Benefits of being veggie

¡¾physical¡¿Better health, clean body smell,  clear blood. This reason is just obvious because the modern meat and milk offer us more poisons (hermon, anibiotics, infections) than nutrition. It is not a quick poison but fast enough in a few years, obesity, cancle, and your heart.

¡¾emotional¡¿Free from depression¡£ Your mood, mind, heart and soul become less burdened and light becuae you dont owe animals too much. Animals have feeling and energy. The modern meat industry treat animals like slaves. You have pets and you know their eyes, they are not machines. If you treat your pets as your aniamls children, how can you eat the suffering of a pig or cow?

¡¾save the earth¡¿If we dont eat meat, then market produce less meat. Meat cause the planet problem. (read more)


More celebrity join veggie 

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