Interview 6 tricks
Match-making: your need = they need

Interview: their face are the test of your EQ
(Interview = IQ + EQ)

1,MatchJob is like a marriage, you have what they need and you want they have. Match making, must match, too high or too low no good, they may not want you, even if you are super good, because it does not match.

2,Your Home WorkPrepare your profession. It must be as good as you speak. If not, don't bother to cheat.

3,You Look goodMay not be expensive, but must be neat and clean. This shows your attitude and sincerity, and character.

4,IQNo.1 you must 100% understand the question, and give the answer of what they want, NOT what you have. No.2, some Qs have no definite answer, the answer is to know HOW you answer or solve it. If you don't know the answer, tell them HOW you can get the answer, instead of just say "NO". No.3, use details, examples, rather than vague, except you are interview for diplomatic or politician.

5,Don't bother their attitudeThey just wear the shark mask, but they are not sharks. There is no personal, but just business. They challenge you but it does not mean you are not friends. Don't worry about their face。

6,Thanks giving after interviewNo matter what, send thank-you letter after interview. Courtesy is a healthy attitude for your whole life. Arrogance and ignorance are unhealthy for your happiness index.


  • 【Employer】You have to know the perfect and non-perfect side of interviewee, how bad a person can be, know how to make use of non perfect to perfect
  • 【Employee】 There is no end of the world the world will always continue. Failure or success are just a learning and experience but not the end-of-world.


Buty is the relationship, Future is colorful and bright, but you must walk on the track.

【facebook Interview 6 tricks: Match-making: your need = they need (Interview = IQ + EQ) Buty is the relationship, future is colorful and bright, but you must walk on the track. You have to know the perfect and non perfect side, how bad a person can be , know how to convert non perfect to perfect .