Attitude: Use your thought to change

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  • When we change our attitude we change the thing. Situation will not change, we change.
  • Spirituality and religion won't change the problem. Spirituality is to give the power to take in charge of myself.
  • Strong thought: I desire to take my desire away. It will just lead me to go through hell again. Inner bliss occupy me to override the X bliss.
  • Have the above strong thought. That changes the attitude, hence the addiction.
  • 用那个思想,用强烈的想念。不要怀疑想法是否实现。反正也是一死,试试玩嘛.
  • 用替代法而不是用"NO"。永远都是用更好的来代替直接去抵制和NO。转移疗法,用一个东西代替,离开那个境界 。
  • 我不要,把它拿走。把“地狱”搬进来,“地狱”就是最让你恐怖的情况,你的。


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