Life with spiritual awareness


Chart: your sleep i meditate:)

Spiritual practice is just like you play the soccer or baseball - you follow the rule, you play the game, and you like it. Meditation is not a weird exercise but just way to retreat from your busy daily in order for the next better day. It is like a more active sleep.

Meditation is a spiritual practice. Spiritual practice may not be related to religion, it is part of your life. Spiritual practice make you more aware of and more appreciated to beauty of your daily life.

Survive and bread, then eat to alive

When survival is not an issue, the spiritual meaning of life comes to the scene. Spirituality has two aspects: One is theory and another one is practice.

It is like an apple: the theory is the word and description of the apple: sweet, red, crispy... The practice is like you eat it, the true feeling is unworldly. If you have never tasted an apple, you could image the sweet taste, the crispy feeling, the red color, but all of these can never replace the true feeling when you eat it. The is the difference between theory and practice. Experience is a wholesome and complex feeling, rather than the individual sense by eye or ear.

The theory is the spiritual scriptures and doctrines talking about God, Buddha, Heaven, and so on.  The practical aspect of spirituality is via the meditation on the inner Light and the inner Sound. It is through the inner Light and Sound that we come to know God.

Man's space and time: