragrance", played well! "Goodbye Fragrance" TV series, full of positive energy, the vicissitudes of life as a fragrance, reflecting the beauty of "love." In fact, this is not necessarily the actor himself is good-looking, it is "love", not just physical. Sum up the speech, the feeling of love is really good.


Ω song: a quiet summer. Left: After the 涩 00 00 beautiful piano: children's sound standard sing right: MissA show wisdom sing   cute child doll child [multi- atlas Jin ] http://km2000. Us/mycollections/children/ Children and pets have a tempting simplicity, without any cleverness.


❖ Career and love, office relationship (floating and sinking)   ❖ professional behavior and personal complex (Luo Jiahui) ❖ workplace behavior and personal friendship (Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek) In the world of business I can kill you, but it does not mean that I dont love you or respect you. ~ Mexico Latin proverb

[The more positive energy we have, the healthier we have] The higher our consciousness and energy, the more power we have. We exude positive, positive energy and listen to the inner voice. Positive energy people are closer to cosmic consciousness, positive energy determines each person's future development and destiny! The materialism of modern society and the uneven distribution of wealth urgently require positive energy.

乡村 Country love, from the first to the sixth, from 2000 to 2013. Ten years:   "Ten years: people's changes, village changes, changes in values. In China, China's changes = rural changes. From the town love 1 to love 6, seeing the changes in China, China is good!  

▷ 【图】Love is on the left, sympathy is on the right “Love is on the left, sympathy is on the right, walking on both sides of life, sowing at any time, flowering at any time, will make this path long distance The flowers are dotted with the fragrance, so that the pedestrians wearing the stalks of the stalks, walking on the thorns, do not feel pain, tears can fall, but not sad." ~ Bing Xin ~


Omega Canon's different performance highlights: Pahai Bell-Khanom MP3 Highlights. Cannon, the soul of the soul, from the soul of the sound. 7 different performances.

▷ Tomorrow - the sun will shine:

  • Wj to bullet the worries, trip, empty, anxiety

  • Time will kill every worry in the end

  • God will surprise you

  • Play life seriously

  • The sun will not light till it clears. the sun will not appear when the cloud ...

  • Spiritual shower,

▷ [Tired and cool Play the life seriously] Tension is tired, not necessarily the "tight" of the body and time. Because of the psychological role at the beginning, the sense of gain and loss is too heavy. After the time, the Qing dynasty becomes the atmosphere, and when you return to yourself, it will loosen the "tiredness" of the body and time, the so-called "hard work", and enjoy the feeling of "tightness and looseness" in the "tension". Video: Ouyang Xia Dan's early North drift - a lot of North drift's common life course. After putting it down, cool! Http:// By that time, in the eyes of outsiders, no matter how hard and tired you seem, you seem to be full of energy and happiness.

Weibo: [China · Taiwan · World · Democracy , Prosperity and Happiness] China is now greater than > Taiwan , World , and Democracy. Prosperity and happiness are all, and chaos is because the United States is sick. American democracy has caused serious acclimatization in Taiwan. In the past ten years of democracy, it has led to political party struggles and a serious economic downturn. Even today, the highest political figures in Taiwan are still concerned about the strong leader of the people's livelihood, Mr. Jiang Jingguo. Http://

▷ 56 inspirational video Ranfu: Film Critic: Romantic Naihe Bridge West. Water has thoughts, .. like, but not sure to own. Eight rabbit Hayao Miyazaki fire train Doll House Seeing his day... Interview with the Sun and God Why polar bears don't eat penguins... Inspirational Movies  / Play: 10377 Successful People  / Play: 1457 Music  / Play: 22 US  / Play: 108

Keywords: Tomorrow - the sun will shine [play life seriously] The sun will not light till it clears. Spiritual shower [Worried about the future] [" Tired" and cool] God will flood you with whatever deserves.


▷ Positive Psychology, Harvard University Open Class: Happiness Class (good English, Chinese subtitles) Happiness is the relationship between inner happiness and meditation practice  : BK Shivani (To Understanding English) Happiness is an inner attitude. Videos: perfect Harvard English, rich vocabulary, dual subtitles.

Video: Indian Girl Guru, BK Shivani (in English) Happiness is attitude Happiness and spiritual    Harvard Video: Happiness and meditation Video: Happiness is an inner attitude of happiness and meditation The relationship of practice. The relationship between happiness and meditation

Ω mp3: Chinese first lady sings (she used to be a very famous singer in China): 1.The dream of my land; 2. My hometown; 3. ren shuo shan xi hao feng guang /mp3/pengliyuanMP3/pengliyuanmp3.html 


[2013.2.25 News Networking] 2013 Surprise News, Good News! The two presidents of Taiwan and the mainland (Lian Li, Xi Jinping, Ying Jiu can be neat?) met at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the Master of the Nebula attended, Taiwan was liberated, and the mainland recovered. The strange thing is, did you not translate this meeting? Oh my God! Is this world awkward? 2. South Korea’s first female president was enthroned today, and the policy of politics is healthy. 3. China for the first time with this new word GEP (Gross Environmental Product substitution green gross domestic production) GDP (Gross, Domestic Product GDP), the wise! It can also be implemented. Sorrowful America and TW! Their leaders don't have much authority and stage to do this. Money has been reduced to secondary, beautiful China! Video: Main contents of this program: 1. General Secretary Xi Jinping met with Lien Chan and his party; 7. The first ecosystem production project in China was launched; 10. Park Geun-hye was sworn in as Korea President: (1) Park Geun-hye puts forward three core concepts; economic revitalization, "national happiness" and "cultural prosperity"

High school, university, master's degree, doctoral student group photo · ·1. High school - Normal University High School - 30 years of famous roads 80,000 miles downhill · High School Northeast Normal University High School The second and fourth class photo group and the class girl in Nanhu (there is not easy to have color photos) · High school transcripts · (successful results) · 2. Tsinghua · Ximen · graduation photo in the auditorium · Tsinghua Academy · University students signature · University Signature of classmates · 2 · Signature of graduate students · 2 · Signature of postgraduate students · 3. Tsinghua graduate student (master) · No research 52 class photo · 4. Doctoral student of Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences · Zheng Houzhi, Huang Kun · 5. George Mason University, USA Lake·Tahoe·Meetings and Doctoral Supervisor Iannou·Sisters and Doctors


of The Just-Outside-window-Shooting Firework, of The Sound of deafening Explosions, High Density, Large Flowers, More Within last A SECOND DOZEN per Shoot The AT-20 is Story Building (~ 40m) same height as fireworks shooting height (40 meters). 13 minutes, $100,000 dollar firework by a small restaurant (fireworks now do not have guns, gun barrels are boxes packed the finished product, anti-aircraft guns fireworks disposable kick down Very continuous, and even played 13 minutes, to celebrate the Year of the Dragon (2012) and playing on the fifteenth day.

out the window super close shooting fireworks, deafening explosions, ridiculous. fireworks density is extremely high, with a dozen or so dozens of flowers per second. The fireworks are very close, and the window will be shot without closing the window. Shot at the home of the 20th floor (~40m), just the height of the fireworks (~40m). China is rich, hundreds of thousands of restaurant fireworks (now fireworks do not use machine guns, no barrels, are boxed finished products, anti-aircraft gun fireworks once finished, very continuous, even played 13 minutes, costing More than 100,000, enjoyable, to celebrate the 15th day of the Dragon Year (2012).


Update couplets, spring couplets, couplets life makes happiness ♦ life floats (left) agarwood, the first sentence is about life, the second sentence is about life, as for "floating ", or "remain", related to your outlook on life.


At the time of the lowest mood... After dealing with the low-level emergency method, after being lost, it was fired. . . 1. It will be a thing of the past. Isn't your past the same? 2. Use the transfer method, don't get stuck there. Go to the movies and see friends. Go walking. Be sure not to be stuck there. 3. Reflect on yourself and not reflect on others. Adversity is the seasoning of life. We must have any inappropriate thoughts and behaviors. We must enlighten ourselves and reflect on where we are wrong. 4. If you have faith, rely on it, it is the place to get it. 5. It is more unfortunate than you. You also have a beautiful moment to review. This is a comparative law. 5. In fact, the psychological factors of adversity are greater than objective ones. The hard part is that they can't set it up, lose it and come back soon. However, they will always be the past. Isn't your past the same?

2013.2.10 Spring Festival

Spring Festival 2013. New weather on this website: Shenma food increases positive energy? Life is a study and practice [ ]. Life is not about pursuing excellence, but finding balance. To find the "heart", the heart determines the attitude, and the attitude gives the happiness index of life.

2013 Spring Festival Children: Happy and happy at all times | People are at heaven everywhere

Ω grassroots Peng Liyuan: Peng Liyuan three songs MP3 (randomly placed): Hope of the field, people say Shanxi, hometown is good

Positive energy is the way to eat vegetarian food, and the way to live. How to eat positive energy? How to use it daily? How do you start eating? ( ). Vegetarian is not only for your own health, it includes both physical and spiritual; vegetarianism is also free of cruelty to animals, vegetarianism is also environmentally friendly (vegetarian is the best green, 22 vegetarian-oriented people = meat-based People) The livestock industry has caused a lot of negative energy and great damage to the environment and the earth.

[Positive energy, positive energy in food and thought] people
, heartfelt wishes, gratitude, love, are positive energy. Positive energy, good energy, the more the better. [Getting energy by means of killing, bear bile, skin, cruel meat, negative wishes to others, careful eyes and selfishness are negative energy. Negative energy is mainly bad for yourself, depression, happiness, and bad luck. It is the "fruit" brought by negative energy. ]

Oh ! Cry, you are jealous. Photographs of life in China in 2012 if you want him to quit something, you must first give him something, better. Practice the true standard of human life

The meat contains cruelty and reluctance. The atmosphere has a lot of negative energy. The vegetarian diet contains more positive energy and is closer to the advanced civilization, which makes our body and mind more happy. Food positive energy sorting Positive energy + delicious food positive energy sorting positive energy + delicious

Yan Ning also appreciates the beauty of science They can make every scientific discovery as fascinating as a historical story, which will make you think: Wow! It turns out that making creatures is so fun! "Of course, the premise is that you want to like it." The most important thing to do in research is to focus on "doing research will make you physically and mentally relaxed, and your emotions are very simple. Doing research is as beautiful as art. Exciting things to do research also need a good body. Climbing Mount Tai is both a leisurely and relaxing trip, and a good consideration for physical strength and perseverance.

2013.1.20 1.20 Obama Clinton took office on Capitol Hill and went to Guangzhou and Shenzhen to visit the Guangzhou Night View Whampoa Military Academy and the headmaster of Changchun, the epiphany life of Duan Chaoli.




"Goodbye fragrance" Xiao Songjia sang. Http://  Even when we like a certain actor character, in fact, we like him and her in a certain scene, there is a world of love, it feels so good. In fact, this is not necessarily where the person is, his other photos are not necessarily so good. What is good is "love", not just physical. Sum up the speech, the feeling of love is really good! => "See you again" Xiao Songjia sang. Http://


The end of the world 12/21 Shanghai trip, Nanjing Road, Pudong Industrial Park, -20C in the northeast and Shanghai +10C after 2 hours Maglev, the end of the world 12/ 21 Tracks in the Northeast and Shanghai's tracked scenery


What the America should do after the Connecticut Gun Tragedy:

  • 1. Why allow the machine guns for personal defense? Those are for the wars!

  • 2. Guns belongs to adults. Parents should be strongly urged to lock their weapons.

  • 3. Increasing mental sickness for teenage should be addressed immediately. Heavy negative energy from the negative food like meat and dairy products should be discussed on the political table.


This couplet in Chengdu Wenshuyuan: If you see it, you will let it go. What is the reason? Huisheng is born in a sense of freedom or no life.


In the northeast winter of 2012 (-20C), my Buddha is cool! Cool snow scene   : love + Stay hungry, stay foolish. Neither love Nor hate the life, But what thou liv'st, live well However long or short, may the heaven Permit.

After the 18th National Congress in 2012, Xi Jinping put forward the hot word "Chinese Dream". Http:// Before    1840, China was poor, civil war continued, and dynasties changed, but they were all imperial powers. The leaders’ candidates were only a few princes, and the state’s management system was not beautiful. Since 1840, the Chinese people have been in a state of being bullied. Until 1949, China became a big country. After that, China has tossed itself for more than 20 years. Now it’s good. It’s not that the civil war won’t be played. The country is strong and not afraid of being bullied. Feng Shui has been transferred to China and China is getting better.

▷ Video: "Beijing Youth" fragment . Get enlightened, the attitude is right, life is right, after the youth has washed away, the same world looks different.

Use A4 paper stack US envelope (illustration)) (to fold the US envelop using Letter size paper (picture demo)) 1. Benefits: It contains more emotions Value, not machined commercial flower value. 2. There are more temperament, taste, character and human feelings. 3. The stacking method is simple, symmetrical, and has a Zen taste.


Education video (web search): Zhou Baolin into Bond Education-How to educate, how to teach Shenzhen High School outstanding high school student Ying Yilin to tell the secret of Tsinghua University - How to take the college entrance examination · How to learn · How to live in Connie's 21st Century National Middle School English Speech Contest Finals Champion - Dream · Find Yourself · Student Love Zhejiang University Professor Zheng Qiang's Speech, Education and Chinese National Renaissance Road Shandong Dulangkou Middle School And Shanxi Xinyi Middle School: The real education reform is a pragmatic Long Yongtu·Yu Dan talks about 80, after education, work, happiness, and values ​​80, the confusion and opportunity of the 30th is the teacher. "Teacher's Road" in the 21st Century

People who live for the sake of cultivating die for ignorance ♦ Nobody need anything except God. ♦ When the wind and the waves break, there will be time when the clouds sail to the sea. "Difficult to travel", taking a long wind to break the waves, hanging the clouds and crossing the Bohai Sea ♦ Dont react too negatively. So that later on when you recognize it is just a joke played by Thee you feel yourself a moron or regret.


12/1/2012   First High speed railway (350km/h vs 600km/h for airplane) through the three north continents in China (from Massachusetts , New York to Washington DC ) December 1st is the first day of the Northeast High-speed Railway. I went to Shenyang and felt: cool! It is the same as the 747, but the space is high, the air is good, and there is no trouble door in the airport. Eight cars, the first and eighth quarters are the front and the first class. Speed ​​300KM, (aircraft 600KM / h) Changchun to Shenyang as long as 50 minutes, cool. 12/1 is the first day of east coast high speed railway (half speed of airplane), comfortable and fast. I took it on Dec.1 from my hometown to Shen Yang, cool train! Some fotos.


▷ Video: Longing and belief Deer "Jesus as hart panteth" As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my Soul after thee, O God.

God, Jesus, Christianity, Catholicism, Faith, Confidence - Related Links: Interview with God... The Story of God and Man... Jesus Holds Me... faith and longing ... ... Christianity and desert Ganquan



Health Series: Ozone Cleaner: Washing vegetables, washing your face, washing the air Taijiquan Broadcasting gymnastics music rhythm   ♦ Sanqi· Live  blood·Young Sanqi37.html

IF you lose at The Motivation or Dream, the then the What IS at The use of at The Full Energy? Eat. For PHYSICAL But Also for Spiritual and Dream.
IF you lose your Dream, the What IS at The use of at The Way to to IT or the any effort?
Target and Dream are always greater than road to it or effort needed.


[Strategic issues in the Sino-US economic warfare] Raiders in guerrilla warfare, strategies for balancing in dynamics. China should not take a hard fight, learn Sun Hao horse racing, use its own first-class horse to go to the enemy's second-class horse to go to the competition; do not play the overall strength of the competition, but to fight for the specific concrete one-on-one victory, Finally, make a win. The Chinese can't fight in the ground, they have to play guerrilla warfare; they don't seek the stability of the stagnant water, but balance in the dynamics

Photos: 1. The fall of China (Northeast): Sky, land, leaves, colors, ... 2. misc China, mop, traffic light, bus , traffic Light in China,   Chinese advanced mop machine, good for casa de luz kitchen, video:


Spring Union children, couplet children update: happy heart is always happy | people are everywhere in heaven. Vegetarian is the best green | Life is a practice

China also just finished presidential election for next 10 years. China is lucky these years, economy is great, No.2 in the world, close to USA. If copy Wal-Mart from China to USA then no one would visit USA Wal-Mart ; just cannot compare inside.

Share some photos in China: shanghai night , eastern pearl harbor , home town http :// , enjoy

Negative energy in milk:


11.11 What did you buy? [1111 Shopping Carnival] SAST mini audio portable card with radio super player [1111 shopping carnival] [Crazy season] Baxter ES808 electric nose hair trimmer [1111 shopping carnival] Litian D928 household ozone machine washing machine Fruit and vegetable cleaning and disinfection to pesticide residues [1111 shopping carnival] autumn and winter new camel outdoor shoes men's hiking shoes walking shoes low to help the tyrants men's jacket jacket men's jacket middle-aged business casual lapel men's jacket .html

The ten-year president of China has changed every two times. Although there is no such thing as a four-year election in the United States and a re-election for eight years, now that China is lucky, there are good successors to take over, and the United States is worse. Http://
[2012 - 2020] 18th: Scientific development, balanced progress
- 2012] 16th: Let some people get rich first, Xiaokang [1988 - 2000] Xiao Pingze The era of the people, ramping , paving the way [2020 - 2030] 0010, the era of spiritual development, new values

Video: 6070 "after" owes after 8090. . . (Excerpted from "Beijing Youth 11") What are the people after 8090? What is less?


large Shanghai Nights , Oriental Pearl Dalian , the hometown of Changchun http: // km2000 .us/myphotos/2012China/20121026/changchun.html , Knowledge Website: Vegetarian


Vegetarian points: 1. Changchun Pillar Hotel, 221 266 Road Chediyuan Medical University Careful Shangyin Vegetarian Hot Pot 2. Aizhijiasu Restaurant Dalian University of Technology 3. Changchun Maocheng Vegetarian 4. Shanghai Jiaotong University Bells Shopping Mall 2nd Floor http: //


2012.10.17 Sunset arrives in Shanghai, Changchun Longjia Airport takes off, Shanghai Jiaotong University·Great Shanghai Night·Shanghai Colorful Night·Shanghai Landing·Huaihai Middle Road, "-Changchun Nanhu·Autumn-", "-Dalian-" World Peace Park The beauty of Fushun Expressway. Meihutan Xinghai Square (formed beach platform) of the Fushan Mountain Road Tunnel in Fushun, Dalian. Beach Deformation Dalian University of Technology University Library Library Dalian Station Changchun Station 


2012 Double Ten Festival, Changchun Luxury Office (beautiful autumn, maple, blue sky, sculpture, garden, Chinese anecdote)


▷ Video: The perfect combination of wedding and funeral. It was the same thing. Wedding video: Pink funeral. Http://

2012 9 22 Primary school alma mater (three small car factory), Changchun Nanhu, Jilin University


▷ 20120907 Middle School Alma Mater (Northeast Normal University High School) · University (Tsinghua University) graduation album · Shanghai Jiaotong University trip , inscription. . .


2012 8.15-22 Back to the first week of the motherland


segment Xu: parting Austin Adiós Casa  

I leave, softly and gently,
Just as I came, quiet and unknowingly
I wave to the western sky,
Say: "See u when I see you" , Gently.

The golden Casa de the river edge
Luz the setting sun's bride.
Her quivering Reflection
Stays fixed in my dream.

2012 Autumn, Casa de Luz
See you when I see you! Austin.


Video: It will be fine tomorrow. (English song) Tomorrow - the sun will shine the sun will not shine until it's clear , time will kill every worry in the end , God will surprise you , play life seriously


教 The education and the college entrance examination are not opposites, but the common prosperity and mutual benefit . The examination is a necessity, but not all of them (Yang Yang): Shandong Dulangkou Middle School and Shanxi Xinyi Middle school. True education reform is a pragmatism. There is no need to resent the college entrance examination, nor do you need to take the college entrance examination for the college entrance examination. There is still a road in the middle. It is the teacher who wants to be tired and move his mind. The teacher's concept is to be broken, the teacher is also an eternal learning, and the teacher has to face the problems and challenges of the students.

[Positive energy] The word positive energy is becoming fashionable and popular, and directors such as Lin Zhiling , Chen Kun and Liu Wei have repeatedly quoted them. Positive energy may give people the illusion that it is a negative tolerance, no. Positive energy is acceptable and welcomes pain, just like the welcome of spicy. Http://

The pain is like a spicy taste, giving a tearful stimulation, but it strengthens the sweet and salty taste. Http:// It is a must-have for life, pain and failure and happiness should coexist, a painful and happy life. In the pain, believe in the arrival of happiness, through patience assessment. Positive energy is not Ah Q, but a new solution to the mean, yin and yang balance/dialect, and the values ​​of life in the 21st century.


You have fulfilled the promise of life to you Life is infinitely extended, all things are in this time frame, no past, future and present. Is that we choose a life perspective to complete our plan, or to experience what we like, we do it to experience, that's it. Life and death are just two commas

Mp3 Tibetan bells ring one day positive bells, pure · thick · far · round, not chaotic · sharp · miscellaneous. Bells, there are two ways to vocalize: "咚" and "瓮", "咚" is knocked out, "瓮" is "grinding" (the edge of the grinding clock). The former is a "wave" and the latter is a "resonance" in the air. Both sounds have a fascinating effect and have the effect of "into the exile".

Money game and rules [American money game] About the American money game, China can actually not buy it. Video: Northern Love: The game and rules of money. [Money] is a game made by several people. Our choice of ordinary husband is: 1. When the main player, if you have a first hand, if you have the ability; 2.



2012 7 21 - 2012 7 29 Photo Gallery: [ 】 Casa exterior, lunch, squirrel, bridge video, knife comparison, China Town, stack of pencils, 噢Yeah~~ !!!, Yang Tao’s paintings and calligraphy


Weibo: China's surname "China" This "middle" is not the "middle" of the geographical position, but the Chinese people's ideological system, the moderate, the middle. ☮ The Chinese people’s thinking is “medium” and the Americans’ thinking is “most”. Chinese surnamed Han, surnamed Tang, Ming, Qing, these are pretty good names. The current Chinese surname is "中中".

The Chinese people's thinking is about a "middle" character, a moderate, and a middle. The whole life is averaged in all aspects. The extreme of one aspect, the "most", will be averaged by the "anti-most" of the other side, so it is still back to a "middle". Even if you are unwilling to average, God will average for you, and the "most" in Vanity Fair will have more greed and less peace and happiness. Http:// Chinese are "excellent" than Americans


▷ Lovely children [Photos Collection] video country laugh sound [ ] Baby babies happy laughter, 咋乐成, can you be so utilitarian laughter? ✦ children and pets do have something in common - simple and pure. ✦ in the heart of each person, it has this simple and pure, like must attract alike. The pure one, only children and pets have. http://www.

▷ He finally becomes a jerk (Lu Xunran 曰: I finally became a madman)   : Happy madman, happy two silly handsome shrek two little nothing bad · Rarely confused · A- Gump and Guo Jing video, Yan Ying: two points. Li Jing's "very quiet distance" "Second Sister" Big PK Yan Ying Jiang Shan Xie Na

▷ Continuously jumping 24 hours a day disco madness DISCO mp3 multi-picture show, fun animals, move up Programs/view/Cv03T2ZFSlc/


Three Entrepreneurships: Mission, Values, and Common Goals Creating a sense of crisis, psychology of business and team management ✦ Ma: The success of a successful concept is not a success. Chairman (Entrepreneurship) The difference between the leader and the CEO (manager, CEO) 图解 Graphic: 5w1h, scientific methods, engineering methods, thought methods, management methods


▷ Casa de Luz ☼Home of Light☼   a best example of an energetic eatery - vegan, organic and original (unprocessed food), easy & cozy, Fresh & healthy wholesome energy in the house. Casa follows macrobiotics principle - an Yin and Yang balanced principle.

为遇难死者的告慰:本杰明弗兰克林:往生是一个再生,si是一个新生命的开始,一个人在死的那一刻才算得到真正的诞生。音频: 生老病死,斯是一个恩典。像一辆很难开的老车,上天容许你替换,以旧换新,以迎接新的历程


2012.7.24 [Video Song North Love Time Story] [play life seriously] I am in the verse of Fenghua Xueyue The growing world of the year is a scam, and life is a review. Life is a school, love and marriage are the same. Under the light of the light of the Holy Light, we will enlighten and see nothing. The so-called life is like a play.

▷ Dibaba Trunnash Dibaba's last lap of 5000 meters is like running a hundred meters. Olympic Video: South African singer dibaba created a 5000m long run, crazy and extremely exciting last 100 meters, http://km2000. Us/mycollections/boboinUSA.html has almost no fatigue. She is now studying at Harvard in the United States. London Olympics, UK



[Appreciation of Chinese and English poetry] sand and one world, one flower and one heaven. One leaf is like one, one is a bliss. To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower ...... Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.

Weibo: Graphic: scientific methods, engineering methods, thought methods, management methods [ ] Thinking methods ☮ Graphic method ☮ 5W1H analysis method ☮ Various problem analysis map Category Summary ☮ The selected items should be considered from six reasons: reason (WHY), object (WHAT), location (WHERE), time (WHEN), personnel (WHO), and method (HOW).

人生 Life - fulfilling your own life contentment-cherish the happiness that has already been sincere--what is what? Video: Long Yongtu · Yu Dan talks about 80, education , work , happiness · Value

▷ Do not kill Ah Q a stick contentment is not Ah Q. Ah Q is not a bad person. He is just a character of Lu Xun's extremes. In the era of Lu Xun, China’s Ah Q was too much; in the 21st century, Ah Q is too little, and it is not a state of balance between yin and yang. If you don't think about progress, your greed is not good, moderate, balanced, and good. Video: how to cherish have some happy · How contentment · 


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Random MP3 highlights  heart moved - #音乐#本无名. Music is an emotional animal that can be expressed by non-verbal. A piece of music, although the spectrum is the same, but from different people, the emotions and tastes are different. This site's random MP3, random play, there are Xiao Deng's, Xiao Wang's, Hill's, Xiaoxi's. . . It means to be in love, to nourish, to spend a pot of tea between flowers, and to move the rain boat.

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[Marriage is like a bank of love] You have to have "love" yourself, you can "love" others; you have to have money in your own bank, you can give money. (How to find your source of love? Marriage is a balanced scale. Marriage needs to calculate love is passion. Marriage is the result. Love is apple, marriage is pear (stress ?☺)

[People must love] This love is not loved, but love. Http:// Love can let you integrate every life of nature. Life without love is like water without source. It may not be dry yet, but it is also dry. Unless we know God, we cannot understand true love. Only God's love is true love, otherwise it is only part of love.

[Understand] is two words, "Ming" is the day and month, the meaning of light. "White" is nothing. Http:// Under the light of the light of Shengming, we will enlighten and see nothing, the so-called life is like a play.

[People are a book, the content has been printed] We turn the page one by one. Video: cannot be changed, but we can mark and annotate it on the book. Everyone's content is wonderful, there is content, the content is written on the ground, our task is to read, appreciate, we can also do the annotation.

[Life three encounters: simple · Shangdi · specific one] "Forrest Gump" is far from the artistic conception, deep connotation, good story · Guo Jing and Yang Guo shared internal strength: simple. The story is good and the expression is beautiful. Lin Zhiling's heart is actually very simple, far from being as complicated as outsiders. The temperament of successful people is pure and specific. This success can be described as "beauty." It is only used for experience, and it is difficult to replace the experience with words.

[Good is a kind of beauty in every religion] Don't forget the goodness of religion itself because someone who believes in religion has "ugly". It is a pity that it is a waste of food and it is a matter of people. Video: Guo Degang's "Ji Gong" /belief3.html The flies in the pot are not the fault of the Buddha and the Tao

[Faith brings us happiness] The happiness of faith is the joy of man and land. In fact, the happiness of this belief is uninteresting, because the god and the joy are the complete self experience. happiness of psychology and the happiness of faith are also two things.

[Happy Gas Station] ✦ Service is happiness ✦ Your family, upper and lower levels, friends, are happy and happy because of you, this is your happiness. The happiness of the high realm is a complete inner law, full of harmony, and the integration of heaven. ✦Life attitude and happiness 有 There are many things in life that are not all that can be achieved through hard work and struggle. But the human heart can be self-improved,

[装装假] is two words, people can install, but can not be fake. When I "install", I understand in my heart that "fake" is a kind of dishonesty to the heart, a kind of "installation" that is not understood, psychologically disturbed, and will get sick after a long time.

[Why is depression more? ] Depression is not happy, depression is a mental illness, and people related to environment and upbringing, but often overlooked is that mental illness and diet are closely related.

[Pear and pressure] ➊ To understand what you want to do -> Keep doing. The essence of this is to divert attention. 学会 Learn to observe yourself: Is it painful? Continue to hurt, pain and happiness live, this is the balance of yin and yang. see celebrity interview talk show, to see their mentality of, so that my heart it wide. This is the side-by-side method, which is to exploit the weakness of human beings, because the starting point of this method is to comfort others by lowering others.

[What is the spiritual environment? So "spiritual environmental protection" is a healthy mentality. 1. People can extend life finitely, but it is better to broaden the width of life, open the heart, and then be happy. Don't pretend too much. 2. Have faith, but not superstition. Have a job, but not just to make a fortune. The purpose of these two points is to fill the heart and not feel empty.

[Life can be sunny, white snow, work needs Liba people] Many people who work hard will become physically indifferent and weaken. There is a reason why they are equal to Yangchun Baixue because of an "Ya" character. Physical labor is now seen as fashionable by many people of insight, and as nature. People are moderate, and they must balance yin and yang. . In turn , physical laborers have to go to the library more. There is a lot of time for one person, leaving some to the spring and snow, not for status, but for temperament.