Happy, Happiness



Attitude and happiness:

"If you can think differently, you'll live a happy life."

When we hear, "you made me unhappy". But this is a misleading saying. We are the one who deliver the happiness, not the others. The smile is on your face, and nobody should take it away. "If you can think differently, you'll live a happy life." It is the attitude who contribute the happiness. This attitude is not the Mercedes Benz, and no one can take away from you.

Video clip: Happiness is not a destination, happiness is a journey

【Happiness is inside】 The inner bliss is the eternal happiness, the blissfulness of merging into God and heaven. You have to experience rather than textbook,  like fall in love, like taste an apple (rather than read the textbook). Be in love and reading love story is not the same enjoyment.

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Smile is on your own face╭★╯Smile looks like a open heart╭★╯True happiness╭★╯Happiness is an attitude╭★╯Happy has a good looking energy╭★╯Happiness and generosity


Science experiment on Water: Happy is a beautiful energy

When water crystallized, the crystal has different shapes. Under microscope, we have the following different pictures. The good looking ones (the water has a beautiful inner structure) are when water is exposed to the good music or and word (such as happy, thank you...).


The following images looks ugly, are those when water is exposed under bad word (I hate you, I kill you and contaminated industrialized water) . When water does not fell happy, water's inner structure looks bad:


70% of our body is water. Though not direct proof on bad looking and bad health of you body, common sense tell us we prefer good looking water crystal in our body.